Be me

>Be me
>Be Syrian
>Move to the UK this winter
>Have no money, living off government benefits
>Have no intention of working
>Get free money, free housing
>Discover crypto
>Start funnelling money into crypto (£500)
>Portfolio now £250,000
>Still receive benefits.

I-is this real life?

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t. falseflagging /pol/larper who wants us to hate muslims

muslims are our allies, they are our people. i welcome all muslim refugees into europe. they dont deserve hatred, they have been oppressed enough. its time we stop trying to incite violence against our fellow human beings

i go to a muslim butchery here in the netherlands, and they are always hard working and always give me great meat... dont hate unless you know muslims in real life...

2/10 larp

Jesus it didn’t even take 5 minutes to get on your knees and deepthroat that Muslim cock huh? Cucked beyond belief. Yes I’m 90% sure op is larping but Jesus dude what the hell. Have some respect for yourself.

I bet they give you their meat you race traitor faggot

kill yourself you filthy shitskin

/bizpol/ pls

Give it all back you worthless fucking Middle Eastern leech.

>muslim butchery
google halal slaughter

agree user

my turkish barber is the most friendly hard working man i ever got to know.

got 3 kids and does nothing else besides working and chilling with his kids and the football court in the evening. i see him on my way to gym

Can't argue with those digits, kek.

OP here, no LARP. This has to be the easiest money I've made. Now I'm getting other syrians into it.

Just screenshotted this and sent it to uk gov. I don’t give a duck where you’re from, I can’t stand benefit fraud. Real people need that shit and cunts like you exploit it and give them a bad mame

Nice bait

What’s your postcode mate? I’ll come pay you a visit.

>buying halal meat from shitskins
fucking end yourself you liberal sympathizing piece of shit. Hope you fucking die of cancer

Like I would care about muslims, if my priority was to stay away from social trash I would move to a gated community and have nice rich muslims around, if you live among muslim trash you're probably white trash too.

Lmao at all the triggered jizz skins hahahahahahahhahahahahaha

Keep it up op you violated their safe space

i hope the US drops a bomb on your hometown in syria you piece of shit sand nigger

Unironically this

Racism is for weak losers who feel threatened by the scary outsiders

whats a point if all worst of this muslim faggots is already in Europe?

Why such harsh words my amigos. Are you not doing the same with your NEET bucks? Can we not get rich together? I also send my earnings back home to my family.

Agreed. Sick of these idiots blindly hating Muslims when they themselves are terrible people.

>actually falling for the bait
the actual racists on Veeky Forums are dumb as hell

>Racism is for weak losers who feel threatened by the scary outsiders

I thought the same way when I was a weak and infantile teenager. But then I grew up and became more educated and strong and realize that racial realism is true and absolutly right

all people who is against racism is basicly hypoctites, niggers(most of them is actually racists) or just retards who, as always, ride the train of fashion and hype

you gotta start somewhere. although being Syrian has to ruin it somewhat. living cost is going to run out before it would if you could go home. There you can have a very happy time on that. and you would be away from mr taxburg. Also the day you decide to get ambitious and say its time to make a decent amount would be over. the bubble is popping as we type.

muslims hate women

If you can write english as good as you do, you are above 80% of foreigners. Idgaf, thats good enough Integration.

all ur family will die in the fire and fury that US will reign upon ur country


holy fuck..

I’m doing the same as a native Brit. Go home. You are a coward for leaving your shit country.
Muslims are the enemy and their time will come. It will make the hollocaust look like a fun weekend at butlins. You can have not push us europeons so far until we snap and fight back. Soon.

Can't wait to go to the south of France this summer.

>the actual racists on Veeky Forums are dumb as hell
all racists are dumb as hell.

It’s not racism. It is fighting against a cult, a nasty violent one. One that has no place in the West. They are forcing our hands. There will be another hollocaust and it is their fault.

>You can have not push us europeons


holy fuck everything about this post is perfect 10/10


No thanks.


Guys, you can hate both /pol/ mental retardation and muslims sandniggery. It's ok


>You can have not push us europeons

I am not the roman you fool, I AM the germanic barbarian robbing your women and stealing your grapes. buckle up, fag


Oh, if only you knew

NEET bucks? I dont take government hand outs like you monkey.

