If you are in LA go to King Henry the 8th's, its a stripclub. Go during day shift, around 1:00...

If you are in LA go to King Henry the 8th's, its a stripclub. Go during day shift, around 1:00. It is a ghetto all black stripclub. I am asian but I had no probs. Honestly though this is probably one of the few strip clubs in the US that you can get pussy so cheaply. Be warned though it is dank as fuck.

I go back to the bar and drink a corona, after about 10 minutes a stripper comes over, just my type, super petite spinner with bubble butt. Take her back to the dance booth, start trying to rub her pussy during the dance, she slides her thong aside for me, lets me finger her, super fucking tight. I pull my dick out and jack off while fingering her, she looks down and spits on my cock and starts rubbing it on her puss, tells me I can fuck her for $100, I give her the money and she slides me in bareback. She rides me for a little while and I bust inside her. She pulls me out and starts rubbing her pussy like crazy and squirts all over my shorts and shirt. I've got pussy juice and cum all over me. Also, my orgasm is wearing off now and I feel totally disgusted and really worried I might seriously have HIV now.

This place is in a REALLY shitty place of LA, not safe at all to walk around. I was dropped off earlier by a friend who had to go to work so I had to Uber back home reeking of jizz and stripper pussy. Super fucking awkward car ride. Driver was really uncomfortable. Whole car smelled, pretty sure I got a bunch of this juice on the seats. On the way out I tip them $100 because I felt so bad. Soon as I got home I washed my dick with Hibiclens, it can kill most viruses and bacteria. So far have been too scared to get tested. Fucked up situation but I still jerk off to it.

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thanks just bought 100k

thanks just sold 100k

If not larping you have to wait a while (months?) before getting tested. It wouldn't show a positive for a while

Thanks just bought 100k

I have a strong feeling that a lot of Veeky Forumsraelis live in LA. Some of us have probably banged the same escorts.

That is not de wey brudda

Oh god just look at this fucking place. user, how could you? You decided to have unprotected sex with a stripper in THIS?

Oh my god I had no idea that Los Angeles even had areas like this. Jesus Christ, America.

yikes bro. Good thing you're on biz, you'll be able to afford the hiv cure when it drops with your crypto gains. If you have it that is. Even if she did have it the chances of transmission are small. GL user

ive driven past there

>if you are in LA
>fails to mention its on fucking CRENSHAW BLVD in mother fucking COMPTON
how are you alive for real?

my nigga you have aids

crenshaw is real quiet these days


he's probably korean living in cpt they've been there ages nobody cares what they're doing

AIDS test can be done very early and there is some drugs that can save your faggot life if you're exposed within 48 hours. Just make sure you come to the right place.

Go all in on VEN you'll be set to pay for your much needed AIDS medication by EOY

Stock up on medibond and you should have enough for the HIV treatment in a couple months

dude why the fuck would you bareback a hooker. She's literally had thousands of people cum inside her

Buy Stellar and you will have more than enough money to invest in a cure for HIV before it catches up to you

all in on chainlink or he will dies of aids and fungus

What coin is this?

LA has so many areas like this.

>he doesn't know what coin this is

I know this is a larp, and it's totally stupid to be posting this shit on Veeky Forums, but if you were exposed very recently you're still in time to get retroviral drugs and significantly minimize your chance of contracting HIV. Run to the doctor and ask about PrEP.

Hibiclens SHOULD NOT be used in the genital area.


That sounds hot as hell. I looked up their insta it seems nice, thicc QUEENZ and tasty food. Yeah you're fucked though, you've got 8 different STDs now chinkboi.

STD coin. Simple Trustless Digitization coin.

PEP not PrEP, but I'm pretty sure it's basically the same thing.


>fucking whores bareback

is this de wey

Your prose is severely lacking in quality rhythm.

fucking dumbass get PEP immediately, the virus has already infected your skin, hibiclens ain't gonna do shit

Not buying it for a second OP
No Korean is this stupid
>raw sex

100% fake, proof of your aids dick

Shit meme shut the fuck up

Congratulations on your HIV

Haha damn op, good laugh. I have a friend that lives block from there. He's gotten bannedfor getting too drunk, and acting a fool

this was hilarious, thx for sharing op

also a chink dicc making a whore squirt is my dad works at nintendo tier, nice larp tho

>Oh my god I had no idea that Los Angeles even had areas like this. Jesus Christ, America.
Are you a retard?

HIV is a meme. Don't be afraid to live a little.


jesus christ how many times are you all going to post this tonightn

Plot twist: the post was made by her pimp

I think you fucked up. Real bad.
Now, no White woman will ever touch you again. You will die alone, from syphilis, hepatitis, HPV, cancer, and Necrotizing Fasciitis.

u don goofed boi

Link threads.

the odds of getting aids from vaginal sex are like 1/100, calm the fuck down


What is really funny is this place is like 1 block from Space X. I bet all the beta white bois and pajeets sneak over there and blow their loads in these gals.

Bro 49% of black women have herpes. Ghetto strip club black women? Probably closer to 90%. Enjoy your new lifelong friend.

This place is in Gardena not Compton and the area isn't all that bad.

bro what exchanges list HIV i'm not seeing that shit anywhere also if you could give me a whitepaper and github hmu tia bro

Amazing Facebook meme my friend :-)

Fuck your mother if you want fuck

That shit looks straight out of Los Santos

You probably have HPV now op, no harm will come to you but if you ever get a girlfriend make sure she's vaccinated before you fuck her or she will be infected to and in risk of having uterus cancer


That market is restricted to private IRL transactions only. Strictly person-to-person.

>squirts all over my shorts
That was piss, stupid.

this, and that is assuming its with someone who is positive which is not as likely as your high school health class said it is.
I'd be more worried about herps, anything else is just like your dick getting a cold.