Every day is a day closer to release of funcasinos

Every day is a day closer to release of funcasinos

How much are you holding ?

300 rupees, will I have fun?

4k. Am I going to make it?

Share some FUN memes fellow FUN holders

why the fuk would i ever use this pos when i can go ether dice anytime i want with odds i want you braindead insec

press s to spit on faggot op

Deluded funnies

Only third worlders spit on people user.. You're not a pajeet are you?


>Pajeets not understanding first world business

Too bad they dont have yet a coin to dezentralize shitting on streets trough blockchain technology





25k in a few days



Cool, just bought 100k

>games are supposed to be fair
>expected value is not negative
casinos would never put these games in, they'd lose waaaaay too much money. especilaly if the games could be botted. sorry this is a good idea but casinos would rather die than let people have a chance at breaking even 50% of the time. gambling just isn't fun when you see that every game is stacked heavily against you.

5k FUN,

When do we hit 2k sats?

you have no idea how degenerate gamblers work dude. I worked in table games for four years. I've seen card counters and lucky whales lose millions for the stupidest shit imaginable. Greed is good for us man, in all shapes and forms.

The games will all have the same typical casino returns.. this just ensures an online casino isn't being sneaky like some I've seen and making the odds heavily in their favor.

150k reporting in

>He didnt read the white paper

6k. Selling at .50


>tfw only 24,5k
(I am the guy in the front)

96k and plan on hodling for at least an entire year.

Maybe even longer.

I mean within a year you'll know if the project catches on or dies. I don't know why you'd ever sell if FUN does its thing unless you need the money...

Yes sir, very good coin sir, invest now 100$ u will get one milian dollar very soon sir.

1500 funlet. I just wanna be part of the moon mission, even if it means no lambos for me.

I can't help myself from
buying more FUN

you're more devoted than link holders. it's like a cult to you instead of a market

16k fun chad reporting

Trying to work my way to the 20k club

Learn about the technology. Learn about who is behind it. You'll be devoted too.

15k Funlet reporting in

>make false and retarded claims like a child
>get btfo
Go buy your chinkcoin Vechain dip.




Three thousand FUN. Gonna break into the ten thousands and start really working on making it.

700 FUN will I make it?

>playing dice with other autists > worldwide online casinos

Try harder

1.5k FUNlet here. I'm in this for the long hold and will be trying to accumulate more before ICE. We're gonna make it, FUNbros!

just look at this. An ounce of criticism and the autist explodes like a volcano

Can we get someone to screencap all the deluded nonfunnies itt?

i have 999, wanted to swing it but i bought it a bit higher than it is now

Do you not know what provably-fair means? FunFair-powered casinos will still have a house edge.

only 2k


>provably fair
>negative EV when playing optimally

550k FUN here. Any faggots having more fun than me speak the fuck up

When this shit kicks off (and it will, Sandeep) I will be a millionaire. FUN is the safest short term 5x and long term 10x in the top 100 coin list. If you can't see this get the fuck off and go back to flipping burgers.

1.5MM reporting in. I plan on holding for the long-term.

Eom predictions? Considering going all in on this

>39000 future USD
you're gonna make it user

Provably-fair means that the odds of each game are known and the results of the wagers are verifiable, not sure what your argument is.

FUN needs to hurry up. I missed do many moons.

Oh fuck bro, nigga got 3x as much your bitch ass.

>not understanding casinos

Try going to a casino in Vegas and play blackjack, let it ride, or even slots. The house ALWAYS has an edge, even though it is highly regulated, and gamblers know it. Online casinos can artificially create an even bigger house advantage and the gamblers will never know. Hence the need for this tech.


Nice m8’s

Where is the guy who is all in with about 4 million coins at?

Holding 14K but I don’t want more.

75k but bought in around 1250 sats, so I'm way down at the moment.

FUN games are vastly cheaper to play due to FunFair's state channels limiting the number of on-chain transactions required and FunFair provides a variety of games with quality UIs. Also, if someone wants to develop a dice game for FunFair's platform where the player can pick their odds, they'll be able to.

>46 billion dollar global gaming market (as stated on their website)
>fun fair was already close to 1 billion dollars (800 million).
>either stinky funzies are deluded enough to believe this will 10x short term and get 1/5 of the GLOBAL GAMING MARKET in a market where there are big names already consolidated (TEXTBOOK DELUSION) or they are happy with a miserable 10x over a year.


no, the actually retarded are the ones who play a game with a negative EV. there is no incentive or reason for casinos or online gambling websites to adopt funfair. plus if they adopt funfair that means they're in the crypto pot with us. do you really want a multi billion industry joining the market? when banks try to get in everyone shits on them. why the love for casinos?

Screenshot before Pajeet starts shitting from this mouth instead of the street.

No but seriously, if you do your research on the product, team, market, and progress of this company and think this is not the most profitable idea in the top 100 coins you need to find a new hobby.

I live in Silicon Valley and fucked with a lot of tech startups out of here. FUN is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to print a fuckton of money. Buying FUN is like being an angel investor of Uber: You will be famous just for getting in on this. We are #blessed to have the opportunity to buy shares in this 1-way-ticket Lamboland.

I don't listen Veeky Forums advices anymore.



>or they are happy with a miserable 10x over a year

Shit, I would be happy with a 10x. I'm actually expecting no more than 5x by EOY and I'm perfectly fine with that.

What's that of your folio? FUN is 65% of mine.

30K Fun

All casino games have a negative EV. Da fuck?

65% as well.

i sold this shti


Bye pajeey

>Miserable 10x over a year

It's the least risky 10x in the top 100. When you have a folio over 1k you'll understand.

Risking the opportunity to attain financial freedom for the rest of your life on a whitepaper and marketing hype (VEN, ICX, XRB, TRX, EOS) is some dumb nigger shit. Even if your gamble on one of those shitcoins does get you a 10x before me it doesn't change you being stupid as fuck for risking that.


how is fun a good coin mr pajeet

Some incentives for a casino to use FunFair: cheaper operating costs (centralized solutions require hosting servers and a number of employees to maintain service), free to adopt (other white-label gambling software developers charge high licence fees), easy to configure and customize, and increased business brought in by those who want to play at a casino that cannot scam them

150k funster here.
i'm BTFD daily

Just went all in on FUN great looking at

Yea dawg. You get it. I'd say see you at the lambo dealership but I know you'll invest your gains more wisely.

I got most of mine at 9c but I never buy above 15c now.

Cute funchan you got there, I like it.

>-22% in 2 days


>buy high
>sell low


Are you blind or dumb? The whole market lost 25% during the same time.

>wtf why is this coin moving why can't it go up completely straight 400% a day

The post.

I believe in Jez San
>created starfox
>literally a knight
>last name is a Japanese honorific

have you ever gambled in your life my man?

4030 here goml scrub

>When do we hit 2k sats?

maybe someday, maybe never?

Would be ideal desu

>moons once in a while followed by long crashes
>stays red most days

Deluded funnies, there are so many other things to invest in. Other than a gamble on a gamblers coin

Selling my 1.5k Fun as soon as this piece of shit decides to move up again.

We can all dream user


I’m retarded noob

lol were devoted to the technology.

we invested into blockchain. Funfair has great advantage when it comes to the industry its aiming for

what is the purpose of this coin and why should i buy .5btc worth

Lazy man go buy some shitcoin