'Yeah dude haha, we're all the same haha. Das wacist!! One world no borders'

The amount of shitskinned blue pilled fgts on biz is astonishing.

>if you live among muslim trash you're probably white trash too.
O I am laffin, if only this were true hahahaha


>Don’t hate unless you know muslims in real life
Chechens are fucking scum of the earth and should be exterminated.

Fuck off shitskins

I don't find them so. At all. Just my personal experience. Ultimately like all ghettoised minorities in Europe they will all get genocided. Look up the history of jews in Europe to see the future for muslims. Tragic but true.

Maybe stop being pieces of shit muslims and killing each other over "family" rule in your religion. You blame outside powers for your own faults when its the muslims themselves who refuse to rally as one against the west. Assad wanted this union but no you fgts are inbred retards who cant put aside their minor differences for the greater good of your religion and lands.

>Ultimately like all ghettoised minorities in Europe they will all get genocided.
That will never happen. It seems to be over for the european man in europe. Now it is the age - sadly - of the foreigner.

I use CHOPSTICKS motherfkr

Wax on

Wax off

so when your """""""leader""""""" throws literal bio-grade weapons at civilians that is "minor differences"? lmao kys you dumb child

fuck you filthy sand nigger. you ruin or great countries with your filthy stank. fckk off to your dunes pls

Allah w sourya w bashar w bass

Wonderful the EU government just drafted an agreement allowing the number of refugees to enter Europe at the rate of 180,000-220,000 per year. Enjoy your population replacement.
Im talking about political differences you sub human. The pen is mightier than the sword so use your head for once and the situation might not reach such a point. Ive seen Muslim parliamentary meetings before on the wests intervention. Alot of brawls, shoe throwing, name calling and who knows what else. Instead you should be coming together against a common enemy.


Here learn about ear marks the white mans way to get shit done with multiple disagreeing parties.

Ancap/NatSoc alliance when?

larp or not
all more muslims need to die

and u too little faggot

You fucking cross-siters been shitting on every board this night. Fuck off back to 8cucks and post more twitter drama shit there.

>muslims are our allies
This but unironically. The immigrants are the lowest of the low within the muslim world, they are the leeches and parasites who have nothing to lose and only care about their faith out of fear of allah smiting them down.
Actuall religious and spiritual muslims are dignified as fuck, they say no to degeneracy, drugs, alcohol, sodomy and treat their women the way women need and want to be treated.
White sharia is the ultimate red pill, stop falling for the equality and women's freedom jew.

Hey user, well done on your success! How did you do it? I'm sure you have some tips that can help the rest of us make it.

I live in the UK too :)

You'd have been better off if you'd just stayed in Al Sham and done that, Liz sends her regards for the 50 grand you're about to pay her.


Grats you fell for muslim propaganda. Muslims are just like the Jews but right wing with all the same problems. The correct religion is paganism which is already in the united states.

This guy gets it

>year 1439
>being an unironical mushrik

daily reminder that mudslim raping and behaving like an animal is a jewish psyop to make westerners hate muslims and support israel. The jews is the first problem everyone's got to deal with, muslims come next

I don’t know who’s false flagging as who anymore.
Truly we live in the desert of the meme

im disabled and i cant even get neetbucks, our government only cares about immigrants unless i literally own nothing at all. i threw all my savings into crypto, its do or die for me. sweden btw

>le paganism
>all the same problems
>charging interest on a loan is literally illegal according to sharia
>post modernism and relativism is widely rejected
>all the same as jews
Okay whatever varg. You're too small brained to understand why monotheism and conservative tradition is the best ideology. Also your potato patch is shit.
Accurate image

Bait af.

Aw fuck now the shills have followed us here. Well, like it or not biz is going to get more overtly Nazi.

Stop being racist. If you stop hating people for no reason, you'll realize life is much better

Thank you kind brothers. My Brothers and I (5) are now going to visit a female companion (white). With the money from the government we shall each take turns and she shall pleasure us

We are truly blessed. May peace be upon you.

Will you pay taxes from your earnings or refugees does not need to do that, only native europeans?

He's possibly a /pol/ larper but this is a 0/10 b8.
kys beta cuck.

>implying you'd need to false-flag to make muslims hateable