Can someone explain whale accumulation?

Can someone explain whale accumulation?

What exactly are they doing?

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there are no whales its all a meme

>Can someone explain whale accumulation?
>What exactly are they doing?

Accumulating more coins maybe


So nobody actually knows?
People just bitch about "muh whales accumulating" without having the slightest idea about what's actually going on.

are you mentally challenged? what does it sound like?
whales accumulating coins

>accumulating means they're accumulating hurr

Learn to read moron. I asked about the process.

>put up huge sell walls to keep the price down
>buy more at that price
>remove sell walls

Accumulation is buying small quantities over a long period of time. This applies to someone who wants to buy a lot but volume is low... Buying a lot when volume is low in a short amount of time would make the price skyrocket and would cost more than just buying little bits slowly.

Finally some real answers.

ok to follow up. how do they achieve this without suffering losses? i've personally witnessed whales force the price down by selling. how is that profitable?

They shill LINK memes here on Veeky Forums so that everyone thinks it is just a meme, people on reddit won't take it seriously because "it's just a Veeky Forums meme" all while the whales are accumulating and securing their positions.

Hidden in plain sight, absolutely genius.

They put sell orders a bit above market price, if anyone wanting to sell hopes to get rid of their coins soon, they must price under that sell wall. They don't actually intend to sell, if the price reaches their wall they can just cancel the order.

Sell walls aren't a necessary part of the accumulation process. They only put up sell walls if the price is increasing more than they want it to.

An accumulator will only accumulate they believe in fundamentally... if they are sure it's a hidden gem, then a lower price is exactly what they want. The goal is to get in before others do, and they would only do this if they are sure that it will later sky rocket.... Typically they accumulate, then shill the coin and people notice it's actually good, then it goes up naturally from there. If they had put up a sell wall , then they would have removed it before they shill.

If the sellwall is being eaten away, then they have to decide to let the wall go or not, or make it bigger. It's a judegment call at that point

Make no mistake. Accumulation is not something exclusively for whales. Walls are exclusively for whales. They are not one in the same, but walls are part of a whale's accumulation strategy.

there are no hidden gems in crypto, wether it's bitcoin, eth, tron, link, req, fun, etc. nobody actually uses the coins for anything but speculating

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Fuck me sideways. I've seen this many times and ignorant anons flocked right into their trap. We should have more threads like this to inform everyone of the danger for fucks sake.

Anyhow thank you for this explanation.

But you can't do it reliably if you arent big enough to influence the price no?

learn to use google moron

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@

What danger are you talking about?
Can't do what reliably? Accumulate? Anyone can accumulate.... 0.1BTC or 100BTC... accumulation is the exact same, just would take longer to get more.

This. I accumulate by making small buy orders so volume doesnt explode. This process obviously takes some time. Then, as soon as the coin takes up speed, I buy some bigger chunks (but not more than I‘ve already accumulated cheap before) in order to drive the price up and increase fomo. As soon as the normies (aka you) come in to buy the next hurr durr mooncoin, I set sell orders at around 10x my accumulation price. He result is me having your BTC and you holding shitcoin bags.

So big sell walls is the attribute of moon mission in the future?

Don't let this fool scare you. Just don't buy things after they've already gone way up in a short amount of time... If you see an obvious sell wall, that could be a bullish sign.

Don't get greedy if you're holing something that's going up like crazy. Take profits along the way to avoid holding heavy bags. Nothing goes up forever and -50% corrections are healthy for big pumps.

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Sometimes, yes sometimes no. There are no gurantees

>find a coin with an active and consistent whate/bot accumulating and keeping price down
>go to cuckbase and buy ETH to buy in
>while waiting 7 days for the transaction to clear, go on biz and ask everyone you can, if they think it is a good idea (key part of strategy)