Letting go of an old friend: The Chainlink Story

We had a good run guys. The memes were great. I had fun. But sometimes you need to put a sick dog down. We're now beginning the 4 month bleedout to 15 cents, when the 0 cents price singularity will take place and the long term flush will be complete. Linkies will have finally solved the having any money problem. Good job faggots. I just market sold all of my Chainlink (LINK) tokens. I'm jumping off this sinking ship. We're headed for the abyss. The pump and dump is over and Sergey has run out of Mac sauce. The exit scam is coming and like a house of cards it will all come tumbling down. Sergey is going to jump from this project and let it die just like Secure Asset Exchange (SAE) and NXT. All he does is pump and dump projects all while growing his money belly bigger and bigger. Chainlink is just another whore for Sergey to use, all you neets are literally getting fucked by Sergey's scammer cock. It's not too late to get out of this shit show right now. My source says the insider whales are cashing out; and soon. This shit token will never see 1.20 again, and is about to be dumped to sub 60 cents. To all the newcomers, stay the FUCK away from this coin. Look into Sergey's past and you'll know he's just like the Eboost scammer. Leave this project and forget about it.

>can't even post decent FUD.
1/10 neck yourself

>being this mad he bought a russian scam token

I'm just trying to help all the newfriends out. Don't buy this scam!

i aleeady sold my link for ENG. thanks anyway tho op i appreciate the thought... im just glad i got out at the top....

assalami alaykum

Who the fuck do idiots like you want to reach out?!
>I just market sold all of my Chainlink (LINK) tokens
Had to be one of those Changmoney orders of like 80LINK.

I am glad you fucking left the scene and we have one idiot less you toxic fuck!

It's fucking sad, really. Linkies keep repeating their "cup and handle" mantra when the reality is that LINK is officially on a downtrend again. We're looking at another 3 month bleedout, target is 45 cents. It's time to drop those heavy ass bags. I don't know how anyone is still holding this blatant scam. Do 15 minutes of research and you'll see that Steve Ellison isn't even a fucking real person and Sergey has a chronic issue with project abandonment. Word is he has severe depression and anxiety, hence the weight gain and inability to finish anything. I won't warn you newfags again, STAY AWAY FROM CHAINLINK.

We will see in 1 week I guess when the cup&handle phase is finally over. Personally, I'm looking to invest in the upcoming days.

Yes sirs link is bad coin

sell it u will lose all money

Just trying to help sirs

The fud is getting desperate

thanks you friend for helping we all

i just read all chainlink charts and my friends i can tell that its looking bad

better to sell now

-sir william

Motherfucker literally copy pastes his brainvomit all over the place.

GTFO you son of a crackwhore I hope you get aids from fucking your mother while both of you being high on bathsalts!!!!!!!

>Old friend
>Now scamcoin
Not even trying faggot.

chainlink is the only alt I believe in apart from ETH

Do you fucking stinky linkies fucking get it? You're not gonna make it with your fucking erc20 shit token. You need to invest in other opportunities. Seriously just market sell all your chainlinks, ASAP. Sergey is already backpacking throughout Southeast Asia as we fucking speak telling people he's retired. It's over. Sergey's salty surprise is gonna be the exit scam announcement. Datadash was right, SWIFT cancelled the partnership because Sergey's a fucking russian scammer. It's a pity too, the project had so much promise but that's because it was never real in the first place. Steve isn't even a real fucking person. Rory said he's never actually heard Steve's voice in the Slack. The building their website says they're at is a run down hole in the wall indonesian restaurant. The house of cards is falling and Sergey knows people are starting to smell his exit scam. That's why he's vanished from all social media and forms of communication. He's in hiding backpacking asia filling his money belly until this all blows over.

It's fucking ogre guys just fucking sell those heavy ass bags.

the ethereum superconference is next month

yea it is so obvious and still it hasn't really been picked up by others yet.

I thought the same at 15cents, and now at $1 aswell. Such a steal

I agree Link is for shitter

And that's why the fudders keep posting there's shit. The are the ones that are too late for ChainLink and now, enforced by market swing, want to fud people out just in order to fill their own bags... Newfags, don't fall for that. Keep holding your link and enjoy a good lifetime in like 3-5 months.

Will I make it with 500 link? Im a poor fag.

I mean you could, but it's highly unlikely. I want ot be holding like 5K before it takes off.

when this retard will give next update?

Thanks just bought 100k

So OP...
Tell us how much link you have. What's your ideal stack. And please show the transaction id that shows when you market sold link.
This is weak FUD but the amount of fud is increasing without any significant bad news incoming. There is no reason for Chainlink to moon until mainnet launch. But no real reason for it to tank other than the market confidence dipping due to the Korea issue.
I unironically bought 5806 more links now because I use the amount of senseless fud as a buy signal.
In a week or two I think I will be better than today. Only time will tell


I'm safe, I locked my Link stack's price at 1.4$ in my trezor, so in case it goes down, I would made it anyway