You are an absolute retard if you don't buy CANYA right fucking now.

>only on kucoin for the past 3 days(every coin on kucoin moons within the first few weeks)
>Korean FUD dropped the price lower that it would have ever been

It's about to explode.
It will never be this low ever.

Get the fuck in here!!!!

I'm hanging onto some light bags right now. If I can start turning a profit here, I'll be happy.

If you buy now you are a fucking genius.

Bump bump bump

I fucking hope so, i bought 2 days ago and it's just red all the time

Is it below $2 yet?

I got out because it was red all of the time. Now my money is growing again.
Get on COLX, it's going to moon.

This will go straight to the moon after the trading competition ends today

>Can ya handle this moon mission

Yes, yes I can.
I'm all in and will be laughing my ass off when this thing goes 5x before February

I'm in AIX instead right now but both of these coins should moon.

If u want to buy Canya Coin you have to sign up for Kucoin, a newer crypto exchange that offers passive income while you trade

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I got some real heavy fucking bags over here

Canya all the way, this thing will be a nice long term money maker guys, definitely a good hodl

shill me on this, whats so cool about it and different than other shitcoins

Nothing is
OP bought high and desperately wants to dump his bags

I can answer that faggot, has working product in a billion industry already, Australia project which always seem to do well in this market. Kucoin contest almost finished so set to skyrocket, new listing soon oh and Bountysource, much more but why haven't you looked for yourself, I have seen this shilled here and made sure I checked it out, this is set to do well user, this will be $16 by next week, I'm prediction a huge pump over the weekend. Also it's only like x4 ico price so this is definitely a good buy

When does the competition end? Is it tonight?

Lol it's not going that low


>> 6317130
>> 6317472
working product meaning an app folks are using right now. search canya in the app store or google play

You will be waiting forever son, you are never going to make it waiting for bullshit dips like that, not going to happen

Already in about 1%

Can't find enough info to suggest current market cap though.

I can see they burned 30% of tokens which makes 70 million tokens which suggests at current price cap is over 230 million.

Any anons have more info?

That's total supply not circulating

Thanks, I'm retarded. Seems like circulating supply is around 30 - 40 million according to reddit.

So cap of 100- 120 million.

Kill yourself

Nothing it's a scamcoin
OP is a pajeet

Yep, a perfect buy, and to all you faggots saying that's to high for a new coin, you are fucking retarded. Keep gambling your life savings on low cap scam shitcoins, it will fuck u one day. This is the reason you missed out on icx at $1.55, link at 20c, and many more,

whitepaper says 100,000,000 coins in total, hard cap of 60,000,000 available for sale.

Of that 60, 26 were sold privately to long-term investors, the other 34 were made public on exchanges.

Faggot trying to accumulate more and stop other anons from buying before obvious mooning, please kys

Only 30 million are in circulation, this was an under the radar project. I fucking missed the ico, didn't read about this till after it finished off reddit fags

>pumped to $5
>dumps down to less than when it was released
>totally legit

anybody dumb enough to buy and hodl this crap deserves to lose money.

one day too early here loaded up at 4.30 but gonna double down at this price RN

>What is a trading competition
Every single whale who won will pump it tomorrow