I just need a little over 10x to retire for life. Am I gonna make it Veeky Forums

I just need a little over 10x to retire for life. Am I gonna make it Veeky Forums

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Where do you live where 1.7 mil is enough to retire for life?


wtf, 10x? 3x would be enough to retire if you're relatively frugal

When managing multiple Cryptos on your portfolio, do you guys just sell each when they've made gains? Or just hold all of them?

Why so much eth? It isn’t going to pump 10x in year. It’s not possible unless every alt dies and btc dies into eth.

Also a million is easily enough to retire if you have passive income to donkey brained fucktards. Buy house for $200k. Buy used cars. Don’t vacation often, don’t eat out. It’s very easy to do if you have any sort of passive income. I get about $15k a year for doing NOTHING so if I had a million I’d be set for a comfy life

Get out of where you live, if I had that money I'd retire now and invest the rest

you clearly cannot handle money

Haha you think you are going to retire on 200k? Funniest thing I have heard all day.

nah, what are you gonna do after that? sit back?
and miss all the action?
fuck that

Where the fuck do you live? In a forest?

You realize that after federal and state taxes you'd get only a bit over half that, right? If you did a 10x I mean. Assuming it's short term gains and you're US

If you're not a complete idiot there are multiple ways to turn those 1.7mil into enough passive income to put you in the upper middle class for the rest of your life.


>not living within your means in the most comfy way possible

you probably want to live in a mansion

by holding shitcoins

how fucked am I? I've lost 5k in a week. all red. Thanks Veeky Forums

all meme coins, you will never make it

Easiest one is probably to buy property and rent it out. But you're going to say that houses cost too much and don't yield enough, so stay poor or whatever.

Let's say it's more than enough where I live and I know how to create passive income with that amount of money of course I'll leave a couple thousands on crypto.

You're a fucking idiot, I won't even bother explaining you why

Nah of course I will not retire all my capital off of crypto but I would cash out enough for 2 houses and real investments (we are trading memes right now do not forget that)

>Assyming you're in the US
you burgers never change, como visit Panama

You have long, mid and short-term coins/shitcoins the ones I posted are obvious indefinite holds or bluechips, this year I have the capital to invest into shitcoins.

c'mon, you're addicted to it, just like everyone else in here, I'm around $800k and feel poor as fuck, I don't want to miss any action. This is exciting.

Dividend stocks and real estate.

not at all, this is more than 10 years worth of straight wagecucking but it's not life changing desu

do not get addicted senpai

>Where do you live where 1.7 mil is enough to retire for life?

Planet earth.

probably cause you can't
you love to throw out money just admit it

Where the fuck do you live where it isn't?

He's the kind of faggot who plans to spend all his money on lambos and mcmansions of course, ignore retards like these.

>falling for the lamboland meme
Are the anons here new?
It's a shilled trick to get you to literally throw away your money. Think about how much that lambo is, and how much the insurance is going to cost, not to mention the cost of the mansion like holy fuck. Live a smaller life and you'll 100x your money easy as shit and you can keep investing and literally live off of it.

Unless the person is old money, most rich people I know live lives in shitty areas to save their money because they don't give a fuck. If the person lives in a mcmansion, they're either severely in debt or are just living off of old/blood money.

I live super fucking frugal like it's not funny, in my car frugal and I have more than enough money to keep investing in dips and other cryptocurrencies, it's insane how easy this shit is

>retiring on less than 200k

You got brain problems.

it's good that your greedy user but something tells me once you get there you're just gonna spend it all in a year or so. I don't think you realize it but most normies literally have less then 1K in their bank account at all times- put into perspective 50K+ vs -1K

>71 ETH
Yea no OP, do you even realize how this coin works? If you did you wouldn’t be holding that much money in it.

not everyone is an amerifat getting cucked by 10$ starbucks cups of coffee

Literally could live 200 years in most places with 2 mil

burguers thinking the whole world is US fucking suicide already

200k would let you live like a 50k/year person for 4 years. Unless you're 80, how do you intend to retire on that? Even if you keep trading crypto with the majority of it and only take out a few k a week, that's really not a big cushion in case something goes wrong.

>a few k a week,
A month, not a week.

You're on Veeky Forums and genuinely trying to say that you would do nothing with your money for 4 years?

I am from Slovenia and I need like 500k to retire ez another x2

What app?

That's Delta

same brother, stupid bear market. but (maybe) we're all gonna make it

Retiring implies not working or trading anymore and not unretiring just 4 years later.

1 million is enough to get 20k passive income if you play your cars right.
2 million would get you 40k.
I’m not looking for retirement. I just don’t want a mortgage. I’ll settle for 1 million, desu.

Pretty much stuck between 200k and 280k last two weeks

what the fuck are you doing to only get 2%? If you invest in real estate you can easily get 5%+. holy shit this board is braindead when it comes to money outside of crypto

The way it works is you live off the understand you braindead kid.

200k at ten percent interest means 20k every year which is good enough for a lot of places on the planet.

This guy thinks he can securly get 10% a year

Not to mention you wouldn't be able to touch any of it and basically have zero money to live off

Masternodes desu.

>$20k a year
>in the best case scenario where you do get your 10% a year (less than half that would be more realistic)

Where do you fucking live to be able to comfortably survive on 20k a year and how do you intend to get a stable 10% a year? Why even fucking bother to do all this if your endgoal is to live in borderline poverty with almost no safety net for the rest of your life?

>The way it works is you live off the understand you braindead kid.
Nevermind, don't fucking speak to me, phoneposting subhuman.

10% is fucking ridiculous but have you ever been to a 3rd world country (Thailand, Chile)? The developed capitals are better than 95% of America and the COL is so cheap b/c of low rent and food prices.

do you?
If you knew how it works you'd try to accumulate as much as possible, how ironic is that?

>instead of just investing and holding

Literally best long/short term investment. investment

i lost a bit but damn man seeing shit like this makes me feel better

5.5 weeks since I got not crypto

Up 16% for the week

Most of of current holdings listed

Got into* rather

OP here, maybe I did such a bold statement, what I meant is, with 1.7-2mill I could buy a couple houses, a normie car, invest in real world securities to live off of passive income, continue trading AND STOP WAGEKEKING 12 HOURS A DAY IN A SHITTY BANK INSTITUTION

This is retiring for me, not working for the corporate jew and investing your time into your own ventures.

You must be a fucking NEET or just plain stupid if you think 10% is realist

You need to buy EGAS and hold it long term, it has huge potential. 13M Max supply and it costs pennies right now. Great concept and active twitter. mooncoin material.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

stop posting this on unrelated threads, you're literally doing the opposite of shilling.

You'd still be living in those countries though, just because your neighbourhood is good doesn't mean it's the same as living in a first world country. Also like you said, 10% is ridiculous, I'm sure you can live in Thailand with $5-10k a year (likely less, you gotta buy a house, car, etc. so that 200k will go down quite a bit) but you aren't gonna live like a king there either. Again, you got the opportunity, why not try to go higher to actually live properly off of it?

I can definitely see someone retiring on that unless you squander it, but that user claiming to live on 200k just ain't gonna work.