Traded half of my ETH for a huge amount of these mean motherfuckers

Holding for the 100x moon. Have I been bizcucked?

Post binance order.

my friend, I'm proud of you.

Sort of. I have 50k myself but it won't 100x. A 4-5x is more than possible though!

What is Intel SGX? What is Town Crier? What is IC3? What is ZeppelinOS? What is OpenZeppelin? What is Capgemini? What is ISO20022?

The best part about actually learning shit is that you're no longer reliant on internet strangers to give you good advice, when they could just as likely be fucking you over. There is literally no substitute for actually having a fucking clue what you are putting your money into.

You jus' don't get it.

It's so funny watching people chase every Veeky Forumsshitcoin that gets shilled.

Its just a Jason parser don't get owned by pajeet shills.

Inorite. Amazing people aren't all in on LINK and even paying attention to anything else.

That's good enough not to kill myself

It’s literally impossible for Link to go over $500 lmao i’m a link holder don’t get me wrong but itll never happen (because there’s not enough money in circulation for that to happen)

OP said 100x you fool.

What is purpose of CL?
Oracle problems? But ETH can solve it without CL



>not enough money in the world for 500 billion dollars

>There isn't 500 billion dollars in the world.



It could hit $300 and still be under where Ethereum is today.

>implying 500 billion will go into check link
k-keep me posted

Are you intentionally saying something blatantly incorrect not out of true stupidity but rather attempting to get some kind of information spoonfed to you because you dont know the potential valuation of Link in relation to its marketcap?

nm u just dum lel

>Its just a Jason parser don't get owned by pajeet shills.

Java Script Object Notation. Not a person's name.
The value of Link is not the JSON parser, it is the trustless decentralized network u dumb fuck.

made a typo disregard “check” m’lads

You have no idea how big smart contracts will be.

/nubiz/ thinks that LINK would need $500 billion injected into it to reach $500.
/nubiz/ honestly thinks that market cap represents the amount of money that has been put into a project.
I can't even. Fuck this board.

Should have waited for it to dip to 4 cents first.

You're going to sell to early for the next moon that will lose you money and come back a year later to see you would be a multimillionaire if you just held.

dubs for link 2k$

Market cap is a retarded metric in many ways, yes.
We were just making fun of this guy:


Screencapped all of the AssBlaster's posts in the recent thread.

Literally why haven’t you faggots bought link yet? Do you hate being future millionaires?

You know how much is
This is what you think 500 billion are = 500,000,000,000,000

This is what 500 billion actually look like = 500,000,000,000



deluded retards, link will never reach 4$, screen cap this

thank you, king

Dude I said I'm holding

This. Eventually Ethereum will be trillions and LINK will be at least a hundred billion.

Weak hands, screencap this.

Actually in Germany 500 billion are indeed 500.

No one ever said it would you dumbass. Every price speculation says $100 at the highest if we're lucky.

>The market cap is t-too high!
Can someone explain this to me when the current market cap for Link is like 350 Mill, while there's plenty of coins still growing that have 5+ Billion market caps?


Their are some RETARDS on this subforum who think it will so...




I thought chainlink was a dumb trend, but then I got mine. I felt the gains, I felt it on my binance account, I felt the rush of a good gain. It changed me. I got my chainlink ironically, but I was wrong. Its amazing, I'm smarter, more productive, more focused at work, a simple task is now much better. Outsiders dont get it, they dont get us. I'm not saying were better but were more open minded and probably smarter. I love this community, and I love this way of life.

Exactly, none of us are buying Chainlink tokens to get rich. The value of the tokes means nothing to us. When you buy LINK you're buying into the Chainlink family not some shitty pump and dump scam coin like 96% of crypto in 2018.

The real LINK MVP

LINK's use case is higher than any other crypto out there. Its final MC is impossible to judge, user.

>implying chainlink is not pump&dump scam

Literally this.

Zero marketing. Anti-hyped through lack of communication from devs. No news, just relying on the cold hard foundation of the tech.
Normies inability to understand what the underlying product is, and the scope of its potential.

Holders themselves launching a massive FUD campaign in order to keep the price artificially low so that they can accumulate more, because they are so certain that the project will gain success through the underlying tech, and not through hype.

This is like Ethereum all over again. The only people going on and on about how revolutionizing this is are the tech autists. And at some point normies will once again be forced to FOMO into something they don't understand.

I was the one saying if it touches the market it’s aiming for, it could plausibly hit $1000. Please explain to me if bond and asset trading alone couldn’t develop that price why is an apparent shitcoin that’s barely been shilled beyond this retarded “subforum” already reached $1.40+ when it has a 350,000,000 current public supply.

