Why does Monero continue to find a lack of support in the crypto community? People turn to tokens or new forms of privacy coins while XMR continues to move down the market cap list.

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Btcp will be better my dubs confirm it

just buy ripple. monero sucks!

Because fluffypony is a corecuck

Nice just bought an unknown amount

Because this new wave of money is from normies who, no joke, see a coin like xmr and think it's too expensive. Why do you think xrp xlm and trx are pumping? They're "affordable"

This desu lots of normies think every coin will be worth what bitcoin is worth now

this unfortunately
id go al in on XMR if that fag didnt suck on cores dick

Because it's too stable to make quick money off of it. It's the most legitimate coin for the purpose of transactions. Keep it where it is, it's deserving of sitting a bit underground for awhile.

This is the crypto that can topple governments.

I love these threads cause it's signal to buy more.


Needs kovri + ledger support and we'll be on our mooning way.

I sold this one 10 days ago because it did nothing. Now I am 5x

normans faithfully pay their taxes follow the rules and avoid anything with the taint of the illicit have fun

You need to buy EGAS and hold it long term, it has huge potential. 13M Max supply and it costs pennies right now. Great concept and active twitter. mooncoin material.
Take a look@

What do you mean he's a corecuck?

It will go up when more companies get hacked and hackers ask to be paid in Monero.
Can't wait for that.

My only real concern about Monero is the tax question. I'm not sure it can ever go big when the government would lose the ability to tax its citizens.

Pic related, Zencash will soon take over as PBC predicted. They said they sold most of Monero for Zencash couple months ago. Zencash has 2mil circulating supply out of 21 mil total. Its going to top 120 by eoy

Monero is the best coin out there imo.
with this Mania, why would I hold monero when i can make maybe 500% in almost everything else.

I know the "Amazon" or "Google" can emerge from a bubble burst but i don't even want to be in this shit for that long.

I really am curious why Monero has been stuck at 300 to 400 for so long.
I had about 10 and sold at 400

Comfy AF with my XMR stack. I would argue it has a ton of support because of how stable its price is.

Based on that chart alone I'm not seeing any huge advantages. What about the actual privacy technology?

DYOR man, i dont need to shill it, the tech speak for itself. Take 5min and check out their reddit.
It also has cheap staking nodes, and will rebrand soon.

I'm about to go to bed so I'll look in the morning and post wojaks when it's +60%.

What? Monero has the most support from the crypto community. It’s the main crypto used in the dark net. It’s the most stable. It’s the most tech based currency and it actually works. Just because it isn’t mooning doesn’t mean we don’t see value in it.

With any profits I make, I slowly add to my Monero stack. This will be 20k one day, if not more. Only a matter of time and media hype when tax evasion becomes an issue.

At Bitcoin's market cap it'd be worth $15170. But I doubt we'll get close to that desu.

I don’t doubt it at all. Golds market cap is several trillion iirc. I don’t see how a store of value with privacy won’t be worth more in the future. Will it get that high? Who knows, but it’s the safest crypto bet.

Legality could put a big dent in it. To some degree it's true illegal things go up in value, but huge normie money would be better. Normies can actually buy drugs, they can't or won't go out of their way to buy Monero on a street corner.

Get back to me when this shitcoin stops leaking IP's

Quite the contrary. Making Monero illegal would confirm that it works. It’s value would increase even more.

Only if people can buy it. Again, drugs are illegal but they can actually buy them.

XMR is not moving down so much as corporate shilled coins are going up.

source or go fuck yourself

Why would any crypto be legal if Monero wasn't?

I'm not sure fiat can compete if they go to war. Would you choose the heavily taxed currency or the comfy crypto?

The one I can get paid in desu.

Monero is untraceable user. It would be easy to get Monero even if it were illegal. Normies could easily find internet guides helping them out. Adaptation would happen.

I think XRP and XMR will be the last 2 survivors of the cryptocalypse. XRP for the lawful economy. XMR for the crime economy.

Now that North Korea is involved with Monero mining, I feel for anyone who thinks this is going to last.

>falling for jew propaganda

I remember when people though the Silk Road was untraceable.

I think bytecoin is better

Because verge has been released... normie is what matters and quick and more efficient business marketed well

The sad truth

Implying NK matters regarding anything at all.

colx is better

because Monero has the worst community of any crypto. They are a seething mass of hate and insecurity.

what? hate towards what? what are you talking about?

i keep seeing the word "corecuck" did you shills get lost and started attacking monero instead of bitcoin legacy/core whatever you call it?

We don't like to talk about monero here. Monero will surge at a later time.

I'm starting to think that North Korea might be a paper tiger designed to scare the people of the US into supporting unnecessarily large military budgets, and generally serve as a scary boogey man.

For example, why did South Korea build their capital city of 10 million people within range of 15,000 North Korean artillery pieces? Who said that was OK? Why did nobody say no? Why did nobody say, "Let's build our capital city 100 miles south of here?"

And why are US troops defending people who are dumb enough to build their capital city of 10 million within range of enemy artillery? Maybe the people who run South Korea and the US aren't dumb. Maybe we are.

Maybe the people who run South Korea and the US know something that the public doesn't. Namely, that North Korea is not a threat in any way whatsoever.

Of course it's a paper tiger lmao. How are you only just realizing this. They're not dumb enough to do anything with the whole world ready to flatten their tiny patch of land.

