don't be user, buy now

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already all in, 100x will not be too much to ask will it?

Just bought 2200 of these, will I make it lads?

100x is being conservative, this is going to make us rich

What's the coin?

yes, I think $10 EOM will be easily achieved, if it gets close to BATs market cap we will be at around $35

>Implying I don't have 15000 of them

Real shit, don't even shill this coin. Everyone had enough time

ADST soon to be ADS, buy during the ico and you will thank us later

whats the coin you autists

I want my bizbros to succeed

better then BAT with a much lower circulating supply and much lower market cap (they haven't even started advertising yet)

Can I get a link



>better than BAT
kek. better dump this shit asap for the easy 3x

It's not even out yet pleb
Still in ICO
Market cap is only 17 million

Not even joking, this might legit be 30x in the next 2 weeks

3x is nothing friendo, ADS is going to be $10 EOM at least

why has the ico been going on since june?

Can buy at cryptopia, ED etc

they put the ADST TOKEN on the market to price it in before the actual ICO so there is no dump when it gets anounced

You guys better have not just fucked me over.

wtf no wonder no PoC own crypto!

screencap this and make a thread either pink wojaking or thanking me in a week (protip it will be thanking)

you can buy the ADST token on exchanges but not the ADS coin which will come from token conversions after the ico

if this fucks me over I'm coming for you John

Do i get the same price for using the Smart Contract as on the exchange? Did I fuck up already?

Adst token same thing though right?

So if I just bought the ADST on cryptopia, does it then get converted?

what is a decent wallet for adst?


Can I buy it on binance?

Man who would have thought you could be bagholding at the ICO stage - ico has been running since June and can’t sell out 17million.

i know i feel retarded for doing this but i just cant help myself

no you would be buying at around 89c while its around 97c on exchange (americans buying

how did you know my name?

no, look at pic related, buying at the ico is a good deal

yes but you would be buying for more

no retard

no, buy through ico

I could just be sitting back and letting the money p

So if i buy this in cryptopia or ed, will my coins be automatically converted?

It's at a slight mark up but obviously if it does 100x then that will piss you off, but you'll be up so much you might not care

I think we might have to send them somehwere. I bought on the site using MEW and from Cryptopia so don't know yet

ICO ends in 9 hours. They showcase product in q1. is fudding

If you're dev then stop selling at 1dollar nigger

bumping my trips

Is Cryptopia decent? They won’t exit scam me? I wanna buy some ADST on there.

Why are my coins not showing up? All i got transferred was a small small amount of eth?

Is this just so they can distribute them when ICO ends?

Nigger how new are you

what did you do?

Why not ico goys

sent to the contract address from MetaMask.

Why did shiet has a million sell orders on cryptopia?!?! DON'T YOU DARE SCAM ME

probably people buying ico and listing on topia

Does my metamask know im American?

No I don’t think so

This, there’s a 15c price spread at least

>tfw cant transfer my btc from kraken to cryptopia cuz it has been in maintenance for 30 hours
i couldve made it, but the odds are against me

Unlucky user, we will watch your progress from the stars

aww shit they got us, I did the metamask deal too. the eth has been sent and I get nothing in return.

scammed huh?

How long has it been?


We still have time until user realizes, want to get naughty in the meantime?

13 minutes
42 block confirmations

I dunno the ARY ICO went through instantly. Guess ill wait and hope for the best

I just did it and came through in about 5 minutes

ADST is strictly no faggots allowed. But maybe later...

welp I got jack shit. so it must be a scam.

are you american?

If you go to myetherwallet and click add tokens and click adst it will show up. Same thing happened to me

no uhh defintely not.

How the hell would they know anyway?

Maybe they log your IP addess when you're on their website

i did and it says 0, and it should show on ethersan without me having to add the token.

maybe i should have turned my vpn off god knows where it says I am. So they just take my money with no refund just like that huh cos an ip is definitive evidence

>its another anons get shilled so easily episode
you guys are truly desperate aren't you

what will be the launching price? ETH is so high valued, I don't know what to do these days with ICO these days.
I bought 1 eth when it was 600$, and I want to put half of it in ads, so it's about 700 tokens for 300 $... ok but what's the price of the token at launch?

