Thank You Biz

Anyone else find it absolutely hilarious that us, a bunch of autists on a cambodian hentai image board are at the bleeding edge of the greatest transfer of wealth this decade?
I've been off and on Veeky Forums since 2006 and just the way its changed my life, holy shit. It's developed my sense of humor and friend group, changed who I am really and now it's gonna make me a fucking multi-millionaire on LINK. Veeky Forums/biz is the best thing to happen to me.

Lets get some /comfy/ posting up in here

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who is that girl?



Who is this fucking smoke show? And who is the girl ?

Speak for yourself. All I do is lose money.

Tfw I put 2k in REQ and now deeply regret this decision(2k is a lot for me). Please comfy me

So you were that SJW that helped electing NiggerBama as the president

>shitpost on Veeky Forums all my life
>find biz on 2017
>get rich on Veeky Forums
Is this real life? All my normie friends are wageslaving and I made 20k this week

How the fuck do you think someone that's been on Veeky Forums for over a decade can possibly be a SJW?

Who’s that semen demon next to the girl?

Do you also despise FUCKING NORMIES?

her name is Vitalik Buterin

Can't wait to get your wealth transfered to me desu.

How many ETH for a girl like that?

Yeah, I'll be paying your wagecuck salary when you pump the gas into my Ferrari.

tamara haassen

If you want I can pay your mom to suck my dick too. Maybe she can up your allowance then.

You don't need to be a HuWhite supremacy to be interested in porn, anime, fitness and money


the ultimate chad


You spelled ICON wrong there user


Stinky linkie reporting! Agree with all you say, Link will literally make us rich!

Unlike HoloPedoMoneySkellys virginity all of a sudden.

LINK, ICON, whatever does it for you user, I'm just happy we're making it.

did you buy at the top?

Just hold on to it cause REQ is gonna get bigger in 2018 and beyond.

People really need to realize that the coin mooned from 20-30 cents to $1, and now corrected around 70-80 cents

That's normal, and it'll get better

But you do have to put up with constant racism, sexism, homophobia,fat shaming, etc to be here, so I doubt there are many SJWs

Congrats OP, seriously.

LINK is never taking off and it's a shit meme. Sorry.

Mind you, she works at Input/Output (Cardano).

You just explained everything i love about this place.
This is /our/ fucken "safespace"

She appears in this video:

>mfw redditors think they will make it

Thank you mysterious money skelly of the fog.

~200k LINK btw, so I'm looking at $20M when it inevitably hits $100 assuming I don't cash out a little along the way. Will make sure to toss a little back at biz.

Really not sure how I plan to cash out. Maybe pull 10% at $1M another 10% at 5M, 50% at $10M? Leave the rest to stake? Idk, $10M is enough to live on forever without even re-investing it, just purely spending it.

My shitposting in 2008 prepared me for this.

Spotting shills and ignoring the garabge is easy for me thanks to how much time I've spent here back in the day


i would never cash out entirely from this market.


I think she had some skellyman dick. AM I RIGHT???

How many ETH did she get for the succ?

I don’t see a problem with any of these things
Preferring your own kind is a natural normal human phenomenon.
Equality is a lie. Men and women were meant to play complementary roles to one another, they are not the same
The alt-right wants men to find genuine fulfillment in building a family, something that cannot be found in ever more ridiculous sexual practices.
>fat shaming
There is nothing wrong with using some social pressure to prod people to be in the best physical shape they are capable of being in, and avoiding the preventable maladies that accompany obesity, plus the social costs of this.

Why are any of these things hard to “put up with”?

Lol so true. It's second nature for me to just ignore all the shitposting here and filter it down to the good picks. Thanks to biz and my good filtering, I got LINK at ICO, ZRX at ICO, OMG right after ICO, etc, etc.

I was a 2010 BTC miner btw, mining 3 a day. Unfortunately let the FUD get to me and figured normies were too dumb and risk averse for it to ever take off. Thankfully getting back in early 2017 was good to me and I've made up for my past mistakes.

True, I'll probably always keep some amount of money in it but also want to make sure I lock in the gains. Hopefully I'll be able to see the next burst coming, sell and buy back the bottom to coast the more organic growth after this bubble.

this website and posts like this are precisely the reason I know chainlink is gonna crash and burn soon

Never said I have a problem with these things. I said SJWs have a problem with them. I'm not a SJW.

Ah. Well /bizpol/ does serve a useful function of scaring off redditacious normies and their shit-for-memes

Yeah, I actually prefer it this way. Keeps it so I find out about new coins/tokens before the normies and then they buy up my bags at ATH.

>here since 2006
>getting rich rich just now, not in 2009 mining buttcoins



Uh I actually was mining in 2010 making 3 a day on my Radeon 5970 GPUs and free college electricity.
Problem is I didn't believe normies would ever adopt this shit and I sold. Biggest mistake of my life, I agree.

Thankfully I got back in mining Litecoin in 2013 and finally rejoined to stay in the beginning of 2017.

her tits droop way too low......


those tits nourished ethereum at it's infancy.

>Communications Director
>Corporate Culture Officer

Why can't women have actual productive jobs in IT? Small brains?

I really like EGAS, it looks like a scamcoin but even if it is, at this price it can still go 10x before it gets dumped. check it out.
Take a look@