Post your university that you attend and/or graduated from, Veeky Forums.

>going to jewish indoctrination centers

University of the streetz, biiiiiiiitch


i graduated coom loud day


>Dismissing education as a conspiracy because you're too dumb to learn anything of value

>responding to retarded people using non-retarded language

>implying I don't make more in crypto than your average collegefag

comp sci '17

UT Austin
Dont disagree here, get a STEM degree to avoid a lot of this

> not getting into uni and being salty about it

McCombs alumni here

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Isla Vista Baby! You'all still burn'n couches when something good happens?

Sup neighbor.

Alum status.

Damn you must be smart. They wouldn't let me in.

Don't you mean t.u. you fucking t-sip?

>implying large amounts of crypto are like large amounts of actual money
>responding with a completely different topic

bye brainlet

Physiology & Neuroscience

SBPD shut that shit down, m8. I graduated in 2016 and I didn't see one burning couch when I was there. Ever since the supreme gentleman came to town and ruined a lot of cool shit

My mistake

Political Science & Economics

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Chill out bruh, you're way too redass

UT Austin, majored in Biochemistry, currently resident physician

Nice, went to UCD for undergrad '06.
BU for grad school '13

3 of us UT niggz in the same thread. Wat are the odds




Grad student here

I was going to apply to UT, but I missed the deadline and had to go to UH instead :(

I guess other schools produce NEET majors that don't know what /biz is or money for that matter

No degree. Learned a ton of computer science shit, multiple programming languages, AWS, and databases all by using google. Currently have a six figure salary in California as a programmer & devops. Only shitty thing is that my taxes are going to shitskins that don't deserve my money

So you got CAP'd?

Aye I'm messing around.

Haven't gotten an acceptance to UT (yet) & I'm leaning heavily towards A&M next fall for Comp Engineering (^o^)

>needing an institution to learn anything of value

Temple U

University of Veeky Forums
Veeky Forums Studies

They're both good schools in Texas, A&M is good for engineering my friend is an engineer from there. I'd think UT has a better social life given it's in Austin, but I would have probably been chill going to A&M instead, it's whatever.

Yeah you can make like 6 figures doing a lot of things now-a-days, including welding or other machine work.

Ayy UT engineering here. Are we the most aware university?

Yeah, it's whatever. Didn't like the Austin vibe (except the music scene) but I'm hitting up College Station for a tour soon and I'll make my decision then. I'm 95% A&M right now

Yeah, heading into my last semester at TAMU, used to be in PETE, but switched up and on track for law school now. Engineering is great here, just wasn't my thing. Austin is by far the better choice imo, but I got suckered into A&M because I'm a 3rd gen aggie

Fucking stus.

t. goleta local

Oh shit what field? If you're in CS you know any good jobs you got as a sophomore for the summer? Currently on externship, but looking for summer work.

Degree in spreadsheets completed

Thinking about going to school for computers next year or year after. I am a 23 year old electrician. Is it too late for me? Have I fucked up?

Lol my brother is a Longhorn and when he came back to visit home, he came out of the closet. I'll pass on Austin.

What dorms do you recommend? Pls no hullabaloo (^_-)

that would be a mistake. you will make more and be happier as an electrician.

You could do computer engineering i'd think, seems right up your alley

When I was in med school there was a guy who was an engineer for 5 years then switched to medicine, fit in just fine. In fact, you'd probably bang more bitches since you're 23 and can buy beer for college kids.

You're brother was gay all along my dude, had nothing to do with Austin.

6685 Del Playa reporting in

Nah, I'm ME. I'm a first year so I don't really know what the undergrads do here during the summer, but you should probably be able to get an internship at a big tech company like Amazon or something. After my sophomore year I did an REU which was fun.

It's a joke my dude 8-)

Well I don't really enjoy electrical so much that why I think I kinda want to switch. 1 more year till I have my red seal. Kinda always wanted to get a education. Thankful crypto has made it possible. Also always wanted to experience college life. Never really got too and has been a regret

06 Alum. Doubled in soc and psyc

Any GTech bros?



No way? Used to have a buddy who lived in one of the units there. Good times had

If you're doing Engineering, they like to stick you in Mosher, which when I was touring wasn't great, but they're upping the student body every year so they're constantly renovating and building new housing. I never lived on campus, I lived in Callaway house, which is where a lot of greek life freshmen live so I went that route. I would say look around and just ask about what options you have available to you. There are some really old dorms right across from northgate near Hullabaloo where a lot of the red ass hardcore traditionalist aggies try to stay that I would personally avoid. They're the ags who get that culty rep and do stuff like bonfire build.

To each their own tho. A lot of great places to live, a lot of shit places like most schools. You'll get a feel for it when you visit, its a really friendly place so asking around campus will help you a lot.

Srs. Still a beautiful shithole I love to call home.

Dude dont fall for the college meme. If you want to get a degree do it with a purpose and goal in mind. Dont go for the """college experience"""


community college

fuck oath

Dis place

>first lecture of semester consists of the professor apologizing for being white

how did you get in senpai
im trying to go

I actually do want to get a degree,I ment the experience kinda as a plus because I enjoy new experiences. I am not a huge fan of the trade life style and always thought I would like a job with people who enjoy the same things I do and a social atmosphere would be a nice change

Good grades and kickass SAT

any finns here?? X--D

We out here

Eyyyy, human biology.

Florida State

there has to be another one of you fags here

My niggas.

Stanford, they somehow let my brainlet self in

pic related though

Respect the kilt.

Neuroscience major

In medical school now



Doing international business economics and economics right now.

>B.A. Psychology

holy brainlet

Computer Science


San Diego community college

i studdied autism

How else would I become a Veeky Forumsnessman?

go noles! FSU '15 alum here

SJSU. BS Industrial Engineering 2012.

I also got into UC Irvine. In retrospect, I think I should have gone there.

CS alum. I do love (and miss, at times) that city.

Just got my Rochester Early Decision letter, gonna go for Intl. Bus. Management and minor in psych, then go back to the countries I used to live in and disenfranchise all those goddamn darkies

>> Fuck Ghana