I like the idea of /cheap/ and staking coins

I like the idea of /cheap/ and staking coins.

Shill me some

Staking at 5%.

More of this girl pls

ECA for stacking
HTMLCoin and numuscoin for high risk


is an alright coin however the devs have basically no marketing..

bitbean OP

Hawala Coin

Holy shit is this undervalued. You have to see this. It's a 6 mil market cap. It's going to fucking explode once it hits normal exchanges.

Dragonchain has good staking too.


This + bulwark

COLX and HTML coin

You will absolute love BCO then, but it might not be cheap soon, because it has moderate supply.

Bitbean, mintcoin

These threads are good for us smart people to pinpoint exactly which coins to avoid - all you bagholding pajeet shills, I thank you

why mintcoin?


trezarcoin mah nuggah

Look no further then ECA. 50% staking rewards can be bought under a penny.

it's either a buttcrack or penis glans, not sure

clearly UFR


it doesn't look "cheap" but it's market cap is around 100 m

The project is coming back to life. They're rebooting the coin. It has a high volume on cryptopia (top 10 for a week now). You can check their facebook for updates.

This, and it's working at this moment


It's still in development and people have to learn to work with it. Also usual skepticism vs. centralized systems. You may be interested in "filecoin" then too, that will be built into IPFS and act as incentive for people who provide bandwidth and host content as well as providing value for content on internet.

What's there to know? You just keep your MINT in their wallet and it will generate more. That's how PoS works. I guess most people know that by now. Filecoin is a different concept, by what you are telling me

Nah posted into wrong thread. Completely unrelated.


Isn't ECA a scam?

Also what you folks think of NAV

5% staking


My Director of Marketing just burst into our meeting room and literally vomited a burger onto our mahogany table. Then we took an employee up to the roof of the parking garage and made him throw his phone off the edge of it onto the street below. I fired him anyway, then re-hired him. Buy COLX.



gonna be huge this year

qsp winked a huge buy signal earlier. it's not too late to get on board and experience an easy x2 3 4 in some months. just be patient, don't panic sell and don't fomo to shills here.

People are shitting on ECA because the exchange it was on couldn’t handle the volume ECA brought. Not a scam . Wallet works, staking works roadmap looks legit

ODN, 10% Pos would be your best choice, since ark ain’t cheap like when it was 2/3$ month ago or so



spectrecoin [XSPEC]

Is staking live on HAT right now tho?


The ultimate cheap and staking coin is currently ECA. Cost is approximately .0000005 Satoshis, and it's a 50 MOTHERFUCKING PERCENT staking coin with privacy features which will be implemented.

Highly suggest getting in on this before it hits any exchange it doesn't crash and the price moons.

>it's a 50 MOTHERFUCKING PERCENT staking coin
How to spot a scam 101

Moron logic. That's like saying:
>XRB is an INSTANT and FREE transaction
>Bitcoin is much more popular, and it's a slow and costly transaction
>XRB must be a scam

Sorry pajeet, the way technology works is that old shitcoins like the ones you hodl crash and burn, and newer advanced tech moons. Enjoy being poor forever!


Instant and free transactions is a feature. 50% staking is hyperinflation.

>Currency with a limited supply

You seriously need to take an introductory level finance class before attempting to tell others ANYTHING about investing because you are a fucking retard.

Well buddy, I hope this works out for you and you don't neck yourself when you're forced to market sell at 1 Sat (after the bitcoin crash)


Welp I've already made 6000% gains since entering crypto a month ago, so even if eca goes to 0 sats I'm still in the green by tens of thousands of dollars. Thanks for the advice though Warren Buffet, PLEASE tell me more about your expert market predictions and analysis even though you don't know what inflation, the most basic and easy to understand concept in all of finance, means. Thank you for being so dumb, I haven't laughed so hard at such a pajeet retard post in a while.

Go back to listening to the old farts on CNBC, who don't even know what blockchain means, tell you what to do with your money. I'm sure it will work out for you better than your current strategy of talking out of your ass and investing in whatever shitcoins Reddit and CNBC shill you for their benefit and your demise ;D

Sprouts for staking.
It will also moon so you kill two birds with one stone

I'm happy for you user, 6000% gains is something to be proud of. And yes, inflation is the correct term. The supply may be limited, but the massive influx of coins to the few holders is inflation (not to mention centralization), even if it has a hard cap in the future.
t. Economics major

This a thousand times. The wallet and staking is smooth as fuck, instant transfers, you can finally get it on cryptobridge