I don’t know what you did but it worked fine for me

See the pic from

What issue do you have with this project exactly pajeet?

That doesn't even make sense what you wrote. That's not how VPNs and IP addresses work

This has been on since June? It will fall below ico price


Not going in as who knows they will get listed on top exchanges in 2050...

Good for my grand kids...

not me

no, its still in ico
furthermore, the ice price changes depending on the rate on cryptopia
it's way trading higher on cryptopia than the actual ico price

when the ico ends all tokens are swapped for the new token

next time dyr

read above, do you do any research or just go by what Veeky Forums says?

If it goes to the moon I'm gonna link this archived thread

Binance follows them on twitter and ICO not even ended yet

dont buy if u dont want to put money in something that is so obviously going to moon

ur decision

next gen bagholders ready with this shitcoin. pajeet idea.

ATC fork is earlier

>writes like indian
did I get pajeeted?
just bought a shit ton. the price is really pumping in cryptopia.
maybe due to this

nah i'm aussie, just typing like an autist cuz i'm eating sangas with one hand

Can anyone in this thread explain why its good rather than everyone just saying it'll moon?

since i won the race for you guys he pumped it from .99 to 1.10, hold or sell for profits/buy the dip?

Anyone from USA buy using metamask or MEW?

>coin is already trading higher than ico
>ico not even over
ok bro, you were told

dyor faggot
its not difficult, read the whitepaper
then look at the competition
then ask yourself what happens when this captures even 0.001 percent of the market

no one has shilled this coin except in recent days on biz. it has been under the radar

This cuck coin already made me 1k in an hour lmao

its legit gonna go 30x when the new coins are distributed

screenshot this

sent eth to smart contract from mew about half an hour ago. still no tokens received. wat do?


protip: 20% cheaper in mercatox than in cryptopia. I'm out of funds, so feel free to buy up the order book :-*

>NEVER send from an exchange wallet!

why ?

>then look at the competition
lmfao at you for thinking that a couple of slavshits from poland are really going to compete against google and facebook

The fuck's a sanga?

Nice try pajeet you disgusting cow worshipping black cunts

you'll recieve them
i bought from the ico site and received instantly, but i also bought more from cryptopia as well

because the smart contract will send the token back to the exchange and they likely won't accept it
its standard across all of crypto

that isn't their competition
but either way, screenshot this thread for a months time

k, so i need a ETH wallet. Could you suggest any?

MEW + MetaMask

>but either way, screenshot this thread for a months time
How come no one ever comes back in a months time and posts screenshots?


whats the price for buying from ico?

6 month long ico? whats up with that


They do
See XRB, See ETH

Lol you can literally go back and see people like you saying "Eth will never go over 10 dollars dude get out now", etc. No joke go on biz warosu and look yourself

0.000729 ETH right now
it was less but the higher the price goes, the higher the ico price rises

>that isn't their competition
Yeah it is. Google and facebook are online advertising companies. They're not going to start using adshares lmao...

And advertisers are not going to use adshares either. Google and facebook deliver the best targeted ads because in addition to being advertising companies, they are also big data companies, meaning they have an enormous knowledge base to train their machine learning algorithms to optimize ad views and ad clicks by users. THIS IS WHY ADVERTISERS ARE WILLING TO PAY GOOD MONEY.

Do not buy adshares. It is vaporware.

Nah, they'll never outperform them, but they can definitely capture a piece of the market. Even if its 0.001 percent thats enough

Also, seeThey can offer ads google and facebook cant

How come I never click on ads then?

If this is an ICO why is it on coinmarketcap and has been out for months? Is this some sort of scam?

Get up with the lingo ya fuckin bozo, cunt's not a pajeet, might be a bogan, but even they shit in a dunny.