Bump for fags

Danger danger

Kraken isn't coming back up user. They are rebranding to Mt. Gox


Well fuck me.. it's actually back. I thought the worst

All orders are cancelled on kraken fool

FUD Alert

what the fuck is kraken.io you bunch of retards
you don't even know the URL of your fucking exchange is that where this board is at currently?

>implying you can withdraw xlm from kraken

So what? You can place new ones

I never use it because it's a shit exchange. So no.. No I do not know the URL

oh good thing some random idiot who doesn't even use it is making statements about the status of it based on some other idiot's random snapshot of a fucking random website
top stuff Veeky Forums keep it up

g-guys why cant we break 5k? . im worried.

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It's pretty obvious that I was joking about another Mt Gox. that would effect the entire crypto space regardless if I use it or not.

Why do you fags think people will do when they come back online with a 3500 sat XLM vs 4850 on Binance

I'm not selling this until it's $1.00 biiiiiiitch

So when it comes back online all standing sell orders are not there meaning if anything there will be insufficient liquidity to handle buys and price off all coins will spike like when coinbase added BCH.
Unless they do what they are going to docand suspend trades until adequate pairs with liquidity are in place, and no one is going to sell for 3500.

>pumping a 12 billion marketcap coin

when will pajeets learn?

> 1 $
are you retarded? this goes 2$ eom
and 10$ eoy
all other shitcoins will die and all the money will flow into xlm since no one cashes out

what you mean ?

You have no affect on the market you dumb streetshitter

Kraken isn't working so it's not "3500 sats there", it's nothing and will reset when kraken goes up again. Besides, kraken is like 1% of the volume

really wish i researched XLM better early, I thought it was just a simple token third worlders could send to each other on their phones

That XLM/KRW market is not far off binance in volume today, they're paying 88 cents, was only 1 or 2m vol during the big moon mission

Christ this retarded fucking pajeet bot in EVERY FUCKING GODDAMN THREAD