Confirmed PBC update, just received email

I hope this is real because my bags were getting heavy

All in OP lets do this

Bless Teeka.

all in

Fuck I'm glad I'm holding ADA! This is legit right?

W0W M00N M1SS10N


In and ready to win boys


Teeka here


time 4 gainZ

Disgustingly hairy ass, fuck real women are gross

i see this everywhere

Is it late to get in?
Will I make it at 5762?

I hope Teeka sues you guys. Quit giving away exclusive info.

buying this shit rn

>buy up to infinity
>no stop loss
>let the game come to you

horree shieeettt


thats teeka dumping on you btw

you're such a faggot

t. Jamal

walls coming down m8

inb4 teeka moonshot next week

these walls getting eaten wtf

he must really believe in this coin to have his followers buy in now. look at the chart omfg... we'll see what happens.

$2 incoming.

watched the major dip and went all in last night. lets get it

In my experience the best thing you can do is wait 1-2 days to buy instead of getting asap and getting burned
He called drgn the other day when it was 4.90, now it's 4.40 or so
Qtum was 56, now 50
Wax was 1.85, now 1.40
XLM was 25 cents, then it dropped to 20 cents
Always wait a few days before jumping in

Sitting in XLM for now. Wish you ADA bros the best of luck. Hopefully you don't get dumped on!

Wait teeka called QTUM Wax and Dragon?

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Come on weetards, buy up to $0.90

There's basically no risk involved

Yeah three days ago or so
Check the archive

Wax and Dragon are fake PBC calls, there's no proof, its always in a PDF format and its hard to believe teeka will recommend these coins. Gonna choose not to believe this as they're not even on Binance or Bittrex at all.

Trust me, my friend is a whale and he shares the calls with me
People here stopped trolling with the pbc calls few weeks ago akchually which is good

Never go all in on his calls

fucking retard