Could you turn 20k into 1 million in the next five years?

Could you turn 20k into 1 million in the next five years?

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You could turn it into 1 million in 2 years.

1 year if you're good at daytrading.

Absolutely. You can start by putting those 20K into LALA World ICO, riding it until it hits 10x guaranteed on exchanged (same like ETHOS did, who they partnered up with), then using those 200K to diversify into other ICOs and coins.
You can also use my ref code to get a 5% bonus on your purchase But hurry up, the hardcap of 150M will be reached in the next 24 hours, possibly even sooner.

>Could you

Nope, I'd have cashed out way before 1 mill.

My target is £300k for a modest but nice house and a bit of spending money.

I'm very close to turning $2k into 1 million and I've been in crypto for less than a year.

I put in 3k in November which is now 25k and I unironically believe I'll be a millionaire by 2020.

It really is that easy.

I could do it in six months, tops

i literally did this since june last year

>6000 in VEN
>6000 in ICX
>8000 in BAT

1 million EOY

I turned $3000 into $300,000 since February 2017 in crypto so yeah, it's possible, OP. Just one more 3x and I'm a millionaire.

in case anyone interested

btc @ 2900 into litecoin @ 30 into xvg @ 50 into ark @ 1 into ether into ark @ 2500 into two colx masternodes hold RDD, XVG, SIA and sell all at a loss at start of december then hit KCS/ZCL/VEN at bottom and sell colx for 30btc.

5 trades with 100% returns and 1 with 60% will get these 20k into 1 million

And that's being conservative

This but with Magnalis

LALA World and Magnalis will both do 20x minimum.

Agree. Outcome of both looks really promising.

You don't even have to daytrade.
Just don't buy shitcoins, wait till moon, sell for other shitcoins that haven't mooned yet

Alternatively, you can day trade but most anons will get burned.

*[...] sell for other NON-shitcoins [...]

How do you discover these shitcoins besides biz or fucking reddit?

What are some good resources and places to start

Post your portfolio then

>How do you discover these shitcoins besides biz or fucking reddit?

>What are some good resources and places to start

And know as well

a good friend of mine turned 7500 into 1.5mil in a year...i think he's currently sitting at around 2mil now. definitely possible

maybe three weeks

Just ICX gets you to a mil

*500k after tax when you cash out ::))

What did he buy?

I will EOY

>Paying taxes on cryptogains

If you buy Chainlink now, then yes

After 1 year of hodl the tax on your capital gains significantly decreases

in the US at least

I mean, my portfolio has been increasing by 30% every 5 days the last month and I wouldn't consider myself in the upper bound of good traders on here

20,000 * 1.30^15 = 1,000,000+

Give me 3 months

Does lalaworld have some confirmed exchanges?

>tfw millionaire by EOY

I could turn 20k to $0.