Huge (good) news coming on Monday

That's all. Look into it yourself. Dig deep...

Can't lose with the jews


feels dirty betting on this. oh well money is money, here we go

Alright i'm in.

Pecunia non olet.

Pecunia non brainlet indeed

This. I've got ~21k I bought at 30 cents, bought another ~10k at a $1, and liquidated my portfolio to buy another ~10k at $1.50.

I feel bad about not selling at $3+, but I wanted to sell like 7 times before this and I have faith the Jews will come out on top.
>98% all in on Ripple. Have a few hundred here and there on scamcoins.

All I could find was that it is being listed on a total of 50 exchanges.

Other than that, no news on parsnips.

I have 50% on Ripple
Jews and bankers always win

I read some news yesterday, that it's gonna be used by moneygram IIRC

Hope you've chosen the color of your impending Lambo

Some homework for you guys: Go and read he Ripple Google group logs from 2010-2012. Just look at how they adapted, changed and re-purposed when they saw major opportunities when they were nothing but a toy project. It should give you an insight to the type of people who run Ripple and how they literally can't loose. All these decisions go on behind closed doors now but Ripple pre-dates bitcoin and anything else on CMC, they aren't going anywhere but up.

You kike supporting bastard. XMR army is going to put you all in train cars after we hide our flashy gainz.

Yea and it made absolutely no difference when the news came out yesterday fuck this market

Are you retarded? It pushed XRP back above $2 and back to an uptrend.

It also pushed xlm in a better upward trend..xlm..not xrp. I agree with other user

XLM is not going to be adopted fast enough. Sorry but XRP way ahead of them.

My point is news about xrp was better for xlm than for xrp. Makes mucho sense..nah

Imagine a huge ocean of gasoline: the companies that move money from point A to point B all over the world.
Imagine a spark.

Name 5 Kikes that own(the company), founded or funded Ripple.

I want to know. srsly. I see white names allover the place and white people funding/founding it but NO KIKES so far.

Peter Thiel(def not a kike)
Jed Mcaleb(again not a kike)
Chris Larsen(big nose but not a Jew)
Andreessen Horowitz(amother shaved headed white fuck)
Google Ventures(Google = DARPA = Nazi scientists)
Brad Garlinghouse( questionable but no evidence so far... born in Topeke Kansas and went to Harvard)

DO IT user





are you a retard, ripple aka jewcoin is 100% founded and funded by jews

also Andreessen Horowitz isn't a person its a VC dumbass

>xrp freezing accounts
>can’t buy or sell without mark of the beast

All in!

Nice poem. See you at $1000.

Jesus you people really are no smarter than the screen in front of you. Go back to school little boy.