System Upgrade

System Upgrade


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>not and exit scam

i think i got goxed

goddamn, they better not have gotten goxed, I have 20k$ in that fucking exchange.

chill it's a big update to their service, they already had warned that in the beggining of 2018 they would improve their service.

Unfortunatly, like most everyone else they can't keep deadlines, you fucking cocks don't think it's better to give a transparent deadline? Like oh it can take up to 24 hours, instead of saying oh it will only take 2 hours, then after those 2 hours, oh another 2 hours we are not sure, fuck you you fucking pussies, no caracter.

Yeah you're fucked mate

youre still in denial phase i guess

mtxgox was exactly the same shit.update and then boom

nice ps

mate i havn't had a single hiccup with them in regards to deposits and withdrawals, the only shit part is there servers don't handle the load, since the huge surge in q3/q4 it just got worse. They are improving their system to handle it.
You wanted to access them on high loads it was the same as a ddos attack.

A-at least this will stop the 540/520/502 etc. errors, r-right?

kek I have some money left in this exchange, let's hope

Yup. All errors except the 404 error will be gone.

>tfw goxed

its just 1650€ but 1650€ is 1650€ (besides it was worth around 3k)

>no schedule
>no indication of what the upgrade will contain
>apparently the devs are working in some kind of exhausted panic for what should be a structured rollout of an upgrade
>site offline for however the fuck long at this stage
>guys decided on a quick snooze juuust before the rolled out the upgrade....12 hours ago

Where is my money cunts

>mfw it's been two days since it went 404

>mfw I was few days away of getting my ledger nano in the mail and txing my XLM out of Kraken

Meh, kraken has been good for depositing fiat and withdrawing, very quick in fact. The service with the 50x errors is shit though.

yeah as for me, europoor it took them 2 days max to deposit and withdraw fiats

I knew I shouldn't have kept my cryptos on an exchange

Same, just waiting on Bitstamp to get off their asses and verify me, then I was going to remove everything from Kraken

Strongly suspecting either:
>the exchange got hacked
>they have catastrophically fucked something up and can't fix it

Given that they could just roll back the site if the upgrade is that much of a dumpster fire, but haven't done so, I would imagine we are about to get goxxed in the ass.

They'll also certainly restrict withdrawals once they get back online, as there'll be a run on the exchange (meaning it'll probably go down again lel)

>tfw just shifted most of my assets to XLM before maintenance
>tfw no rush since my paycheck comes next week so I can invest more
Who /comfy/ here?

you are comfy when fucking KRAKEN (K R A K E N) holds most of your assets? they are the most shady exchange i've encountered.

Lmao I can't believe people still use kraken. The team is clearly incompetent to run an exchange

>price of XLM sinking slowly
>all you can do is watch your green machine melt away on Delta because your XLM is on Kraken

This. Kraken is fucking legit. Been using them since late 2012 and never had any issues with deposits or withdrawals.

The problem is it USED to be great

I dicked around with BTC in 2015 or so and they were really slick, it was the most professional thing out there.

Then their engineering team just pulled their knobs for the next two years until the site was unusable

>they are the most shady exchange i've encountered.

>one of, if not THE longest running exchange
>fast as fuck transfers, especially for yurops
>fast customer service
>good selection of fiat pairings
>low fees
Nigger, you just went full retard.

EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@

kek. just go on and trust your money a website which isnt available 50% of the time (currently 100%) and kicks you out on every second click

just the shittest interface in all of crypto. MS paint would look better than a kraken graph. close this account before they hack u

would this be the biggest exit scam in crypto history?
they probably have more cash than mt dox

Can confirm, wires worked both ways just a couple of days ago. Maybe they'll get their shit working after this update

I think you're the retarded one buddy. "Fast customer service" lmao. Kraken is indeed one of the shittiest exchange of the entire market. The service they offer is nothing short of fucking abysmal.

Every time I've needed the CS, which hasn't been often, they've answered within the day. Never had a single problem with transactions, even when the site was throwing errors left and right they would never get stuck or fail in weird ways, and you could just spam refresh and keep trying and the transaction would always go through eventually.

God damn it, starting to feel uneasy boys. 12 hours ago I was cheerful and LoLing and people panicing like a day ago but now it still is offline and shit doesn't feel right. I got like 5k there but what ever, I didn't even invest that much in there. Shit feels bad if it got hacked :(

Do they keep cash in some odd tokenized form?

If no, then I'm safe.

>Tasked to handle the Mt. Gox claims

>Pulls a Mt. Gox


Thank God it's been dysfunctional since 2016, anyone with serious money should have migrated their balances out anyway.

I'm pretty sure kraken is in cali where its very early in the morning. After a long evening/night of working I expect them to come online at ten western time.

>Still not back

Kraken is in berlin, Germany.

gragan??? DDDD-:



fucking rookies
2 days downtime

Oh maybe you should inform them of that.

dat feel when you started in crypto and have deposited funds to kraken 5 days ago
I mean... seriously...

