Are you accumulating?

Am i the only one thats all in on ZCL?
Hodling till fork

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if i buy now will i get bitcoin private later?

yes hush moon

And what to do.after fork? Or just sell it before fork and rebuy after?

Yes,ZCL havent forked yet to BTCP

This is a trap. Post fork announcements are going to be huge

Of course your not. Im balls deep into this one. Balls deep user. High six digits balls deep

100 ZCL reporting in

is that you, whalebro?

Trust me you're not the only one hodling, in 40% in on this one

nice, I managed to accumulate almost 14.5 ZCL
hodling strong

lol no I'm holding HUSH
btcp btfo
btch is the new standard in privacy

Im holding 28 right now whens Z classic going to moon?

Im also waiting for another dip to get in another 10% if any whales wanna hook me up

57 zcl checking in

soon brah just hodl

why hush fag cant create their own thread and always hijack btcp thread, gtfo pls.

Why is zcl not moving i das expecting at least 200 USD by now

No FUD, but btc private has no developers. HUSH is actually legit, but with zero marketing. Do some research on Bitcoin HUSH.
I have both ZCL amd HUSH, but leaning more towards HUSH.

Why the fuck would you adjust difficulty every block? Randomness is way too big a factor for that.


100% all in niggers let's fucking go

HUSH is cancer. BTCP is the future.

Everything about BTCP so far is absolutely genius. Even the fucking ticker symbol. Think about it, would you rather buy a bag of coke with BTC or BTCP? People will demand that extra P. That sweet fucking extra P whenever they are doing something that they don't want everyone to see.

Stupid HUSH premine pumper fucks. GTFO.

BTCP will likely overtake fucking bitcoin when governments come snooping around. I know I will put most of my savings into BTCP and nobody will ever know how much I have and therefore I will never pay any taxes.

Rhett copied zec, deleted 22 lines of code and later abandoned the project. Pure shithole cointry.


hush niggers need to gtfo

How is bitcoin private the future, when they have no developers and had to hire a hush developr to help them.... lmao

nobody want to buy bitcoin fucking hush lmao
fuck off with that shit

thats the best part these nigger faggots were cucked by duke from the start. they get emotionally attached to shit coins.

fuck off shill

I'm whale bro

Told you it would hit .0101

I'm not holding the price down anymore, it's on it's own. Hope to see 150% gains from here.

Whale bro out

You guys need to relax. I own both zcl and hush. Both are gonna make us money. Just do ur research and dont miss out on easy money. Hush has an actual team, but their marketing sucks.

godspeed user

fuck this gay fucking coin
fuck me
fuck you
fuck everything
the WORST decision I've made so far


Ah, I see where you fucked up, yes.

dubs confirms 500 pre-fork.


i know it's gonna be hard for you to do it, but just buy back in there are still gains to be made

and that's when I've had about 0.4 btc total, panic selling is a bitch

I am and I think I fucked up.

>zero marketing
>spamming every Veeky Forums thread worse than bazingacoin

This. Actually started pushing hush to stir up the ZCL debate. It helps define what you are actually buying into. Wish more people would research, hold both as well.

90% in on ZCL. Only 9.5 but BTCP will be $15,000 end of q2

That would take a miracle, keep holding tho


Starting my research now but care to shill some main points? Was about to impulse buy ZCL but now I actually have homework to do.

>buying this meme instead of accumulating zcoin

What is this “BTCP has no developers” meme? It’s probably Reddit being shit eating faggots, as usual. BTCP is developed by the same people who worked on ZCL. One look on Twitter will prove this. Also, Bitcoin Hush is a fucking scam made by a dicksucker who wrote one line of code for BTCP and then was upset he only got a one time payment so decided to make his own crypto. That’s literally why it exists. Buy Hush if you want but BTCH is going to go the way of all those other worthless forks.

I wish everyone who posts regularly on Reddit would die. There are zero people of worth on Reddit. Fucking soyboy brainlet shits.

They don't know Zcoin is poised to break $300+. Once it has private addresses the coin will explode

where do you want it

ZCL is a good buy with a community driven project that was derived from Zcash. BTCP has the blessing of many in the community. I've watched these opportunities pass too often. Buy it and get BTCP. Create a plan on how to handle the fork. You can find all of the technical details being shilled everywhere.

Hush is actually a decent low cap coin that I ran into through equihash mining. They have a development team, roadmap, working tools explorer/wallet and their community. Duke is a shitposter but most of us are as well. The major downside with hush is in ownership and liquidity. Craptopia allows for easy pnd with thin order books. ZCL you can just buy into, HUSH the volatility is high so watch movement get in low.

Do some research but I lean 80% ZCL/20% HUSH and have some for each to cash out at peak to get back my initial. DYOR make your own decisions in this game there is always another side to the story.

>pic related
Just here to let you know that yes BTCH was premined 1% for active R&D (they have a few active developers) - not 20% like it has been claimed

What is this shit? A fucking picture? When both are released, we’ll know which is better. I love how this picture was made by the Hush devs. Fucking embarrassing. Can Reddit just fuck off. We all know their stupid asses prefer Hush because it’s cheaper and give zero shits about anything else.

Why not just make your own threads instead of hijacking ZCL/BTCP threads? Is it because nobody wants your fucking scamcoin? That’s right. Buy those fucking bags.

EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@

What exchanges will support the fork?

>because it’s cheaper
Reddit is the biggest group of corecucks on the planet who took out loans to buy at 20k you fucking mong


I honestly would buy some but the quality of the English on their homepage is just too fucking bad. At least make an effort pajeet, hire an american guy to proof read it ffs.

Pic related, I mean come on.

BTCH technically superior

lmao the more i look at this the more pathetic it gets. Don't worry guys this is a totally legit phone number. Very low effort, and come on we all know you're not in australia pajeet, have some pride in your heritage.

lol I can see why you're panic shilling the fork is about to happen and it's still below the price it was on the night immediately after the fork was announced. No one wants your bags bro, sorry you bought high.

Probably why he said even if it is a scam coin lmao 0 effort in this one

I really like EGAS, it looks like a scamcoin but even if it is, at this price it can still go 10x before it gets dumped. check it out.
Take a look@

One of the few times I would suggest buying back in.

i think you could take kind anons advice over at


Me too! See you on the flip, brother

40% in zcl.

currently 50% into ZCL. Dont know if I drop them because of the masternode launch on ZCL which might be even bigger than bitcoin private.

85% on zcl here

All in holding 43 strong

Could you elaborate on this, please?

I mean what do you expect will happen? Didn't this happen with Zen cash? Everyone got an airdrop, dumped it back into the old one and then bought the new one cheap?

I will keep both probably. Hoping I could dump it after the fork but I doubt I'll make much.

There is a rumor that ZCL holders will be able to run masternodes for the BTCP network in an effort to keep the coin from dying off. If this is true then ZCL value won't deplete after the fork and should retain a lot of value.

question my dear pajeets
how do you claim your BTCP after the fork? How do you prove how much ZCL you have?

Yeah, what if it's on an exchange?

I’m not here to shill BTCH, and I don’t give a fuck if Veeky Forums buys Hush before the fork. I’m just here to troll BTCP. And the best way to do that is to ask ZCL/BTCP shills simple questions...

Why BTCP? What’s the purpose of this “bitcoin fork”?

You’re a stupid nigger, that’s why

It's a privacy coin (arguably THE hype of 2018) with the BTC brand. Could be huge. Worth a gamble.

>tfw ZCLlet
>tfw not even 6 ZCL

dropped my obsidian for this, gonna be goooood.

the trick is waiting for all the dips after the peak . . . people that tried to buy the first dip just bought themselves days of stress

Coming from the darkest skinned nigger on this board. Try shutting the fuck up for once and listen to what is saying.

If you don't understand the relationship between ZCL/BTCP and HUSH/BTCH take the time to look into it. I don't need to sell you bags because I'm in both. Both are privacy based equihash PoW ZCash forks that are community driven. Don't trash opportunities to make money like the faggots on Reddit/Twitter screeching about ethics. You have an opportunity to ride the Hush wave, cash out prior to the snapshot to roll into ZCL or hold if you think the BTCH design is worth it.

Hedge your bets do what is best for you. ZCL is going to be one of the best Q1 coins to be in.

the purpose is zcash without the founders reward + BTC brand

nothing more, nothing less. that is fucking valuable. if you can't see that you are retarded

Bitcoin Private is a total shitcoin, and doesn't really offer anything over other privacy coins.

That said, I think there's a good chance that it actually takes off. Giving people with Bitcoin BTCP means whales with bitcoin will take interest after the fork, giving people with ZCL BTCP means that FOMO will help build hype with crypto daytraders.

Using the bitcoin name means that normies and non English speakers will take notice and buy in once it forks.

The only question is whether the ZCL holders are going to dump after the fork or try and ride it to the moon?

is zcash a shitcoin according to you? (if you subtract the founders reward)

>thinking normies will buy privacy oriented coins

Do you know what a "community project" means? The devs come from the community.

Sweet thanks for suppressing it so long into Alt crash so we will never see %150 by release.. whale bro..

> doesn't really offer anything over other privacy coins.

I need it to do one thing well. I need it to be fucking private. I need my account balance to be masked. I need the amount I send to anyone be masked. The network also needs to be censorship resistant. I also want it to be in the hands of a community rather than a company or a few individuals. It should also have a big brand and many users.

That is all I need and so far ZCL/BTCP checks all those boxes.

they will when IRS are coming for them you stupid faggot

Any chance that Coinbase would support the fork?

This. Speculation on privacy coins will eventually narrow down to a few and many see promise in BTCP. The more money being made in the crypto markets the more incentive governments have to figure out how to trace and audit citizens for any reason. Everyone should pay their taxes but if you are trying to tuck away coin off the grid as a fall back go ahead.

They are going to be very busy chasing the dumb twitter and YouTube millionaire niggers who have to flash their wealth around. Pay your dues, don't be greedy and don't show off.

No, it's fine. ZCL is actually a decent coin on its own in my opinion, but the black market seems to have settled on Monero at this point so it doesn't have a chance of breaking into relevance without marketing. BTCP is a shit coin but it's good marketing.

Doubtful. I could see them supporting it eventually.

Will bittrex suppport the fork ?

It’s gona be a sad day when xvg unironically becomes the most popular privacy coon

Idk if they fin d a way to get around all the drama, maybe I dont like how they magaed the wraith protocol news