The Next REQ and DBC

This is the next big biz ICO.

Hope you faggots got in.

i bought with btc and just realized thats like fucking yourself right?

considering you buy 10 cents not in sats.. if btc ran now to say 16k then ive basically just paid way more than 10 cents


Poorfag reporting in.
Don't scam me Roger Ver.

Roger probably has his pockets lined with AXP tokens.

He will shill this on CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, etc.

Market cap 20 million with a list of clients crazier than any other coin.

Could easily go 50x.

I just bought with ETH. metamask transaction says completed... no tokens. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Bought about the same, but I went for a round 10k because of autism

Haha, thanks for the donation.

It depends on when you locked your btc
What gen is it?

fock me. sent 200 too. I am a poor uni fag and just lost my investment. ezpz

The tokens are on the site, go to the dashboard and you will se em
You will be able to transfer em to your myetherwaldo wallet very soon

Hell yeah, fuck the moon we aiming for uranus

This man is right.


this is a straight up scamcoin that is selling on nothing but hype. i bought 1000 tokens but will not buy anymore

devs are all pajeet faggots, CEO is some weirdo who makes insurance management software with his pajeets and is trying to hamfistedly force the altcoin meme onto an unnecessary blockchain platform

i actually read the white paper and this whole thing smells like scam lmao. get the tokens and sell in the first 30 seconds after roger ver shills them onto an exchange

I know user. They said Metamask will work too. I sent them the ETH and have been refreshing the dashboard to see my balance on the aXpire account.. nothing :(. I shall be patient though. First ICO, I am excited but if I lost 200$ then my poor ass isn't eating this month kek

K bye

Contact support
The gas price was probably too low and it might take longer than usual
Check the transaction status and see if it says pending or confirmed. It might take a few confirmations to show up. As long as you sent the eth to the right address you should be fine.

Poor attempt at FUD. Half your argument is a meme faggot.

Hes right tho, this shilling is obviously paid.

I'm in bro, might put more in

Doesn't bother me. How else do you get Roger Ver on board any project at this point in his career? He's too wrapped up in BCH to do anything else. It's not like the earlier days where he had to push crypto to the masses.

Roger shilling this on TV, interviews, articles etc will blow this up.

I'm in with 10,000 AXP. Can't even pay attention to the FUD. Just gonna let fate sort this one out.

see thats my thoughts too
what does roger ver get out of it? its not likes hes someone who needs to do some dumb promo tweets for money like some z list celeb

they could even give him half the fucking ico money as part of the "scam" and its literally pocket money to him

hes only been advisor for 2 icos thus far too as far as i know, this and NAGA.. again what does he have to gain from being an advisor on a million icos, the money theyd pay is pointless for him

33k here. Am I gonna make it?

>next req
Req started trading waaay below ico price tho

Doesn't this have like a 332M total supply? And at 10 cents a piecd? That's a fucking steal it's not totally out of this world this might have a 332M market cap

I don't know where exactly but they go into detail about which coins will be circulating. I want to say it's like 75%. Don't take my word for it though

Exactly, $1-5 isn't totally unreasonable. Hell if it hits 50 cents I'm comfy having bought 12k of these things

this. i bought in just to dump them after the initial pump

team is all pajeets, the hyped up credentials and big time corporate connections dot not check out, there's absolutely zero KYC compliance and there's no real need to be using blockchain and altcoins for this sort of thing

good luck anons

I think if they can do everything they have planned and aren't just full of empty promises than yes, this could be worth a lotttttt of money. But much remains to be seen. I'm sure that we'll be walking away with gains of some kind, though.

You've just described 90% of ICOs. And honestly, just like another user said, why would Roger Ver put his face on a scam? Like him or not the guy has some credibility to maintain.

Lamden also didn't have any KYC compliance. But I am worried about all the Pajeets

I agree, that's a really good point and it's why I bought in. With Roger Ver attached to the project I'm sure it will pump real nice. I still have no faith in it though so I have my exit points set

If I'm wrong I'll sit on my porch and drink cheap beer while you do donuts in your lambo on my lawn

Where are you going to be trading this?