Pic related.

when the mainnet releases, so will coinburn, this shit will be $1000

Kek wills it

Trips for $20

Someone should edit the last picture to the one where Trump is bowing to that Saudi Arabian dude. Except the Saudi's head should be replaced by Chainlink logo

Holy fuck Sergey is one autistic fuck. Look at the shoe's he fucking wears to a big meeting. Big fucking joke.

Anyway someone already gave us the numbers we need, LINK TO THE MOON, FUCK NORMIES REEE I WANT MY JAGUAR

A friend of mine works for a traditional trading firm who's been in stocks but now moving into crypto. He stumbled onto some of their docs and I can at least back up the fact that exchanges provide special services to big players, specifically they let them make more API calls per second.

I know it's not much but it helps me find Assblaster's info more believable.

Link could enter the trillions

>Linktards ignore this

When Sergey will start communicate more often and do a lil bit of marketing around this? Will he ever do such a thing?

>3 developers

Apparentely they have hired, or are in the process of hiring a Marketing Director.

But as for communication from Sergey, I doubt it'll get much better until mainnet launch.

That's when we will find out who their partners are, and that's when this entire thing will unfold. As normies on plebbit sees the names of well known financial and possibly insurance institutions, they will FOMO in without knowing the first thing about decentralized oracles.

Link has always had a really high marketcap for virtually no effort on the teams part and at least until recently very little outside attention. Someone sees the value in it and other than Veeky Forums, they haven't been talking.

It's supposed to be about Rome converting to Christianity though.

Good buy sir the very best yes!

These guys have have already been in talks with large corporations and partnerships. They don't want us to know about LINK. Here is a cap I made of AssBlaster's post about a week ago.

More than enough.

sell sell sell this coin

no good u lose all money

it is scam and will be 20 cent tomorrow

sell sell sell im just trying to help sirs

>3 developers
>workings on a project bigger than itself
Yeah have fun holding those bags until 2023

It doesn't take 20 people to translate from Ruby to Golang.
And it's not like they have to rush; they're already coming out with the initial Go version of the main net this quarter; a few months after Sibos, which is less than the blink of an eye within the financial sector.

Several of the largest tech companies that are household names begun as one or two guys.

Never heard of Microsoft or Apple?


shoes match shirt. looks pretty good desu

>thinking ChainLink is even comparable to the two

the ABSOLUTE delusion of Linkies!
jhahah worst than Tronfags

Thinking about dumping 6k icx and buying 6k link

Just don't want to miss gains since link never fucking releases news and it could be months before it moves

Haha, what a fucking failure. Why doesn't he dress to impress?

Here's another failure who doesn't dress to impress.

>tfw bought in at $1.30 when this happened

Not even mad


I'm willing to bet my ass you're hodlign 10k+ LINKs and are only trying to fuck with clueless newcoiners


I made that mistake. Sold at 0.50, anticipating the price to be at a stand-still at least until February. FOMO'd back in at 0.80. Not happening again.

You could always keep half the ICX though, and safeguard the other half in LINK.



You did the best my ChainLink hodling friend. Enjoy a great lifetime in a few months!!!

I sold half my stack at 60 anticipating a dip, but by other investments have kept pace so I'm not sure if I should just buy it back

SELL SELL SELL this coin is bad bad bad u manke no money u lose it

sell sirs i want to help you

AssBlaster is either legit or so good at LARPing that he can actually cast fireballs when he dresses up as a wizard.

Worst case scenario our LINK bags are just expensive tickets for this unbelievable meme rollercoaster

Doesn't even matter if AssBlaster is full of shit. And I'm basing my investment in LINK on the fact that he is.

Financial institutions have had a hard-on for smartcontracts for a good while now. LINK will allow them to finally get their dick wet.

Thanks for capping this, I forgot to. Echoes of the ‘Trump will win’ get. I unironically bought more link when I saw this.

>AssBlaster is either legit or so good at LARPing that he can actually cast fireballs when he dresses up as a wizard.

I guess this is where the confussion comes from
In english a billion is a thousand millions
In spanish (for example) "un billon" is a million millions

But yeah we talking in english here so...

Easy to spot who has never worked at a tech startup. 3 developers is more than enough to build a multi-million dollar company, or even potentially a multi-billion dollar company if the idea is strong enough. Once the $ starts rolling in they'll likely hire up for growth purposes, but they don't need anything more than that right now.

These scamcoins claiming they have like 15-100 devs at the beginning are either (1) lying (2) wasting insane amounts of money on low tier talent or (3) hiring all fucking 3rd worlders who are compiling totally garbage unscalable code.

What I want to see from any startup is 1 dev at the beginning. Starting with more than 1 dev is a great way to ensure you go out of business before you ever get off the ground. LINK has their shit together.

Are rare gets just a meme? I was in the thread with the Trump one and was honestly euphoric but I chalked that up to the alcohol.

sold thank you frend i did not want to lose