The time was 6 hours ago. Hope FUD didn’t kill your gains.

what fud? why 6 hours? what are you talking about?

I'm still in red after 10 days

>sell at 4150 as it just starts coming down off a spike
>5 minutes later it starts pumping and doesnt stop pumping until just a few hours ago
can i just be executed

Is now a good time to buy?


yes, theres massive sellwalls and we will see a second moon now (there has been a small dip, prolly the last chance to get in )

unless you want to FOMO and buy at ATH.. again

dw, lots of idiots like u got burnt doing the same thing

F for all the anons who sold yesterday because it wasn't going anywhere anytime soon

There's a 77 BTC sell wall at 5k and 400 BTC sell walls to get to 7k. I don't see it going anywhere

Maybe look at what ath means

no wait for it to drop

>He thinks that's a lot of money

the whales who pumped this in the morning have slowly took their gains out. Its going to crash hard when the last person buys and no one behind him is buying

its idiots FOMOing in now and getting shilled by CNBC. That fucking idiot shilled so hard he lied about the normie pump last week. He said it was cuz of IBM when it wasnt. IBM was in October. Fucking idiot just made normies buy into his pump

im suing this piece of shit for shilling it on national television after admitting he bought it before he shilled

ffs boomer normies are the new pajeets

Well, Whales are doing a good job keeping normies like you out of the game.

>tfw only have 1.9k XLM
>couldn't transfer fiat in time to buy more XLM at 51 cents


you better be ready by tomorrow because 0.50$ is where were headed

>out of the game.
I wish I was out of this shitcoin. -15% of my investment after 10 days. 10 fucking days

I wanted some just because the name looks cool and people talking about the coin seems legit.

>i buy things because they sound nice
>hey anons when do I cash out this isnt doing anything for a month
>fuck guys its crashing im out

Buy the dip (dip hasn't happened yet.)

Jesus christ. I thought buy high and sell low was just a meme, but you retards just keep doing it.

I'm not selling fucking ANY until we atleast get to the ATH again

I agree that FOMOing in at the top of mount everest probably wasnt the best decision (for those who did that)

But when the month is done, you'll see that there IS no "high" to buy yet for XLM. By end of month people will beg for the chance to buy the current ATH.

I just sold a quarter of my holdings in XLM at breakeven because I needed some Ethereum to move things around (oppurtunity cost is a real thing). For now I like how it has stabilised around $0.63, but I think it'll probably continue to slowly bleed until 3.5k sats and then it'll moon once FairX is finally released.