10x Challenge

Doing a 10x challenge with some friends. Need a good entry coin that will 10x within 5 weeks.

Currently considering:


shill me one way or the other.

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HST could be the first coin used by governments around the world.
It will bring election costs from 7-25 dollar to 0,50 dollar.

>United Nations partnership
>Low market cap
>(on sale now)
>Solid team
>Real world use

A lot of the coins you are considering already mooned.

Bought ZEN and NAV

The rest are trash


UFR, Upfiring, for sure. EZ buy


blue is a confirmed scam

You can think that Ven could 10x in 5 weeks at current market cap? Would be nice but doubt it

This desu

Consider COLX. Nothing is for certain, but probably the most likely x10 in this thread so far.

It JUST went from being on 2 shit exchanges to being accepted into kucoin/poloniex/cryptopia/cryptobridge. Low marketcap, lots of hype.



BlockArray $14 million marketcap, the american Wabi, competitors are all at least $250-$500 million. Just ICO'd and being released in two days.

It's a seriously useless shitcoin that solves nothing and it's about to get delisted today from Bittrex making it even shittier but giving you a good entry point. After a couple of announcements in early February it will stop being a security, get relisted and start getting shilled hard. From there you're fine as long as you understand you're holding terrible vaporware and you just want to dump it on the next retard.

Thanks senpai. Gonna check out HST.

Forgot about NAV. And ya these are not holds. Taking a portion of holdings just to gamble/flip.
On it. Will report back the selection. Buying today.

Lots of shillz, but still not on a good exchange.

Wait till KuCoin or Binance and you'll be amazed.


1 mill marketcap and one of the best roadmaps you'll see in crypto. Completely undervalued and people are starting to catch on.

Thanks bizfam. Gonna check all of these out. Need 3 solid 10x's in a row then starting a hedostic cult in northern Maine

No problem!
This link is a month old, but well you can see the guy wasn't lying it was good.


There is a sell wall atm on HST, so I think the price can explode when this whale is ready.
So don't wait too long on it when you want it.

I've gone 4x on UFR already in just the past week but honestly you can easily 5x or even 10x off this coin within just the next 1-2 months.

The marketcap is still super low and it's flying under the radar for the most part, only now to get some decent exposure.

Not to mention they actually have a finished product.

UFR for sure, it has got massive hype surrounding it right now and is currently in a correction so its a good time to buy. I'm expecting at least $5 EOM

Please stop user I'm seriously considering dumping everything I have (not a lot, just 7 ETH) into it but I don't want to get joosted.

you're not doing any fucking challenge, you're part of a discord for upfiring.

UFR is a scam
The whitepaper is identical to another exit scam called Feenix
Stay away

definitely not UFR shill, I currently own zero.

But that is a good idea. I'm in a lot of the discords but not this one. That should be a part of the Challenge. Join every discord.

While research is crucial, there is a time crunch..

I'm not gonna FOMO on this one. But I've lost out on moon missions due to being to conservative (XRP, XRB, ZCL) - I'm pulling the trigger this time.

And if anything, I'm an EOS shill above all else

This is a good example of good information, if it's true. This is similar to EmberCoin and whatever the fuck it is now. Or PIE / X / Social Send.

Shout out others.

And FYI - I'm gonna share these trades on social, trying to be a YouTubefag and get a channel going.

No words:

Dang. That is ironic. I don't really feel like doxxing myself rn but I promise you my discord handle is not in that channel. Please convince me not to buy UFR lol. You can show me the way?

UFR is a no-brainer, unless you hate money OP

low mcap and just got listed on cuckcoin

TAU or something like COLX.


fuck off newfag

so, I'm famous?

still wasn't planned though... pic related. when 10x?


is that Feenix stuff true??

will scope these out

honestly throw something in UFR. It's small part of my portfolio less than 10%. Mid risk - high reward.

But also consider ECC. Look into it, has gone up quite a bit, but there is another 5-10x to be made.

I keep seeing this one too.


Is this the ICO price rn?

>being this new
Feenix came 9 days after Upfiring. Meaning Feenix is a scam, Upfiring is legit.

