>shill me

>whales are accumulating

>don't shill, let it grow organically

>solid dev team
>this is the new ethereum
>check out the charts
>big announcements coming soon
>dev is active in the slack
>going to bittrex soon
>big if true
>roadmap soon
>Wallet beta released
>logo redesign
>updated roadmap
>new blog post
>whales are accumulating
>next 24hours are critical
>youve missed (top 3 coin) (color), are you gonna miss (top 3 coin) (precious metal) too?!!
>this is the (top 10 coin) of (country)
>is a smart contract that runs on the ethereum network
>vote here so it can be listed on yobit
>it's a good coin
>it's not a scam
>huge announcements coming
>read the whitepaper
>look at the roadmap
>it's not too late to buy
>partnership with [insert Fortune 500 company here] coming soon
>big conference soon
>ui redesign coming soon
>marketing isn't a priority right now
>it's going to be added to Bittrex soon
>accumulate during the dip
>whales are manipulating the price
>just HODL
>uninstall your blockfolio and come back in x years
>netflix on the blockchain
>it will moon from 4$ to 25$ next month
>it brings X to the blockchain
>the premine will be used to fund development
>its a fork of X
>it scales better than X
>partnered with Microsoft
>solid dev team
>its under $1
>it's backed by X
>it's built upon the X platform
>it's gone up by X% in the past 24 hours
>big announcement in X days
>it will revolutionize the X industry
>it's still not on any of the major exchanges
>it's like exactly like X but better>x by the end of week, screen cap this
>_________ is making a decision today.
>Just wait until China wakes up
>active on [messaging application]
>(country name) finance ministry loves this coin
>new website
>new exchanges coming soon
>ASIC resistant
>I called this coin at X sats
>ichimoku cloud shows divergence
>tenkan-sen and kijun-sen

>use my referral code

DYOR backwards is ROYD

WAY to ruin the thread with your shitty pasta, faggot.

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>sell walls
>get in now

>buy unless you hate money

i absolutely lost it at his pasta you neckbeard virgin.

>You never listen


> I'm glad it crashed to 8% because I can accumulate more

please explain this meme to me

>read the whitepaper
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I've actually been on Veeky Forums for 3 years so it's even worse


>sign of a healthy market



>This is the last time I'll post this.

>le hodl
>le inside joke
>le witty banter

Thank you. I was begginning to think I am alone between the reddit influx.