Am I gonna make it?

Am I gonna make it?

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Too many shitcoins, too little link. 1/10 not gonna make it

You bought into every single meme I see


Well what’s your advice mr buffet

his portfolio is fine you retards



Lel you bought into every single meme and you bought less of the best one.

You will be very fucking thankful for all that VEN you own in 6 months.

Dump DBC for ambrosus and you'll be me

wtf is wrong with delta now?

nothing, he is just an blockfolio retard

No idea, best app out of 100 I tried

Shill me on it.

Forgot to say I also have 9.11 BTC bought at total cost of 8.5k but I didn’t want to pollute the wallet with those gains. Also delta is gay and wants money for muliple wallets wtf

Honestly the best one cou could get in now is GVT. Its been traiding by bots for the last days, the price is stegnating at this moment and the product realise is in April. Shit has an extremly low volume on binance for that it actually is, the marketcap is still under 100m.

This is something you can make an easily 5x-10x profit from and I'm not even overhyping it.

Read up on it. Supply chain area specialising in pharma and food.

Wtf its like 40 dollars a pop

>considering price in $
youre never gonna make it

Please explain. Admit am pretty idiot in crypto.

you dont trade you ALTs against FIAT


When you compare coins, compare their market caps (price of the coin * number of coins in circulation).
XRP is $2, BTC is $14000, yet their market caps are comparable (hundreds of billions). This means that you have approximately the same room for growth for both of them.

And please stop tripfagging

Makes no sense. Can you explain in human terms.

assumes you can trade alts vs fiat and you think he knows what tripfagging is

Thanks, appreciate it. I will dump 1 btc in GVT and see how it goes. I already pulled my gains out of bitcoin so I’m really gambling with free money.

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Today bitcoin/us dollar (fiat) = 13,789
Tomorrow, it could be anywhere between 17,000/19,000/11,000/10,000 so if you buy your ALTs using Bitcoin today, tomorrow it would mean something completely different because you cannot buy your ALTs using regular money.
Star using SATs(satoshi) in order to evaluate your money. Google about Sats if you don’t know what it is, it’s pretty simple...
Please ignore the virgins calling you out

Thanks man. Is it ok putting 1 btc in gvc alone or should I diversify more? I can post screenshot of my ledger as I’m not lying just looking to make some good money.

depens on how much money you want to invest.

If you are below 5k$, I would not diversify to much (maybe 3-4 coins). If you are above 10k, I would go as far as 5 but keep 50% in a single coin you believe can go to the moon while diversifying the rest under other 3-4 coins.

If you are above 100k, well I would probably stay mostly in ETH/BTC and get some shitcoins that can moon hard.

>market cap of only 2m
>gaming coin appeals to normies
>buy back plan guaranteed
>first platform comes out in four weeks
>not in a big exchange yet

YOUR NEXT 100X is right HERE

Thanks user, which coins would you suggest? Have legit another btc to dump.




Shacky but with huge potential with a lot of profit:
BTCP (ZCL Fork, you need to buy ZCL first to get this coin later as a free gift)

Appreciate it.