This is just getting ridiculous lol

>U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he will work with the Group of 20 nations to prevent cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin from becoming the digital equivalent of an anonymous Swiss bank account and ensure “bad people cannot use these currencies to do bad things.”

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so realistically, how much more of this are we going to take before we just fucking SNAP?

This causes me an unknown amount of concern.

Jewish accounts/lawyers/bankers = best

T. New york city resident


>every bitcoin transaction is saved for all eternity
>pretending there's anonymity in bitcoins

This guy just doesn't understand, OR, he does understand and he's playing the market.


Which do you think?

are you lost, do you know where you're at? lol

I wouldn't give this administration enough credit to come up with a plan to short bitcoins. Tho, it's possible someone suggested the idea to him and he's just a "useful idiot" carrying it out. That seems more in line with Mnuchin's motives for policy change in the past.

so he acknowledged it being a currency?

And by 'Bitcoin' he means 'Monero'


so basically Ripple will win after all?

fuck Ripple


>Please bring your money to the """banks""", dont buy Bitcoin, please dont be antisemitic!

>no one can freeze xrp




>non-XRP balances


I really like EGAS, it looks like a scamcoin but even if it is, at this price it can still go 10x before it gets dumped. check it out.
Take a look@

This is literally Fake news.

Because they stand to make money off you in those scenarios...

>link to their own website

How long is the excuse of "bad people" going to float with the public?

These kikes are worse than whatever threat they claim to be protecting us from.

Why haven't they banned swiss bank accounts?

I smell the fear.


Because they can't. And they can do even less about crypto.

You couldn't tell he's a kike just from looking at his face?

they sort of did ban all foreign accounts, now any bank reports all Americans back to the USA

the idea is that centralized banking will use the XRP Ledger, not XRP

my jewdar is blowing up
he looks like an a wyatt mann caricature

Check out his other Tweets and answers. You can ask him as well. XRP will be used

>the plebs are escaping the system. regulate it.

>mfw all these kikes dont realise the next millionaires are a bunch of racist shitposting Veeky Forums NEETS that dont give shit about political correctness of other peoples safe spaces

the futures gonna be glorious my fellow Veeky Forumsraelis
of course this cunt and all the other kikes are scared their whole world is about to collapse

When xmr reaches #1

this. So many newbies


None of you faggots listened to me when I told you XMR and other privacy coins would get BTFO by legislation and regulation.
>muh private ledger
Machine learning and AI are going to bst your asses.

show me those Veeky Forumspol/ millionaires

it's a meme
I bet most of them can't even cash out 100k

glorious for us, bad for them. Of course they are shitting bricks, unless we are being played and they'll get all the cryptomoney in the end after some huge market manipulation

pass; why would I care about a cryptocurrency that has ties to central banking when there are close to 1,500 others that don't?

I would have been a millionaire by now but I cashed out $240k in October to put a down payment on my house. I'm back up to 120k tho.


i bet you are one of those nocoiners or people that claim the bubble is about to pop
we havent even started to enter a bubble yet
and yes theres many wealthy Veeky Forums cunts just dont see them for obvious reasons

Who really gives a fuck if Ripple can freeze anything. They aren't going to freeze you. They aren't going to freeze me.

Drop the "muh principles" and "muh decentralization" act. We are in this to make money. Nobody gives a fuck what's centralized, what's decentralized, what's bad for the ecosystem, or any of that other shit.

I like cryptonigs acting like societal white knights when we all know all they want is sick gains.

Swiss bank accounts aren't what they once were. As an American you can't open a Swiss bank account without signing a document saying you have no financial obligations to the IRS. They also changed how tax law works for non-Swiss people using Swiss accounts. Before, Switzerland considered tax evasion (non reporting of income) to not be a crime (just a fineable offense), while tax fraud (active deception) was. Now, evasion is considered the same as fraud for non-Swiss users of Swiss accounts, and Swiss banks will lift banking secrecy rules in tax fraud investigations. The bottom line is you can't use Swiss accounts to hide income from the IRS anymore.

That said, you can still use Swiss accounts to register businesses in Switzerland to gain the benefit of Swiss rules protecting businesses. I have a few real estate LLCs set up through UBS for this reason.

> Muh Bitcoin is a bubble without utility, it's just digital tulips.

> Stop using Bitcoin as a Swiss bank account!!!!

please go away

It's safe to say that 99% of these will crash and burn

right now it's all about the hype , pump and dumb + fast money.
If we're talking about practical things then most won't even be ready to compete.

After all the government and the banks will stay in control.

adapt or get crushed

Cheap talk is cheap. Old people in high places have been saying dumb shit on TV every day since the news started heavy coverage of Bitcoin. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for any market-killing new regulations from this guy just like I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the epic crypto bubble popping that's allegedly been right around the corner every day for the last year.

>isis and drug dealers use bitcoin for five years
>normal people start making money

fun fact
if youre swiss and lets say you "forget" to declare something its not even illegal
you just have to pay the remaining stuff and be done with it
t. swiss

Sick gains are only the first step. If you can make bank gambling on booming shitcoins, then go right ahead. You'd be stupid not to. In the long run, though, we all want cool technology and safe ways of storing weath. No fucking way would I want to store a big chunk of my wealth in a format that's explicitly designed to be destroyable at the whim of some rando regardless of how unlikely you can rationalize that being.

