I have a few LTC to spare, what should I buy for some short to mid term gains?

I have a few LTC to spare, what should I buy for some short to mid term gains?

yeah, more litecoin


plz guys im serious >:(

buy ltc then

no seriously get more ltc, just collect more so when it goes up you get max gains

fuck this shit

faggot just hold litecoin and u good.

A few packs of gum.

If you have some to spare..then give it to me.

get rich quick nigger detected

You know that SatoshiLite already dropped most of his litecoin....why would you hold it?

I have 1 ltc I can sell you for the $360 I bought it for

Stop looking for excuses to sell your Litecoin. You'll thank me later. If Litecoin moons you can sell for BNB or POWR, or if you want another long hold try XMR.

user...where the hell did you buy LTC for $360...I don't think it ever made more than $310 or $320

might want to hold it for another week. seriously, you might regret it if you sell right now.

340 is the highest i've seen it for, 12/18

$356 on Quadriga. Dec 19. Literally ath, I round up.

ltc moves sideways more than xlm. I moved on to a coin with more potential.

I've been thinking of selling at a loss for something else.

Think you should just HOLD.
Prices changes as per BTC.
You can sell it once BTC goes up and LTC goes up

Think its time to buy and hold

I have a lot in BTC too because I was inexperienced and left it in too long, rebought some more at a high price.
I know they will go up eventually, which is the worst part because I've missed a lot of opportunity to buy new coins. I could've bought some shit, made some money and threw it back in to LTC for the same shitty $250 price tag.

I definitely want out of both though in the future, or at least scaled down.

Hey man if I give you something good, care to rhrow some coins my way?

user....you are showing off now....if you have lot in BTC then you are fine. Some user like me don't even have 1BTC. If you have too many, you should share some.

>I have a lot in BTC
I don't have a lot, I meant in terms of percentage (60% BTC, 9% LTC), it's by no means heavy bags at all.

My mistake and regret was not selling some at 20k and not hype buying LTC because I could've just spent that time research and buying something with more potential. That's really it, I'm starting out still and having money locked in a loss is frustrating.

But I'm hearing better things about BTC recently, I figured most of you had scaled out a lot already but it makes me feel better.

I have .1BTC, thanks for reading my blog.

Regardless the noise out there...
BTC is the king.
If BTC falls....so will the rest.

Do you do other ALT coins?
ZCL gonna be big.....
I like XEM but doubt it will be big like ETH/BTC

more LTC
dumb fag
Facebook going LTC

was it a bad idea to put all my fiat into btc today? :|

10% each into LINK and ENG remainders into ETH and REQ.

I impulsed a lot user.
I've heard of ZCL but not XEM. I think I need to see where my choices have gotten me till at least the end of the month. I need to some time to research this shit and learn to read meme charts.

Don't fall for meme charts....P&D screw up all the time.
would rather do some research.

XEM has potential but not sure if it will ever pickup.

Haven't tried LINK, ENG, REQ....

Check this out ... good info....

I just want to learn to read them and try to make predictions, just for fun and learning, always wanted to learn charts for years but been intimated by them.

Was going to dump leftovers into it but chose REQ instead, bought in around a dollar, sold my old XMR for it at a small profit.

Security something or other, was shilled into it. It's doing alright so far.

Literally had $15 left to spend, went for it, up to $50.

I was shilled into it all, I lurk blockfolio threads a lot and those seemed to pop up lots. My profits now rest in biz's hands. Like I said, impulsive. I'm thinking of just holding for a bit. See what happens.

What does XEM do?

That's a lot of pro XLM but I've added it to watch list, will read into it


user...seems like you've got all...even XMR.
why would you sell XMR?

yeah...they are trying to push XLM coz IBM.
But I like both XEM and XLM.

If you had bitcoin in sites like Bittrex...you would have gotten some for free.

You sound like you know what you are doing.
You are not trying pull my leg...are you user?

Because I also bought XMR high, ENG was similar in security so I swapped it and it worked out, I lost in fees though. I did by it a lower price so I have more volume, I still really like XMR though.

I bought BTC at 7k and at 16k so I made a lot but I fucked up hard in fees and moving it around. I'm up 7% which is what is left from btc gains from nov, still perplexing me just how costly swapping alts through BTC is. I should be up more. I've been careless and nothing is really moving, I've just been chasing whatever biz says. I could've at least been swinging BTC dips in that time, which I now kind of understand how to do.

I like XLM too but I have nothing to go at it with, I'm locked, all I can do is hold now. I'm not pulling your leg, I usually get laughed at in folio threads so I thought I was fucking up all over but maybe it's not so bad.

You seem chill, you don't get to have many relaxed conversations here. Good luck user, thanks for heads up on XEM

to be on safe side...whatever out there in coinbase....just stick with those....except XMR.
There are few others..like ZEN..
I fell for MYST meme...had NMR...and BITB...fell for that big time..little brother of Bitcoin BITB.....lol...good luck to you too.