Welcome to the future faggots


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In for 35% of portfolio. One of my most comfy holds.

What is this shitcoin?

Clipart (CLIP) apparently

(no, really though, what the hell is this?)

HPB formerly GXN

UFR is the future.

I just found it on bitscreener then bitscreener died

Just over ~100M MC
Just added to CoinMarketCap.com a couple of days ago
Under the radar of the west
Reasonably well known in the east.
Very strong team
Incredible partnerships (Union Pay - Bigger than VISA)
NEO advising
Roadmap looks good
Only on unknown (to the west) exchanges which has raised the barrier of entry for even you biztards.

Easy short term 10x and then moon from there.


HPB - High Performance Blockchain


From the white paper: After listening to the design concept of HPB, China's largest financial data company UnionPay has joined as a partner with HPB, with the common goal of technological practice and exploration of financial big data and high-performance blockchain platform. UnionPay Wisdom currently handles 80% of China's banking transaction data, with an annual turnover of 80 trillion yuan. HPB will join hands with China UnionPay to serve all industry partners, including large banks, insurance, retail enterprises, fintech companies and so on.

Seriously the most legit team of any coin out there. People from NEO team and backed by some crazy good investors. Get in on this now. Seriously

this is a complete chink scam coin. zero information on any member of the team outside of their own website lying about who they are.

Anyone who invests in China will die in fire

just came a bit

Tell that to people that invested in TenCent and NEO.

Low level FUD. I see you haven't accumulated yet.

besides the whitepaper there is no proof of Unionpay partnership. Advisor on the site is from Unionpay SMART


It's a subsidiary, do you know what that is dingus?

dont forget VEN and WaBi

you fucking idiot

Yes you are right. I'm sure this highly credible team including a Nobel prize winner and one of the best known blockchain evangelists (in China) who has written three books on the matter is lying.

You so smart.

dont forget trx

> wakes up
> excited to check his gains from undervalued chink coin
> finds out his order didn't get through
> fomos in at ATH

swear to god if this shit drops I'm buying more with 50% of my portfolio

fuck trx/Justin sun