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>Tfw poorfag

How did you get all that eth op


I'm gay.

Holder since 2016

are you jewish too

My goal is 10k at end of month, which seem less likely considering the FUDing going on the past days, but I'M NOT FUCKING SELLING

Yeah. I need help... please user...

shit, wrong one

damn son well played. What do you suggest I buy with my small amount for a decent return? Looking for a total of at least 4K by May to take gf on vacay desu

Monaco. You'll see some big announcements and movements up in the price soon

Should i buy 15k usd more of xlm

Get in here, WaBi marines.

What should I sell my BTC for? Looking for 1 long term coin and 1 for high risk.


I went 30% in XLM, if i had more money I'd buy even more. it will be a top 5 coin. and with new money coming in. it could 5x easily. patience is key


I did it boyos. Reached my first goal. Started out with 2k in end of Nov



You need to buy EGAS and hold it long term, it has huge potential. 13M Max supply and it costs pennies right now. Great concept and active twitter. mooncoin material.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/


eGOLD is better. Lower marketcap and less shit. This is an easy 10x in the next few months. Unique case of lending platform combined with a esports betting platform.

Recommendations? Too widespread?

This is my holdfolio. Ignore my FUN i actually have 10k fun havent updated yet.

Long term comfy kinda guy.

You need to diversify.

I have about $4,500 to invest where should I spread this to maximum hodl gains

Also some DBC, IOTA, REQ, BTG and BCD

Feeling comfy. Started with 5k last year.

Noone sees that these posts are subtle shill threads? They just create a fake blockfolio. It aint that hard you know, puttin in some numbers and stuff..

It’s called Blockfolio you stupid arsehole you can enter whatever numbers you want


Sell your Litecoin, normie

I also have a meager 24 HPB that I bought at 4.5$

Clear your phone's notifications.

You're doing fine. The coin you're holding has a rabid following.

Serious question, if you wanted to cash out that much how would you do it? Escrow service?

I already sold off 25 LTC. I'm not completely getting out of it.

This will moon.


Had a nice recovery after the drop, got to accumulate 50k more XLM too

I'd say that's too widespread, maybe drop LTC for starters since that's going nowhere fast imo

What do.




Wtf are these coins man, all icos?

Addicted to mco

fucking poor. But i did make this out of 60$ so thats something. Waiting for this two to go up then planning on going all in on one coin. I am trying to get to 20k so i can then put that 20k in like 3 coins and play it safe from there on. 100k is only a dream for me now.

every coin listed under dent is a sub 50 million marketcap coin and basically my lotterie ticket.

I only really believe In VeChain, HST and DENT

well I guess lamden is over 300 mill tough but the project is solid and new and should reach 1 bill soon

also get an iPhone my man, fucks sake

nice, you're gonna make it in our club in no time


do you guys think its to late to make it big
i started recently with just 100 kms

thx, i hope so :D

I am one of the poorest of fags but I have faith, hopefully it doesn't moon before my next paycheck so I can put another $50 in

if you have such a small amount of money you need to put it in a coin that is below 10 mill marketcap

You need to invest with the high risk high reward mindset or else you wont make it 100%

50 x2 = 100 is still nothing

50 x 10 = 500

with 500 you can start see results

Sell btc and ltc for more eth

what trades are you most proud of so far? i'm in a similar boat. got to 2k from $100. mostly off of OMG and XVG. took profits from XVG and put it into FUN, XLM and BURST (i got meme'd by mcafee without doing too much research)

What recs do you have? After I 2x I was thinking of getting adc/opt/pfr but they are all 20-30m market cap

I personally am in HAT with 400$ and SGR but these low cap coins could do nothing for the next months and then suddenly skyrocket so you need a lot of patience and of course it could also never go off.
But when it does it will x10 because it is at such a low marketcap

UFR (around 20 mill cap) despite the FUD and constant shilling is at a good entry point price right now

Altcoinbuzz a 100k sub crypto channel has already mentioned that he will make a video about it and then it will go up for sure.

Thanks user, I'll do some research into those

I am so fucked

If losses like that worry you, you're not going to make it.

Not worried about the losses, worried about holding TRX

I hate this shitcoin so much

gtfo pajeet.


ban this fuck

Need to diversify my man.

Poorfag here.
I am ready to spend 200$ and waiting for a decent coin with ICO. Currently I am thinking about Metronome coin.
Is that a right strategy? Also, where should I look for new coins' announcements except for Veeky Forums?

I’m insecure pls r8

Get rid of tron and ripple and even monero

Do 50% ETH, 50% on a low marketcap coin (DYOR)

Im not gonna make it am i

>move to exchanges that allow fiat out, cash out. Fill out proper forms and pay taxes

why do people think there is some giant barier to cashing out?

>pay taxes

Poorfolio update

Do you enjoy losing money on shitcoins

Nice job on that ZRX. I assuming you bought during the pre sale. How high do you expect it to go?

no but these are longshot moon missions

holy shit
that accumulation pattern on Monaco.

Make better picks

Buy 0x with your btc

Better than being a no coiner.

Iv also got 200k TAU, what can I say I like memecoins

Long term kucoin

howly shit, this future badass here

you've basically already made it.

my total folio is 287k

I honestly don’t think any of those will make it


user colx doesn't even have a white paper.

Whats whitepaper?

how do you take a single screenshot of your portfolio if it doesn't fit the screen?

Stop living in the past bro, post a new screen with the real prices.

This is the most comfortable I’ve been with a portfolio.

meme coins

thinking about consolidating into just
and maybe bat. I definitely want to have more fun

Setup for 4 moons...

Some phones have the option to scroll down for your ss


>tfw so poor transaction fees put me in all time negatives (I bought VEN at 5$ CAD)
>tfw got shilled UFR for what little money I have

EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

Cappasity is fucking my ass also. What're your hopes about it?

On the Samsung galaxy phones you get an option when you screen grab to scroll grab

Hope to make it to 10k by the end of the month but don't have time to trade shillcoins.