Who still buys this shitcoin?

Not many, which is why the price keeps going down.

You will once it reaches an ATH.

people who aren't poor

The only coin that will matter in the end.

I buy it to buy alts

anyone with a brain

anyone that speculates past 2 months into the future

really never seen a shit coin lose popularity so fast, must be the hick developers all i can see

When Bitcoin goes on another bullrun and it will all you faggots will be crying and begging for papa to stop but papa won't stop until 100k.

Everyone will realize the true value of alts is roughly zero and it will literally be zero as well. Alts aren't even worth the hardware they rely on.

still holding ~1.56 btc. next bullrun will be ~60-80k. most of alts will crash. xmr, ltc, eth, ark and mona will go up this time tho, cap this.

BTC LTC ETH portfolio reporting in.

dont awaken the beast

im srs user

I buy it to buy more ltc

Anyone who's aware of how the crypto market cycles.

no sure what to do with ~6k xrb tho lol, I could sell half for 5 btc, what do

Those bags getting heavy user?

we sell it now, we will buy when it reaches 25k, the only Veeky Forums way

>bcore fucks
>constantly smug and annoying faggots in general
>get JUSTed big time because it is clearly overvalued
>all their gainz where siphoned into BTC

Get fucked fags

>still keeping XRB
wait till it hits binance and you lose 90% of your money

why? this coin is clearly better than litecoin, wait for the first big partner and the very possible rebrand. Also, I think we might hit ~300k sats one more time on kucoin, selling half of it then to reach 10 full btc

Sell xrb and buy ltc