I fell asleep at my desk

>I fell asleep at my desk.



Damn, some of them are hot

you can tell the fat guy in the back with the long hair does all of the actual work

the red head looks prime for the sniffing


>bunny ears
Oh it all makes sense now. Non whites and women will destroy all they touch. Glad I don't use this shithole exchange.

Trump was right again.

The redhead has clearly been smashed by the chad on the right.

him the 3rd guy on from the left probably does half the work, that gook in the back tries to fit in, but looks like he wants to kill half the team members.

god that redhead is photogenic

me third from the right, last row

Chad is hanging redhead Stacy for sure

fucking kek i didnt even see him

stop sperging out, not healthy for your blood pressure dude

it's jolting to see genuinely hot women in such an autistic field

Wh-what does the update signify, bros? Exit scam imminent?

My money won't get lost in the interwebs if i do a sepa transfer this evening will it

far right is chad, two to the left of him is you.

Kraken is a shit exchange anyways.


good riddance


>sorry bois, just need a quick snooze before we upgrade the site
>12 hours later

>two, MAYBE three engineers in that photo
>rest are all sales Chads and customer success Stacies
>why was the site never upgraded

Those poor fuckers probably resigned themselves to just keeping it alive, they clearly hate being there too