>Move to Switzerland or Japan.
>Hide your money in Bitcoin or Monero instead of opening a bank account.
>Cash out with no questions asked.

Why wouldn't this work?

its about changing the world while making a buck, fucktard

Fucking retard, what's the point of being "rich" when you're using a currency that is 100% controlled by people way above you that can destroy your life savings in an instant whenever they desire?

Both countries wouldn't let you in.
Maybe if you are a multi millionaire or billionaire.
Neutralization process for the average foreign citizen takes years

kek. Banks are getting so fucking scared. I love it.

>After all the government and the banks will stay in control
this is satire right? you're just being funny?

this is mathematically impossible

either way, I don't invest, speculate, or hodl.....I trade utilizing pic related
>spoiler: it literally breaks money lol

You're literally never going to make it because you've already accepted how tiny you are. You'll only have as your masters want you to have.

So they can destroy everything but not your almighty bitcoin?
Don't you think that many banks and investors already play you like a fiddle?
/bizpol/ is fucking retarded

>Cayman Islands.
>Mashall Islands
The world is a big place isn't it?

a good analogy is Telsa and free energy

I'm pulling ridiculous amounts of money out of fucking thin air

They did it to themselves, I hope it crashes hard on them the most.

Are you scared, jew?

t. retard

enjoy getting keked by the government and law enforcement

So is Switzerland another Jew hell hole like israel? There's now way a white country has that much freedom and not be Jew controlled. I've already read about the satanic shit the elites do there.

Bitcoins utility is for people to use it like a swiss bank account, this has created the rise in prices attracting normies and created a bubble.
You think gubs gonna let some one challenge there fiat monopoly?

if you are basing your worth as a human by how much shit you have you are already perfectly controlled and good goyish.

haha I remember poltards saying to my face back then that "yeah Mnuchin is a kike but he's our kike". So much for that lmao

they dont like it but what are they gonna do about it, buy all the buttcoins and crash it? we all move to eth then. They buy all eth? we move to ltc, or doge, or whatever shitcoin is decent, we can play this game for years. Crypto is here to stay


Glad these are the people that crypto is up against.


most have nowhere near millions
this board is primarily made of larpers and liars
also, even if they did, they would squander it and make nothing of it. because getting things done requires collaboration and communication between competent people.
yes a few nerds will get some money. nothing will change.

> So you want to own your future, wouldn't you have to pay taxes on that?

>Bitcoin has become such a phenomenon that central banks have begun looking into developing their own digital currencies. Russia, for one, was reported to be looking into crypto, something Mnuchin said Friday he wasn't "at all" worried about. "I don't think that's a concern."

>He added that the Federal Reserve has looked into digital dollars, but "the Fed and we don't think there's any need for that at this point."

>the goyim are cutting their chains!

lol dinosaurs about to get hit by a crypto meteor

>“bad people cannot use these currencies to do bad things.”
How could they possibly do that without banning it
Even then, actually

>tfw this is main reason for investing in crypto and to an extent not killing myself
I can't wait to see what the world will look like in 50 years time when the next ruling class across the world comes from Veeky Forums.

the black market has been using crypto for years. they only care now because the goyim are catching on

fucking kikes. we need a real final solution

>trusting a kike and his twitter account over the official website

You deserve your impending poverty.

The government created the internet and the code bitcoin was written in. Look at what the global banking system did to Hitler and Germany, look at what happened to Iraq when Saddam wanted to sell oil in euros? same with gaddafi. look at north Korea, Iran.

I hope what is said in this vid is wrong and cryptos win, Hopium doesn't have much affect on me.

>unless we are being played and they'll get all the cryptomoney in the end after some huge market manipulation
>what is ripple

the absolute state of totalitarian anti-snek fags
they be losing now
they be gone later

you can't control crypto like you can control the imaginary fiat cuckbucks. you can't freeze it. you can't confiscate it.

>the Federal Reserve has looked into digital dollars
Lol what does that even mean? Are these people really not aware that most of the money supply has already just been made up ones and zeros for decades now?

Even if they end up controlling cryptos, dapps still give us much more freedom than we had before. The censoring kikes in Silicon Valley won't be able to dictate what is said or not said on the Web.

>The government created the internet and the code bitcoin was written in.
That doesn't mean they can't regulate/ban it. The government creates weapons and regulates their distribution.

>Steven Mnuchin
Steve "Dolla" Mnuchin!

Crypto, dApps, and smart contracts are one in the same fampai.

>retarded whore wearing gloves inside
>dumb roastie has to be in the pic to attention whore like a nigger with dolla dolla bill ya'll
women were a mistake

what's your point, democide is not an option
only a question of time until we get open source systems devoid of (((intel))) and what'shisname "competitor"

Crypto does not need to be controlled to be destroyed or at least lose legitimacy. It just needs to be regulated and potential outlawed.

watch this vid and try and not use any ad hominem like boomer our no coiner, look at the guys vids, woke to the J q and woke to the crypto scam.

>satanic shit the elites do there.
That has been happening in every country for a long time now. Consider the Rothschild family has OWNED Britain since the 1815, the Battle of fucking Waterloo. And they've OWNED America since 1913 - before WW1. Which by the way was to kill the Tsar of Russia and create the Soviet Union.

Him and his nasty bitch wife. Fucking smug cunts.