Shill me on REQ

Why should I buy?

If you’re going to buy and then complain it hasn’t done anything in 24hrs go fuck off.

There are many many reasons. I will give you the simplest and most important one
It solves the one of the biggest problems for crypto traders/investorys; 'cashing out'. You will be able to send a request to yourself and pay it in whatever crypto you want and receive the payment from yourself in any fiat you want.
If the team is successful at creating the request platform, which I think is likely due to their over-deliverance so far and the backing of Ycombinator, this token will make you rich.

Sounds good, I'll buy them then.

>24 hours later

Fuck the OP, the real question is if you should sell your linkies to get more REQ.

y-yu shut your whore mouth, soldier

This. Fuck op

Req ruined my life, literally only goes sideways and down.

you shouldnt,

overhyped - it was the Veeky Forums and reddit flavour of the week previously, now time for some sidewards and downwards movement.

wtf I only made 13 cents profit im gonna sell this piece of shit coin

Lol brainlet biz boy can only fomo in and never buy at the bottom. 0.05 cent reqer checking in.

literally was 6ct a couple of weeks ago

when is the update???

Next friday

I was promised $10 EOM but instead I'm down 40%

aww babys 300$ portfolio out a hundred bucks

But it's the 12th, we're not even halfway through the month

Nobody 'promised' you anything, faggot. This is an anonymous board.

OK then based on that trajectory it should be at $5 on the 15th.

If it is not at least back up to $1.20 where I bought it I'm dropping this shit in the dirt and leaving it there

What an angry and bitter person.

REQ is one of the best long term holds, but in the current market thats not really a good thing. The opportunity cost of holding this rather than joining ICOs or investing in low market cap coins is too high imo

dude. no. we NEED your $200


Moon kids need to fuck off back to TRX or chasing the flavour of the hour shitcoins.

REQ is one of the few crypto products with some substance, professional code, a professional team and some level of institutional support. Literally one of my best investments so far, and I'm holding well into 2018.

Thats the only coins I buy.

Waaaaaaah, you guys pruhmised 10$ EOM, waaah. 2.50$ isn't good enough, kikeboi? REQ will rise steadily, like it always did and is a good buy mid-long term.