How are your expenses user? How much you make? Do you have kids? How long could you camp out on your current savings?

ill go first

I make $0 unemployed just focusing on crypto.

No kids.

>$125 a month rent
>$200 a week at whole foods
>$80 phone bill
>$120 gas,water,electric
>$100 vehicle gas
>$200 everything else

Could camp for a year.

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>$200 a week for food

I spend less than that for a month

Dunno my mum pays for it

And as soon as you get a girlfriend you'll need that, but x3.

It will add up in medical bills later

>$200 in food
>$0 income
I am stating the obvious.

data mining zzzzzzz

made me smile

>100k in crypto
>3k monthly income
>550 on rent

Currently splashing away 5k in pattaya tho. I deserve it tho, have been living way under my means for the last 6 months.

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You can eat really healthy even for $20 a week

lol how hittting the gym to to build weight 2 pounds of meat a day 2 cups of rice a apple. $20 would buy like 2 pounds of meat.

Not him, but $35/week gets me 12lbs of chicken breast, a shit ton of pasta and rice, vegies and whatever condiments I choose.

And that's for those who share this lifestyle. For your average Joe blow who isn't looking to build and maintain mass, it would cost less. Its boring as fuck, but being Jewish, I take pride in saving every penny.

Also, to answer OP
>200/month rent (living at home to save for school)
>55/month for gym
>$35-45/week for groceries
>$50/week for fuel for car
>$200/month for various utilities.

Could last 6 months. Just got into crypto 3 weeks ago. Decent wages + low liabilities.

>living at home
>200/month rent

That's a jewish family alright

My family is piss poor and I earn more than them. They didn't ask for rent, but I would feel guilty if I didn't help out where I could. If I make it, a good chunk of that will go to them to retire with.

I was just memeing man, you're a good son.

You eat garbage, guaranteed.

This. If you aren't allocating your budget towards high quality food you will literally never make it.

>t. $750/month in gourmet, organic groceries

Make about $115k/yr working in finance.
No kids.

Expenses are:
>$700 rent, renter's insurance & utilities
>~$300 on gas, car insurance, car repairs
>$600 on groceries and eating out
>$300 on weed
>~$300 sent to needy Africans
>~$300 buying random crap
>$33 on various subscriptions

I've got about $450k saved up, half of which is crypto. Assuming stable prices I could camp out for $450k/$2,533 = about fifteen years.

Dude wtf where I live chicken breast is over 10 dollars per pound. Jesus I gotta move to burgerland

Canada. It's $10/lb if it's fresh. We have a chain called M&M Food markets here. $20 gets you 12lbs frozen. Sometimes it's on sale.

Shit thanks nigga I live in Ottawa but have never been in there, I gotta check that out. I only ever bought pork tenderloin because I thought it was the only cheap meat

meat is not food for you

No, meat is not good for YOU. I personally enjoy meat, and will continue to, but thanks for the opinion.

you are in finance and do not know about inflation?

It's worth checking out. I also recommend checking out Kowloon market. Corner of Somerset and Arthur. I used to shop there religiously. It's so cheap.