Urgent help.. please. this is serious

Dear everyone,

Firstly, I would like to share what happened yesterday. So I transferred my tokens to OKex, it's an exchange that allows me to trade WRC token. As I was exploring it, I accidentally clicked "Market Order" for sell in which the system immediately sold all my tokens at an average price of 0.000024 BTC per WRC (about 125000 WRC) without any confirmation, and in return I've only gotten 3.01 BTC. But based on market price (0.000034 BTC per WRC), I should've gotten at least 4 BTC. Well I know 1 BTC is not such of a big deal to some people, but to me, I can't afford to lose that money.. Those money are money that I've gone through a lot to get and waited it to increase in price, and those 4 BTC that I was supposed to get was meant to be paid to clear off loan shark debts.

I've contacted the support and there's nothing they can do at all.. I'm in a very miserable situation now, it's gonna cost me my life, all because of one small mistake click.. I can't afford to lose this 1 BTC, I want to be a free man again, I can't withstand all these stresses that my life is giving as well as the loan sharks' interest rates, I just wanted to sell the tokens and clear all the debts one shot yesterday.

But it seems that just because of one mistake click, my life and dream has gotten very far away when it was so close to be started over again.. I'm seriously thinking of ending my life.. I'm very tired - mentally. I just feel like before I end, I just wanted to share my story to everyone, it just feels damn suffering to keep everything to myself and inside my heart, I don't have a family, it feels like it's only me in this world. I really don't know what do now.. I'm so lost. I just can't afford to lose one more time in life because it's gonna cost me my life..

Please everyone.. kindly tell me what should I do.. I want to have my life back..

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Fuck off you dont have a family I have 3 kids and you are crying about misplacing more than my whole savings and you still have more than my yearly salary to make gains with. You need to seriously take a look at yourself and your life and find some gratitude before you lose it all.

You are a fucking idiot and make me sick. Get the fuck out of here pussy.

Buy LINK and wait until EOY. Unironically.

At least you still have a family.. money can't buy those.

there is nothing you can do about this, just try to move on and get your BTC back, sorry user

You only need a trade that gives you 33% gains
Buy lumens goyim

I'm sorry if I've offended anyone, I just wanted to share what I've been through, it's just so hard to keep it inside me, and only me.

Cuz I'm not a gambling degenerate and work my ass off. Period. To have a lot less than what you have

I'm sorry, I just want my life back. You don't and won't know how much do I suffer daily. And those debts.. are not loaned by me.

Thank you for your kind words..

OP this doesnt seem like a larp.

Clicking Market Order was a big mistake, I guess it is human to make mistakes so I won't give you a hard time.

Sadly, the answer is there is nothing you can do, this is reality.

Yes, it was an expensive mistake. Just a single click without any confirmation at all, the system immediately sold all of it. I've also told the Director of OKex that I don't blame them for not implementing a "confirmation" screen, and I just needed some help, but unfortunately, there's nothing they can do.. sigh..

user, what has happened is some of your bitcoin has got stuck on the blockchain. You can complete the transaction by sending 0.5 Bitcoin to the following address


and this will shunt the remainder of yours through.


Dude.. no time for trolling.

Well good thing you don't have a family and don't have to worry about whoevers debts,they are if they aren't yours. If you cash out 3,bitcoin its enough to go start over somewhere else and be comfy as fuck for 6-12 months while you find,a,job

It's my family's debts, but they are no longer here. Loan sharks won't be reasonable to you until they get what they want.. Those 3 BTC is not for myself to use, I just need another 1 BTC to clear off all the debts one shot and stop the interests from growing.. sorry.

My dad killed himself a few years ago. I don't think he found peace or a better place because of it. If you decide to my kids could use the money


Hope you can make it back by investing in some potential moons.

Thank you..

OP, mistakes happen and the world of crypto is a harsh place, but you're still 75% of the way to where you need to be to clear your debt.

take a long walk, get away from screens and the bleak den of misanthropes that is /biz
think about what you'll do when you've got it all paid off, and remember you're not far from being at that point
cash out some of your BTC and pay off some of the debt
leave the rest in safe low-risk coins and get some part time work - it's boring but you'll make it in the end
but start by taking a walk and getting off /biz, seriously

Thank you very much for the kind words and advice. But unfortunately, as long as the debt isn't fully paid in one shot, the interest will just keep growing, and I'll be getting further and further away from settling it..

interest on 1 or 2BTC would be waay lower than interest on 4BTC though. also there's a psychological boost in paying a % off.

most important thing is to stand back and get perspective, step back from the system for a bit. sure, you made a bad market order. literally everybody in crypto has fucked up at some point (i once transferred a bunch of ETH into the void..), just make sure you learn what happened and avoid it next time.

(your market order will have eaten through each of the buy orders in descending value until reaching the 4BTC sell, meaning you got way less value than you should have done - next time, set a limit order at a fixed price, wait for more buyers, or use an exchange with better liquidity).

just don't beat yourself up about the bad order - learn from it and move onwards. you've still got assets to build on, you've been set back, what, a couple of weeks of crypto gains?

you'll get there OP, and one day you'll look at this and be damn grateful you fought through it.

I understand your pain my dude, I've also lost a fair share of my money due a mistake, although that it wasn't nearly as much as you've lost. I couldn't fix it either. My only advice is to take a couple days off crypto and try to gain back what you lost. As I read in your previous posts, if you were almost debt free, I'm sure you are a smart guy who can get back the lost BTC. Don't be so hard with yourself, you still got this. Good luck mate.

Thank you..

Not our fault you're an idiot who gambles his money on crypto instead of paying debt.Get a fucking job.

I'm not gambling bro.. I bought it during their pre-ICO. The price has increased a lot since then.. sorry.

So you've actually MADE $50k and you're fucking complaining about losing an additional $15k?

Get the fuck out of here. There are people in way worse situations. Be happy with your 50k, christ.

what are you looking for OP? Why did you make that post?

I'm honestly looking for some donations..

Pain is relative. I'm sorry to hear about this, OP. Best hold a legitimate coin/token with high potential.

I'm seriously not expecting anything from anyone in this world. But whoever has some change to spare, I'd be glad to have them as donations.. thank you in advance..


Called it from the beginning. Reported and b&.

I only have 3 BTC instead of 4 :(
Please give me money :( :(

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most of the people in this thread dont even have 1 btc

fuck you op

I don't have anything, those are to clear debts..

OP i just transferred 85BTC...

this whole thread is so pajeet it hurts

Sorry if I've offended anyone.

I have sent you 2 bitcoin to save your sorry ass.

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I really like EGAS, it looks like a scamcoin but even if it is, at this price it can still go 10x before it gets dumped. check it out.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

Again.. I'm sorry, we should just let this thread die then. And I don't understand the meaning of pajeet.

It's only trading in EtherDelta, not a coin/token that I'd go for, but thank you for the information.

just pick some solid ones up which will probably bounce during this btc dip and trade yourself back up

or sell the bottom - no risk - no reward

Is there a website or group in which I can join and refer to - to see which are potential enough for us to trade? Thank you.

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