>tfw they got hacked and are trying to hack the money back into kraken right now

How much do you have in Kraken?
170 LTC here

2500 EUR

About 3,000€

1300 ripple
2 eth
.4 btc

Like $14k worth of coin

I choose kraken cause Bloomberg and CME were using Kraken's price(with few other exchanges) for calculating their weghtened prices. Also I have rad that Kraken is more compliant and safe, looooool

Why in the name of Allah, God, Momammed, Jesus and Jah-Rastafari would you leave $20k on Kraken? Don't get me wrong, I like Kraken even if their platform is a bit shite at the best of times. But why leave 20k on there?


Pretty bad they won't say what the issue is tbphwymdfaf

Holy cow, that's a lot of money on an exchange. I only have 3'000€ left in there.

Finally an honest update kek

Kraken is the best and cheapest route for getting fiat £GBP out of a UK bank and into Crypto. I love this exchange! Hope they get this upgrade sorted soon!

Tried making an account. That p.o.s. wouldnt work. Fuck those idiots, don't bother


~22 000 €, started with 600 € few months ago.
Getting annoying but no panic yet

330000 euro. 200000 USD/month withdrawal limit. JUST

>330000 euro
jesus man

I'm fairly calm here. An exit scam only works if you're anonymous. So the only bad scenario here is if they have been hacked or lost the funds in some other way. But even then, all these stories about the upgrade wouldn't really make sense if they lost the funds. So I think it's just poor devops.

Signed up to them in September and had no problems whatsoever. Like some other exchanges they have become a victim of their own success as the market has grown exponentially. Their fees were easily the lowest in Europe so they got swamped. Upgrade is supposed to fix all that....

Well it makes sense given how the site behaved in the last few months.

They are legit, partnered with Fidor bank AG. It's defo not an exit scam.

Hopefully it is not a scam, cause if yes, Fidor Bank will be punished as well, ECB and German regulator will smash down this jerks if they will fail on AML so hard.

Yeah I would be surprised.
Surprised and massively JUSTed

Gotta agree with here.

Even when I wanted to cash out some cash during a BTC rally and the site worked 10% of the time, when I eventually managed to put my withdrawel in, the funds arrived within 2 days.

The whole fucking point of it being down right now is to improve the service.

You need to buy EGAS and hold it long term, it has huge potential. 13M Max supply and it costs pennies right now. Great concept and active twitter. mooncoin material.
Take a look@

Relax. Kraken is the most legit exchange in crypto. Yes, the past two months they sucked because of the errors, but unless you were day trading it didn't really affect you, and they couldn't expect the normie rush that came in november.

But again why take so long

What if I expect a crash and want to hold some fiat to buy the dips? I'd rather trust Kraken with my money than holding some fucking tether.

I have 40 ETH and 5k ICN in Kraken. How fucked am I?

Because System wide upgrades for a realtime distributed system isn't easy shit that you do in a couple hours.

Yes it is if you're not literally retarded. Shit like zero downtime deployment/ blue green deployment is no fucking secret, even pajeets get it done properly. Kraken either got massively attacked/ hacked or it's an exit scam, simply because not even the most retarded idiots in the industry would induce such a catastrophic fuck up when trying to simply upgrade something.

This is the longest they've gone without an update.
7 fucking hours. Come on.

Ok. Let's spread the word that they're working on it. But really they haven't updated the status in 7 hours either. Maybe very close putting the website back up?

>Maybe very close putting the website back up?
Thought the same. hoping more so really

Companies plan months in advanced for deployment to production. If something is wrong or it takes longer than the time window they roll back changes.

>I have 40 ETH


Or they said fuck it and are taking a break

Don't worry guys, everything is fine

~ 46000 €
Not worried about exiting, but annoyed by not being able to move it. But I knew this happens with them.

Got 160k there
Withdrew 200k during the last 30 days
Comfy as fuck, same day cash withdraw, never a fuck up (except their crappy server, which is precisely the matter of this upgrade)
Chill out normies

Cuck my life to pieces. My dad is gonna kill me for losing they money I borrowed from him.


I'm also too damned tired to give a fuck anymore. Between Kraken and Coinsmarkets 15-20% of my wealth is on exchanges that are currently down. Whatever

they use integration now


for the first time in months they have 100% uptime
they kept their word on upgrade part
never promised anything about being able to actually use it

Technically what is illegal here?

if they exit scammed they would still have an office i'm sure

how can you fuck up a server upgrade that the entire system is down for 48h+
Atleast kept something for backup

In the land of the free anything can be illegal

> muh FBI
> muh promise

What a dickhead lawfag. Do they all look that ugly ?

anyone feel that they got hacked.
We recently saw same shit with last big hack

37,5 hours down now. 7,5 hours without an update.

Third degree unprofessionality.

Is it down that long? I was online yesterday in the morning I think. If you ask me it's offline for 37,5 hours now.

this guy retweeted some other guy who posted pic related, which is probably what he meant by
>Your recent status update is unprofessional and shocking.

he might be retarded