By your logic, the original iPhone is a scam because plenty of Chinese rip-offs exist. Spotted the brainlet.

creativechain (CREA): multimedia blockchain P2P marketplace for distributed intellectual property. more power to artists by avoiding intermediaries and abusive content distribution laws => www.creativechain.org

> 10mil market cap
> low circulating supply
> actual minable coin, not a poor erc20-scamtoken (top20 is all coins)
> has had longterm organic growth
> website and platform look just beautiful
> active github
> platform testnet finally started just a few days ago, full launch end of jan
> cash-in cash-out directly through ATMs ready
> marketing literally just beginning
> similar to POE but with 40x smaller market cap
> telegram already has 1000 members

imagine instagram/patreon/vimeo on a dezentralized ecosystem for content creators with blockchain proofed timestamped licensed copyright. the creators can sell their content or their copyright (or just parts of it), they get royalties, microdonations from likes/upvotes, popular content gets extra revenue through a fund, due to creativechain's decentralized nature the creators can't get censored. look how easily polarising figures get banned from patreon, youtube or twitter. look at the viewerbase of those polarising figures. then look at this project.

and: no middlemen like shutterstock who take HUGE fucking cuts from the creator's revenue and are billion $$$ companies.


hahah total shit.

...other coins are quite good.

yeah UFR is a pretty solid ROI, and the Alpha is about to come out at the end of this month, or the next month.

I've also heard that BLUE is a nice moon mission too, but don't know enough about it. My personal recommendation is to go with UFR - it's on a dip now so cheap, and if it gets listed on new exchanges soon it'll moon

Im deep into UFR, so i just FUD'ed hard after reading these comments. After researching for a bit in Bitcointalk, this user is right.
Upfiring came out 9 days before Feenix, so its probably the other way around and Feenix copied UFR's Whitepaper.
But time will tell, i'm hodling these bags until at least 10$.
Im actually not sure if UFR can kill normal torrenting and exist in 10 Years, but I'm sure the Tokens will x10 at least on App-Launch.

Thanks for checking that, coz I was starting to FUD too.

Bought some UFR just over a week ago, and it was all going fine until the market dumped and now I'm seeing all these FUD posts about it, so finger was starting to shake...

It's only a small amount anyway, I don't think it will fall to below what I bought it at, even with the recent couple of dips.

You can join me OP on UFR if you want, otherwise I'm also liking BLUE.

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

UPFIRING- Best chance imo to go 10x, can't promise this in 5 weeks but it has a low marketcap, no strong competition and p2p file sharing is something which could benefit from blockchain.
NULS- Could be good, they make a lot of promises use a lot of buzzwords and have a good team but they don't have much to show for it.
ZEN- Probably my second choice, solid project although it doesn't do anything revolutionary it just has combined solid ideas from other projects
LUX- Could moon but not as great as the website suggests, there are other enterprise blockchain solutions however they do focus on different products.
RIPIO- Not going to 10x in 5 weeks- marketcap is already 200M so it will take a lot longer to reach 2B especially with competition in this space
BLUE- Good idea could go 10x but website/whitepaper are lacking in detail so I wouldn't feel safe betting on it

Hope this helps just my thoughts

get UFR now. altcoin buzz shilled it 4 hours ago. he has 100k normie subscribers and a bunch of whales watching

I vote for UFR. It's potemtial sis still huge.

Lamden is about to Break out.

UFR and GTO are most likely imo

I'm in on UFR and would recommend it to you too. So thrilled about it already being 10% up.

IFT on cryptopia. Thank me later


I agree with UFR, 2 weeks ago I spent about 40% of my portfolio on it and I'm up 5x despite the correction. I actually bought a little more because I believe it will gain more and more traction throughout the next few weeks.

BBT or CoSS Or staypoor

not doing the guess bullshit here pajeet?
lmao take your bags to the grave

Yeah that dude has like 150k subscribers, shame the only way into UFR is ED or Cryptopia currently, hopefully when it hit's a new exchange later in the month we will see an influx of new buyers.

That's what I said. Feenix is a scam, not UFR. I mean, if UFR is already attracting people trying to copy the idea, let alone what kind of potential UFR has when fully operational. This coin is a nobrainer. It's also getting shilled by some popular YouTubers as of now.


In already on UFR, but once reddit catches hold of it, it could really move up.

Regardless, I like Bulwark (BWK) because it's a generic privacy coin no one has ever heard of yet, and it's got a crazy low supply, so could increase quickly if it gets even mildly popular.

NEBL is a good 5x in the near-term, but is a long-term play for a 10-20x. Expect 5x, but not 10x in two months.


> listings soon
stay poor for ignoring me
i shilled since 60 cents