Hey Veeky Forums, what about siacoin?

hey Veeky Forums, what about siacoin?

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i really dont fucking know. i made 150% off it, like the idea of the project. but the devs seem to be too incompetent to fix their wallet and network. 80% of the time you can not transfer your sia and if you can, chances are you lose the transfer.

holy shit you're out of the loop. Wallets just got fixed yesterday. Poloniex price now matches bittrex price more or less. Transfers are completely working now.

SIA is in talks with Binance right now. Still a lot of whales are in the process of transferring to exchanges to sell and drive down the price. My bet would be keep an eye on it. Buy if it goes above 500 otherwise wait for it to dip more and buy on the dip, ideally under 450


if his comment gets deleted, no binance. If it stays up, SIA will go on binance

got in at 100 sats sold at 1000
i got my x10 now onto the next
overall good long term project

>the devs seem to be too incompetent to fix their wallet and network.

people making this assumption is my main concern about siacoin. the devs are HIGHLY competent, but their weakness is an unwillingness to delegate and expand the team. They are trying to do way too much by themselves, and so their progress is painfully slow. they need to add developers or they are going to get passed up by the other projects.

and they won't do any marketing until it's basically completely finished. Meanwhile you have shit like Tron 10xing on hype alone, and no one even knows what it does

PND over, moved on

yeah, they could secure MILLIONS of dollars in funding and hire a huge team with the reputation they have established so far, but instead they are trying to stretch a $400k grant as much as possible. I dont know why they do that to themselves. Maybe they are too proud to ask for help.

I think that's some of it. It's like with the binance thing. I'm sure to be listed on the exchange they have to pay binance a substantial amount of money and/or give them a certain amount of coins.

SIA won't want to do this, and it is kind of greasy, but maybe it's in the best interest of all. If the coin goes on binance that's an easy 2x minimum

ECC will make sia obsolete.
Just cap this and don't say I didn't warn you.

man, fucking lost all my SIA coins then this happens, fuckkkkkkk

Sia has functional tech behind it though. Have yet to hear anything bad about it yet. That means the coin will probably keep going up.

if they do charge a fee around $200k, I bet a whale that holds lots of siacoin will step in and offer to cover the fee

not begging or expecting my 20k+ SIA to be returned

but it would be nice to get atleast 2000 back with out having to pay anything so I can try to test the service again.

If you guys like sia check out PRL

that would be logical. I think SIA has a lot of potential, and they just don't want to jump the gun, which I respect. I can't help but think it could easily be a dollar or close to it

I think it's solving a problem that nobody has.

Storage is cheap and plentiful via HDD or dropbox etc. Who wants to store their shit on some strangers computer?

Doubled a small investment in it a few weeks ago - might consider putting money in it again in the near future but the wallet issue is a serious drawback right now

Not to mention that the only way to log into your wallet is with your Seed, so it's not a very secure wallet given the recent CPU exploits. Even the cold storage option doesn't seem trustworthy at this moment - unless you plan on opening the wallet and cashing out just one time.

To my knowledge, there's no integration with hardware wallets, nor is it planned.

you're only storing a few heavily encrypted blocks of someones file on your computer.

Its way cheaper that any other service today such as amazon s3

much cheaper than traditional storage and much more secure/unhackable

forecast in short term?