No blockfolio bread?

No blockfolio bread?
Blockfolio bread.

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>the classic Veeky Forums approved millionaire by 2020 portfolio

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help pls

Ive stopped using blockfolio. Its too much effort to keep track during accumulation. I can tally up an average buy cost in my head and work with 10% increments, thats enough.

What was it exactly about DBC that inspired you to buy 3.3k?

add some non shill coins

the rest is in PRL, I'm trying to reduce my no. of cryptos, just waiting for a good time to swing trade.


Future millionaire
Future bum

Estimation EOM?

It’s based on NEO blockchain, it’s developed by a huge AI company in China, it still has a long way to go.
Also I started out retarded and actually had 13k DBC before I attempted daytrading like Pravik Pajeet

>diversify your portfolio more

Am I gonna make it bro?

The ultimate portfolio

kek I did that with my REQ, I had 1700 at 700sats

Way too diversified, will cut down when alts rise again. Sold req for 10k coin metro ico, hopefully that'll boost my numbers. Need at least £50k this year.

Any criticism?

200k easy

Need more LINK