Reminder: If you don't have at least 15 btc by now. You aren't apart of the future 1% wealthy elite

Reminder: If you don't have at least 15 btc by now. You aren't apart of the future 1% wealthy elite.

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tfw only part of the 8%

>tfw almost at 0.01% from buying salt with gambit ico at 0.25$. Who else /devilish/ here?

Daily reminder bitcoin is going back to 0$.

at 2.7btc now so 6%. Will be 1% with my BtcP stack

>tfw made it from bottom 90% to bottom 50% in the last 2 months

i think im going to be sick

how much zcl you got, user? w-will i make it with 330ish?

>tfw inside the top 1%

Also gotta remember these include addresses that have btc dust in em that will never be touched or addresses that have been lost due to destroyed hard drives or someshit.

200 and patient

I think I actually prefer the jews.

Chinks are worse, true

How do 250 people each own a million coins? I thought there was only 17 million in circulation

one year old statistic

do you have an actual one?

million coins between 250 people

Reminder: If you don't have at least 10k Link by now. You aren't apart of the future 1% wealthy elite.


It's 1 year old and does not count with exchange wallets.

I'm looking for a specific BTC shill infographic that contains the soup handle meme as well as a comparison with other currencies where you see that BTC overtook them all in value.

250 with 7k+? this chart seems way too generous. im pretty sure you need a lot more than 7k btc to be in a group of only 250 other people.

Is this good or bad if coins distributed approximately evenly between holders?

In the top 20% that'll do me. Middle-class, one class high than in fiat world.

bitcoin is far out there as far as even distribution goes. every other coin has a higher concentration of coins in fewer accounts, which isn't a completely accurate way of counting but is good enough when you use the same method for all coins.

shitcoins like litecoin for example have 75% of every coin in less than 1000 addresses, and most newer shitcoins have over 95% because basically nobody wants them other than speculators, and so they keep their shitcoins on an exchange, and the creator(s) normally have a huge premine explicitly or implicitly.

all you can hope for is a distribution that mirrors the wealth distribution of the average first world country. it's impossible to get anything better because people with more money can simply buy more bitcoin.

also how can the minimum be 7k when 7k * 250 is a lot more than 1.3M?

The 1% of what, people who turned 225k into 0.00015$?

surely you meant 120 eth op

Bitcoin is and will continue to be the primary store of value in the crypto world.

>b-but muh transaction speed! Muh low fees!

It literally does not matter. Is gold easy to carry around and trade with? No.

you forget about the 99.9% of people who dont even have btc

No, its a dying coin. No one needs a coin in the crytoworld as shit as bitcoin currently is and will only unfuck its self when the Bilderberg group takes it over.

t. late adopter