Why so much hate against UFR?

I don't understand it. It's a good project that plans to create a decentralised peer to peer file sharing network. Market cap of only $30m. Now you are probably going to say "why would anyone pay for a file they can get for free???". Paying 1 cent for a file that you can download at high speeds and will be a lot less likely to be a virus than a free file, doesn't seem like a big deal to me. This is probably the only way for a decentralised p2p file sharing network. The governments are already cracking down on torrenting.

Shilling. Why does it matter if a good project is getting shilled? I heard about XRB thanks to shills and now heard about UFR thanks to shills. If there is already so much shilling, the project is legit and UFR hasn't even hit a good exchange like Kucoin, then what are you waiting for? I understand that nothing is 100% sure, but this looks like a very good risk/reward for me. Of course you can always do it the Veeky Forums way and buy when it's at top 50.

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let them be poor user, these pajeets doesnt deserve the free moon mission


free shills on a quality lowcap coin and pajeets like you are still not investing

how stupid can you be, like legit lmao

just filter out the posts if ur not interested

Mate I can literally photoshop any post the same way. Damn retarded.

30 million is a very nice value for a project with an idea, wouldn't you think? There are solid companies that have been in business for years being valued lower than that. The crypto space is overhyped, so for crypto it might be low and you expect everything to be worth at least a hundred million, but really? It's not monopoly money, there's a real money value to things. Don't forget that during your crypto adventures...


hahaha the lengths this guy is willing to go because he didnt buy in early enough

let me guess, you didnt have many friends growing up?

I think for the most part it's been overshilled by some folks, which is a shame because this is going to be a pretty valuable crypto coming into 2018 like we are now.

UFR definitely isn't my biggest stack, but I'm accumulating as fast as I can to be ready.

Fcc is going to ban this shit thats why you negroid

I guess some people don't like the concept of a paid torrent, but those same people don't understand major torrent networks are going to be all shut down by government in 2-3 years max.

How can you take down a decentralised network???

He amount of times I’ve tried to download a torrent for it to have no seeders... this project fixes that. It’s the future of file sharing

I don't hate UFR I hate the pajeets that shill it

why are they so dumb and bad at shilling?

>Implying the FCC is still relevant at all

This could definitely be the answer for torrents in the future. Also there are no competitors i know about.

Its a free moon mission desu

Only pajeets aren't holding this yet.

This. Fuck the pajeet shills giving the coin a bad name, it's a solid project and still undervalued as hell.


What is the best exchange that sells it?

Goddamn you're doing this shit at 4am? W H Y

>Just filter the post so we can keep scamming

Cryptopia probably, also on EtherDelta if you have the balls for it

Been acumulating UFR in this dip and am confident in the next few weeks for it


>The governments are already cracking down on torrenting.
They'll crack down on this too. Especially because all your pirate buys will be publicly logged on ethereum network.


Let me guess, poor as shit and retarded enough to buy the shilling? Lmao no one is buying your shitty pump and dump get out while you can dumbass

yea they will ban ufr like they ban bittorrent baka

>comparing xrb and ufr
You're a special kind of retarded
1/10 you're not even trying
1/10 not even trying
2/10 meta but not good enough
3/10 good try establishing use case, but you're still retarded like the rest of your shill pnd retard army


1- I just read that image completely and I see nothing wrong with it. There's no buying or selling signals, there's no PnD, only guys who believe in a coin and want people to know about it, similar to what the XRB community does by shilling every fucking subreddit.
2- It can’t be a PnD, because it has 170btc daily volume. There’s no way a bunch of autistic biz pajeets have that amount of money.
3.- The coin has been growing since December, so not a PnD.
4.- I invested in this coin 1 month ago and I’m not selling any soon because of random discord groups with pocket money who probably don’t influence the price even one bit.
5.- If you can’t see why this is a good investment then stay poor, but don’t think everyone here who support UFR is a pajeet shiller, because we’re not. There are people who really believe in the project.

7/10 would convince a retard

>3.- The coin has been growing since December, so not a PnD.
>4.- I invested in this coin 1 month ago and I’m not selling any soon because of random discord groups with pocket money who probably don’t influence the price even one bit.
>1 post by this ID
Then stop spamming this scamcoin here, you are not welcome

It's not a scam, and I have never spammed, the one who think this is a shitcoin are constantly spamming with retarded images.
Then I probably convinced you.

post by this ID
how does having 1 post makes it bad? look, now I have 3 posts, wow, my opinion is now totally valid and truth.

1/10, you've regressed user I'm disappointed

Reminder that these PnD retards have been shilling this coin day in day out for several days now and the only direction it has gone is down.

Wow, I really care about what a random pajeet thinks.

Holy shit, how newfag can you be, discord shill?

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fuck cant wait to see these threads in a month or so!

I'm waiting... Oh right, you can't because you're a lying faggot. Or maybe you're photohopping some bs photo. kys pajeet,

>doesn't post the link of his posts on Veeky Forums in discord so the bot doesn't take a screen
>lolol you can't prove I'm a discord shill
The sole fact that you don't see any problem and keep wasting your time defending these shills and this scamcoin is enough to prove you are a discord shill. Or a retard with heavy bags. Choose your poison

HAHAHAHAHAH, so you can't prove anything and now you claim that because of THAT, I'm a discord shill? You really have no reasoning skills, you probably have a eeh judge look, I can't prove this guy killed someone, because he probably made the evidence disappear, but THAT must prove that I'm right and he's a killer ehe hehehehe right judge? right?

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pink wojaks ahead


You are so newfag it's painful to watch. Lurk moar before posting

I've been on Veeky Forums for years fucking pajeet. KYS

And here we see the UFR pajeets in their naturally environment.
Shitting up the board with their shitty shilling attempts thinking they're suave as fuck and nobody can tell.
Needs some ethnic cleansing.

>the one shilling for a coin calling others pajeet
>KYS in capital letters
>on Veeky Forums
Jesus, stop



Because discords groups are pumping it and the whitepaper says not to buy this for financial gains.

UFR looks like it'll be big though, maybe one year down the line. whether retards shill for it or not doesn't make a difference. look into them.

Comfy with my gainzzz

Its up like 400% from a week ago

Very nice

>and will be a lot less likely to be a virus
Now not only you will get a virus but also pay for it retard.