hello are there any european brothers on here? i need some advices on crypto currency. my local imam has advised me that it is not halal but I have seen brothers investing and making huge money from this. i have children to feed and welfare alone is not enough. i need more inshallah. please guide me

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crypto is like literally gambling and if you read the quran you would know gambling is haram

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Salam. My opinion on this is that i only think its haram if you blindly buy coins thinking it might blow up. But if you invest in a project with real future and you believe in it. I think it doenst count as gambling

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This is as haram as fiat boi. Believe what you want to believe. Money have value if you believe it has value. I don't know why crypto is haram while fiat, gold, everything that we give value upon is not haram.

crypto is haram since this is gambling

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