It's Over

Is Crypto ever coming back?
The alt market is basically dead now and we're still under 700B market cap

Bitcoin is going to shit, ETH has decided to start fucking over the market, BCH is laughable, and XRP is pumping and dumping

I want the alt market back.
Even the green today is just fake green from the absolute pit of despair


BTC just had a big green candle. We survived the very critical level yesterday, I think we mooning now.

My portfolio is at ATH baby. Just stop investing in the shitcoins shilled here and DYOR


every thing is green right now. wtf are you talking about iota fag?

OP owns TRX XVG and PAC

Dumb money is flowing in, take advantage of it or run out like other people.

This is a lifetime opportunity to get rich, I either lose it all or make it big.
If I lose it all I just lost one month of working for free basically and if I make it I won't ever have to work for so little.

its over desu, we're never going to see gains above 1% again. we're basically stocks now except u cant cash out.

Surely this is bait.

Whenever I see one of these posts my bankroll increases. Peasant cucks lol.

Shill me on lux user

OP isnt wrong, overall theres money flowing out of alts. If you're holding the bottom 80% of shit coins they will all come down.

>shills are now posting b8 images

already green and rising nicely, 707 B market cap atm.


Implying your not just buying what your korean friend at school is telling you too


>bahbees first bear market
>the post

It's all over. Sell everything now.

Bear money is just a code word for WE ARE GOING TO LOSE EVERYTHING


i just let loose the most raunchy fart. real hot. a real butt hole scorcher. the smell is divine.

DO IT!!!
Sell low buy high!!! Be an crypto hero!!!

YOU CAN Do IT user!!!