One coin to hold 100% of portfolio in during the bear winter

One coin to hold 100% of portfolio in during the bear winter.

Which coin.


plz b trap

Please t.brap




COSS. Either they fix their exchange and go to the moon or they don't fix it and the price stays stable because no one can sell


VEN, alternatively ETH BNB XLM

zcl, ma niggaaa.


The coin to buy right now is XVG...only coin that hasnt recovered yet...has been steadily consolidating. Should moon any min now

have 2600 of those fuckers
nobody can sell or withdraw shit
once they fix their shit it will skyrocket to 10$
on sunday supposedly

Obviously Bicoin, you fucking newcoiners.

Genius except what if u literally never get to sell




Regulations will scare people into Privacy coins.... ENTER COLX


If you want to stay poor for the next 30 days don't buy $VRS. I don't even know why I'm shilling cuz I still need to dump more eth into more coin. Niggaz don't know a deal when they see one

100k market cap
500m circulating supply
Same founder of coss founded VRS
2 satoshis

Friggin mintcoin is at 17 satoshi after starting year at 1


Did you fill your VEROS bags yet?

You can get so much VRS right now.. We're talking millions for almost nothing. Go to the website and tell me this shit won't get fomo buys from the livecoin market. This shit is on the ground before spacex launch. This is going to 25M market cap easy.. there are whales that accumulated at below 1 satoshi and won't let this fail