How high can this go?

Got listed on binance today and mooned. How high do we think this little gem can go?

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50-100 eoy


This will be $10 again by the end of today. Binance listing is going to rocket this, its still really unknown.

its already listed???

I've been following Binance on Twitter because I never know when shit is getting listed. It apparently was listed in the middle of the night (EST) so I missed out on the sick moon.

they could have had better timing.

lool it's crashing rn. Wtf cloud computing on the block chain would be disastrous , think of those latencies over the network. How retarded can you be ? We really have entered retarded land now a days. All these fucking scam icos.

>Coins competing to lower load and make transactions as fast as possible
>Cloud computing

iExec will be blockchain agnostic. No blockchain atm can handle smartcontracts more complex than simple transactions and they actually struggle with even those. Blockchains can't complete their fundamental purpose because they lack the computing power, iExec solves this problem.

Sold my RLC 3 hours before it mooned

Dip is over.

this is an easy 100$ coin minimum

like maybe just do information exchange on the blockchain and security protocol shit?
do you think cloud computing means the other guy's processor is going to be using your memory through the blockchain or something? kek

10$ by the end of the month

Some user was pointing yesterday how the lack of privacy is an issue. The computer making the calculations must see the info, no way of working around this.

No one is going to give their data to a network without knowing who may read it. I wonder what they plan to do about it.

Partnership with Enigma on the horizon?

maybe this can answer your questions :

Got in ~4$. This is going to get autistic tonight.

no way. 10 USD would be really -really- nice. look at the current cap.

it's as easy to protect as anything else, provided the host computer downloads the software that ensures it
it can absolutely be done, a process and its related memory adresses can be shielded from your snooping especially since you have their fucking software doing it under your consent

Nah, this is more about how to prevent the servers to scam the clients faking the amount of work they provided.

What I mean is how to prevent chinese to make a fuckton of servers and steal the research data, movie renders etc... that is calculated in their computers.

Right now you have contracts and big companies you can more or less trust. With RLC it looks like it will be less secure.

How do you want to encrypt the data in the ram or processor of the host?

Funny you should ask that, maybe they are counting on enigma coming though and using that?

I literally don't need to, how are you going to check what data a process is running through the cpu, when you would need to have a process recording it in the same cpu? it's autistic

also in the ram, the memory adresses belong to a certain process, it can be forbidden easily and already is for your own safety, that processes access other processes' memory addresses

I'm a CS theory major, a more practical minded guy could give you more details, but iEXEC's project is 100% doable, they have pretty renowned experts in this field too, at least on the european level

>they have pretty renowned experts in this field too, at least on the european level


Im speaking of tampered hardware, not your out of the box PC. You can sniff everything in a PC you have phisical access to.

The only way would be to have a special architecture that encripts everything, everywhere, and just decrypt piece by piece as you process. There are some ideas for this already. But then again you have to trust the provider that his architure works like that.

How much are you paid per post?

well if it isn't running a standard OS on a standard Computer, iEXEC's software would be able to detect it

but like how would you even tamper with a CPU? you know how those things are made? I hope you have access to one of the very few megafactories in the world that have equipment precise enough to create components on a cpu chip

if what you're proposing was feasible, I'm sure it would have many more profitable applications this
I don't know about the chinks in the team, but université de Lyon is well regarded in CS matters in europe (source: last year european CS student)
I don't get paid per post but RLC is doing quite well for me

>You can sniff everything in a PC you have phisical access to.
also this statement is very much false

Eh, doesn't mean its readable.

>You can sniff everything in a PC you have phisical access to.
>also this statement is very much false

it's true. it can be encrypted or locked but you can still sniff it, technically. even unreadable data can still be sniffed.

>mfw when I sold my RLC at. 0071 ETH last night

Should I rebuy?

Where can we find out about coins like this before they are listed on binance?

in this case: literally here

in the hard drive yes, within the cpu core absolutely not, and within main memory it is prevented by every OS in existence, you could though maybe in theory create an OS that would not guarantee this security, but I'm pretty sure they're not retards and have this in mind, they most likely would not be able to install the software in the first place
As I said, I'm not qualified to talk about the specifics of what specific characteristics the OS would necessarily have and how you would build software protected from it

Buy ur initial stack and invest profit elsewhere

I'll give you one.


Its not even out yet, just post ico, you have to have the direct link to the smart contract to even see it.


It's listed on hitbtc on Jan 20 and the ceo said they have partnerships with bittrex, bitfinex and c2c already (see his reddit ama).

Look at the Facebook and Twitter accounts. It's fucking normie fuel. Babbys first crypto investment platform. It's glorious.

At the very least it moons just from hitting those exchanges. And with that link up there you can get it before anyone else even knows how.

>I'm a CS theory major
What do you think of Enigma?

>he doesn't know about nsa backdoors

Didn't Meltdown and Spectre actually show that you can in fact access the memory? The fixes for this are only in OS's the vulnerability still remains in the chips.

I have never read up on the details of it, I cannot make an informed answer
does this bother you in the context of cloud computing? it seems like much profit could've been obtained from it already, for example keylogging everything everyone does

I do not spend much time researching crypto because of uni sorry, but I will take a look

Good idea actually. Thanks

yes it did.

Azure servers went offline for like a day in Western EU due to this, so yeah pretty worried.

It's pretty interesting, tl;dr is homomorphic encryption that is blockchain agnostic. Team is all pretty experienced, mostly from MIT.

Shit, I cant believe that Im discussing security with you and then you pull such a question.

My point remains. Chinks can tamper with the OS, sniff buses, tamper with the rest of the hardware involved or even create chips with backdoors in one of the fuckon millions of abandoned foundries in the country.
Supercomputers are running simulations for very expensive and often secury critical stuff. No way in hell any serious company or lab will put their data on this network without knowing who is going to process it.

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binance always lists at 1-2 am est