Its only purpose is to serve as a proxy war with China.

It's true, it's just not a problem crypto needs to solve. What gets leaked is that the IP used Monero at some point. But what matters is that there's no way to tell what wallets were involved in what transactions or to tie an IP to that transaction or the wallets involved. If you're still worried, try to understand Kovri and once you do you'll see why nobody gives a fuck.

You're still assuming that North Korea has any serious military capabilities at all. Maybe it's even more of a paper tiger than that. Maybe Kim Jong and all his generals and armies are just actors. Maybe the alleged 15,000 artillery pieces pointed at Seoul don't even exist. Maybe the patrols on the DMZ are all an act.

...Well if that were true we wouldn't know.

its going to be pretty hard to ban monero when kovri is implemented

One reason.

>this just in
>north korea is just a hangar at universal studios
Do you really think that the capital came after the enemy artillery? You must be joking

I'm not concerned about the ability to use it but the ability of normies to purchase it.

government will destroy this, you're all idiots to think this can be some underground bitcoin

Seoul has been the capital for 2,000 years. But it didn't always have 10,000,000 people. You would think that at the end of the Korean War, with all the enemy artillery pointed at Seoul, they would have said, "Let's not build any more homes and businesses here. Let's start building south about 100 miles, just in case all of the enemy artillery starts firing."

But no. They didn't do that. Instead they expanded the city even though they were still technically in a state of war, and had enemy artillery pointed at them. Really makes you think...

yeah, that's a real concern.

I'm kinda just hoping that someone will make a good decentralized blockchain based internet where sites can be accessed but not shut down. That's how we would buy everything illegal.

>I'm kinda just hoping that someone will make a good decentralized blockchain based internet where sites can be accessed but not shut down. That's how we would buy everything illegal.
See ipfs

why would a normie want monero?

>only privacy functionality is being through TOR
>FBI & NSA control many TOR nodes
Thanks for the tip will definitely buy a bunch of illegal stuff with this friend.

>were still technically

this seems like a great solution.


When was the last time the bottom fell out of Ethereum or Monero? They are the only non-shitcoins in the top 25.

What does it actually mean for XMR? Did the actually cuck for core or they only try to get through the right doors?

He's just a huge faggot. That's all.

Why did Zen pump? It doesn't stand out that much.

Partnered with ARK. Shame I missed it cos I hold ARK.

Wait no, sorry this is wrong. It did not "partner" with it, but a set up between the two is being made.

holy shit the more i look into this the more i boner

why is this not widely known/used?

If government can't destroy drugs, prostitution, gambling, illegal weapons, and other things they try to outlaw, what makes you think they can destroy the currency used to buy and sell the things they cannot destroy?

It's still in development and people have to learn to work with it. Also usual skepticism vs. centralized systems. You may be interested in "filecoin" then too, that will be built into IPFS and act as incentive for people who provide bandwidth and host content as well as providing value for content on internet.

Fun fact, centralized currency is one of the things that has made it impossible to form decentralized societies.

All those things are desired by normies. As of this moment, some random digital coin is not worth the effort. I hope this changes because Monero is amazing.

Wait, hol' up nigger. I don't want a decentralized society.

Well you can try to protect your economy from the dollars buying power but then you will get your shit pushed in by NATO troops.

This mostly, normies don't understand marketcap. You see loads of posts claiming xrp going to 10,000$ and shit

This was much easier to get running than I thought, takes a lot to load though.

Nothing really it uses Zk-Snarks just like ZCoin but without premine and dev bonus and shit. Monero devs are looking at Zk-Starks for now and playing it safe by letting other coins tst stuff like Zk-Snarks and zk-Starks in general. Which is a better approach in general imho.

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We will PUMP XMR soon ;)

>Now that North Korea is involved with fiat, I feel for anyone who thinks this is going to last.
How stupid are you? This shit needs to stop and people need to fucking think what they are typing.

First of all, kys

>We will PUMP XMR soon ;)
And no you won't

That chart really isn't doing Zencash any favour user..

> Pumping XMR
I really have no idea about what you're trying to achieve there but good luck.

>You see loads of posts claiming xrp going to 10,000$ and shit
Kek, I will savor their crushed dreams so hard. Too bad this will cause many to never invest again.

If you werent a brainlet, it was.

I hear conflicting arguments, some say Monero isn't as private as it claims. Still we're in a very speculative phase and privacy coins are known to give a ton of gains, so unless you're an oldfag in Monero, new support will be found in coins that are yet to boom.

It's private, but there are definitely better chances at gains elsewhere. It's just comfy as fuck.

Basically this. The market is still very irrational, and you can get better gains from "cheap coins new coins" because that's where the money goes now regardless of coin supply. XMR is very solid place to put your gains in though, it's stable, it's actually a good product, it has working funding model, and there's some brilliant people developing it. This is pretty good article on the market right now

Well, that would still end up being a problem if governments were to end up banning privacy based crypto in their "fight against terrorism".

Well, in theory they could run full node and block any of the connected ips from using internet / the port monero syncs over. Kovri / Tor can prevent that. The "government" wouldn't know how much monero some ip has or what he is doing with it, only that they communicate with the monero network.

Blockchain also doesn't really need IP to work, we could be syncing over USB sticks if we wanted to.