Which coin will perform better in 2018?

.1 eth on coinbase or .01 bitcoin on coinbase?

It depends on when you lock it at

what do you mean by this

>implying the amount of a coin has anything to do with it's performance
btc will do better btw

btc. don't believe eth manlets.

Is this really the new thing I hate it

You're being maymayed

.1 BCH

ETH with will surpass bitcoin and will become the standard for a few years until web 4 comes around

why isn't eth tied to bitcoin like litecoin is

thank you. can i trust coinbase better than the bank?

>actually convincing yourself in january of 2018 that bitcoin will outperform ethereum

ok, now i am hearing both sides. is it even better to split and get some of both? or would that be worse because of trading fees?

If you are honestly asking me what will make your friends disgusted by how rich you've become, you should buy Monero

No. Coinbase is less trustworthy than a bank because their insurance doesn't cover if you get personally hacked, only if they (Coinbase) fuck up.

cup and handle forming

>Coinbase should be liable for your fuck ups

shhh dont tell the normies

This is Veeky Forums. You will hear all kinds of shit advice here and you sound completely new (fresh meat). Watch your back and don't invest in random scams you've never heard of until you have more experience under your belt.

Splitting between ETH and BTC is a perfectly reasonable investment strategy if you are a fan of hedging which most people are. Also, sign up for GDAX to reduce your fees. GDAX is a backend to coinbase for traders that costs less in fees while using the same coinbase account.

>Reading into my comments something I never wrote.

Why the fuck should Coinbase be liable if you personally get hacked? That's what you said.

1. You are retarded.
2. You are trolling.
3. You are under 17.
4. You fucked up.

>In philosophy, normative statements make claims about how things should or ought to be, how to value them, which things are good or bad, and which actions are right or wrong. Normative claims are usually contrasted with positive (i.e. descriptive, explanatory, or constative) claims when describing types of theories, beliefs, or propositions. Positive statements are (purportedly) factual statements that attempt to describe reality.

I only made a positive claim. I never made a normative claim.

In other words I described the Coinbase policy as it exists right now. I never described what policy Coinbase SHOULD have.

Do your own research, and realize that Ethereum is the future.

Better off throwing it on a ledger to enable the price locking feature.

What the actual fuck are you talking about nigger? You understand how liability works and blame others for you're retarded decisions, but at least recognized how stupid you were and tried to deflect the argument. kys

Bitcoin in 2018 will be like a coin for grandpas.
Ethereum will be the best bet from those two, but unless a good scaling working solution appears, it will be replaced either by Neo or Ada in 2019.


>Ada in 2019
This is my biggest fear. I just sold 9k ada at 1.07 and am holding only 1500 ada right now through this dip. Not sure if I want to buy back in and believe in its future or chase memes.

Actually I might buy half back since 2018 will be a good year for ada and meme the ither half. Dear diary.


>muh micro transactions
>muh high fees
>muh smart contracts

Ether is way shittier than BTC already. Fuck yor dumb reddit faggot coin desu.

Fucking this meme

one Bitcoin Cash