7k all in

We gonna make it LINK bros

L*NK bag holders are truly the Rick&Morty fans of the crypto community.

all in with 35K. the moment LINK hits $1B marketcap my portfolio hits six figures. 21 yo, one more semester of college, never been more optimistic in my life.

my fate is bound up with sergey's. i truly love my fellow deluded linkies

spam faggot see you every thread

>cup and handle
If I have to read that meme one more time I'll blow my brains out.

meme lines don't mean shit but when this takes off it's gonna be so comfy

I'm guessing another day or two at ~$1.00-1.25 before shooting up to $2-5

Sad seeing this. You know its just one guy trying to make a bad meme.

seriously what is this guy's life about? This fud is confusing at best

It will be truly majestic

should i go all in on link or stay diversified?

all in butthound

im fighting an overwhelming urge to sell which usually means a moon is imminent



I have 30k am 21 and I'm in college for one more semester
I literally feel like you are me

sry to tell you, but cup & handle is
>already priced in

Stop lying to people you faggot, price won't skyrocket because meme lines say so.

Cup and handle
Now get off my Veeky Forums

20 y old, university atm, all in: 23k LINK. Am I going to make it?


I bought XRB at $0.10, sold at $0.09 - It's at $25 now. That's a x250
I bought ADA at $0.02, sold at $0.02 - It's at $0.73 now. That's a x36
I bought IOTA at $0.60, sold at $0.86 - It's at a $3.54 now. That's a x4.1

The urge to sell my stack right now is driving me insane, which probably means that it's about to 1000x.

Those are some weak ass hands user


They're ain't weak ass hands no more.

Yes user, you're going to make it.

tfw only 800 link
tfw around 1000 spread across coins on bittrex but their enhanced verification process is being a slug and you can't shuffle the worth into link

LINK won't move for another 2 months and you'll hold all this time and finally give up later down the road.
And then a week later it will moon , so you better sell now or expect to baghold for months.

I've held my backs since early october and i am not fucking selling because if i do it will instantly moon 10x

Only 15k linklet reporting in. Really love this community and i believe in the old Veeky Forums where people actually knew whats goin on. Hopefully we will all make it!

IMAGINE have only 948.

I have great faith that somebody that sees the value in link will prevail in live no matter how much link he has. You will make it user!

119 LINK here.
t. poor euroslav

blink blink, do i smell LINK?