That feel when you realize you're too late to make it in the crypto race

That feel when you realize you're too late to make it in the crypto race.

You will forever remain a wagecuck.

not too late you idiot

it really isn't too late. start with $1000, go all in on a recent dip on a coin you've researched that sounds legit as fuck (research = read an overview of the white paper, read news about it, and watch a youtuber or two that is well renowned, and go all in on a dip.

do not chase the green arrow. buy and hold and observe for a week, and when it goes up, take out profits, and then rebuy into another coin that has dipped that you've researched.

you can do it user!

If you don't have the mentality to accumulate in the upcoming 2 year bear period you do not have the right mind to make it in this game.

So is hodling ill-advised?


fucking leave

I truly appreciate the encouragement.
I have around that amount which I've managed to acquire in a little over a week which is pretty good.
I did exactly as you described, but it doesn't seem to work anymore. Almost all the coins are bleeding. There was one decent moon today which I didnt want to chase because I've already invested in other coins.
It's looking extremely grim.

>mfw I thought I was too late in december 2013

Not too late retarded.

Started with 5k 4months ago, i now have 100k+

I started with $1000 in late December. I peaked $16k few days ago before the crash. It's not too late.

>not too late
>"look at all the money i made in the past"

lol theres another massive bullrun just around the corner
Im stocked up on top notch alts and still hold a boatload of BTC. no matter what moons ill be rich as fuck. you better start accumulating now faggot, you got 6-12 months left tops after that go all in on BTC and XMR

>6-12 months

you mean days

teach me mastah, $1000 is everything i have for crypto right now (3rd worlder here)

Its not too late op

Started with 5000$ on december
Now 700$

just buy link
that's how easy it is

Are you fucking retarded? It's been a WEEK
oh my god you people are literal ADHD children. American no doubt

Times when buy-and-hold is the best strategy:
>mid-way through the hype J-curve
>times of low market volatility
>something you bought at ICO

Times when buy-and-hold is not the best strategy:
>peak of a hype-fueled bubble

No nigger. I was convinced I would make it for the entire week until everything started turning to shit a few days ago. Nothing is going up apart from a few random coins and even those are stock level gains.

>I'm only going to be able to 5x my money in 1 year instead of 50-100x'ing
>better keep all my money in stocks and bonds for 6-8% gains

>peak of a hype-fueled bubble

That sounds very accurate, except you don't know where the peak is. I've read so many posts on Veeky Forums of people crying about selling far too early.

if everything can go from good to shit in a day, the opposite can happen as well. stop being a mopey little bitch.

Can't help it, I've had dysthymia all my life. I don't know how it feels to be happy.