Anyone have experience selling BTC in person and therefore tax free?

Anyone have experience selling BTC in person and therefore tax free?

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How did you buy it originally?

Memebase then a series of shitcoin trades then to a BTC wallet

Like everyone else I imagine

Just get a SALT loan and put up all your BTC as collateral, then default on the Loan because you don't pay tax on the loan but you would if you sold the BTC for fiat

>"Just get a salt loan"
Also you still lose 20%

Just pay the tax then, there's record of some tx and they may ask one day what happened to it.

All the richies have to do it.

>forgot the password

That's gonna be numero uno excuse for literally everyone.

It will eventually not work, your best to pay and stay off the radar. Regulation hammer might come this year for you and even if it doesn't, it always could.

Why not just pay off the loan with gains and never lose a dime?

>lost all of it speculating on shitty altcoins

Sold 2k worth last year using a craigslist ad

Anyone here have enough gains it would be impossible to cash out in person and hide assets from the IRS? :)

Then you'd have to pay tax *and* interest, what's the point?

I'm just saying man, one day it might be a law for an exchange to provide IRS with trading info and txs. I think it likely will because so many people will lie about it and prompt it. It sucks but you should be honest.

Audits just generally freak me out so I'm a bit biased.

You fucking niggers are missing the point. You don't cash out because crypto is the future, not just speculation . You newfags are just in this for the profit. This shit ain't fun anymore

By EOY there will be 10 different working crypto debit cards like tenx and mco. You don't need to cash back out into shiat.

working credit cards and nowhere to use them kek

I'm hoping that when that day comes you don't need fiat anymore.

Why not secure a percentage?
They can still come after holdings if exchanges get hardcore regulated.

So they'll find a way to tax crypto, they find a way user, they always do.

I thought for some reason you could get around paying taxes like this.

>So they'll find a way to tax crypto, they find a way user, they always do.
Yeah they will, but good luck proving that I own any stacks. If they find a way to tax crypto it'll only affect new transactions made from that point onwards. It'd be shit like we have with fiat, whenever a business makes a transaction (eg. a sale) for crypto they have to record the value, and when you get salary you have to report and pay tax on it.

I'll be sitting here with my fat stacks in anonymous cryptos and privacy coins, only ever expending them in ways that are untraceable back to me, or declaring only small parts of it and paying tax on that. It's exactly what the kikes already do with foreign bank accounts etc. This time I win, jews.

Just saying to be careful.

The IRS will still track you down

> large deposits into bank accounts are reported
> large transactions in cash such a a Lambo or house are also usually reported.

You cannot run from the IRS

Before all these exchanges many people were trading and buying bitcoin off each other. Wallet to wallet. For cash. The harder the tax man rides the exchanges the more feasible person to person trading becomes. If they were smart instead of greedy they would not test the resolve of crypto supporters like this. It will probably cost them more to try police and outlaw untraceable crypto trading than what they get from it.
The smartest countries will realise the international spending potential of crypto and facilitate cross-industry acceptance as much as they can. Where the rest is trying to kill crypto usage, such a country will attract money from across the world and make its income from normal, sensible sales tax.

Hold the cash. They can't track that.

>user withdraws 200k in cash
>IRS knocks on the door
What now?

I do agree with you and as the market evolves new ways of privacy or secrecy will be developed, crypto is moving faster than regulation can keep up in my opinion.

I think it's just dangerous to fuck with taxes in anyway, no suspicion

>"Uhhh... I just found it on the street lol"

>we shit on that street too Pajeet, never found 200k