HOLY FUCK APPC has been updated on CMC and is at rank 115 now front page insight GET THE FUCK IN NOW!

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Already up to 113!

mm how about no. Maybe when its back to $1

ofc it had a 160mil mc before the marketcap was even listed.

This will never be back to $1 rofl. You think XRP is gonna be 20 cents again?

fucking moron pajeet buy now or cri later

all in

>"cri later"

yeah it will, fucktard. Wait and see

Go do some technical analysis, that's not possible. TO THE MOON.

What bag burned you faggot? youre literally a fucking dipfuck

>200m user base already using aiptoide

yea go ahead and keep buying TRX you fucking cuck

>it made it to the front page of CMC, get in now or stay poor


He is right tho, when a coin suddenly get 150, people start investing into. This is a good point to go in while its under 3$.

lmao appfags THIS mad. You'll get fucked once btc goes for a run

gonna be a fun moon tonight kiddies

where can buy this?


looks like a good coin honestly but why would it moon now

Because CMC fucked up it's circulation supply and total supply. The total supply is still messed up, it's only 240 mil, but the circulation supply was updated. We just went from rank 1087 to rank 113 and rising. We ┬┤bout to go mainstream.

This is a proven scam from a scummy discord group I'm in. What happens when they suddenly decide to switch coins? There's no tech here. It dumps on all you fag bagholders that didn't believe us that it's a scam. Buy at your own risk and don't cry with your bags.

from leddit

Just so you guys are wary, APPC announced on Twitter they have burnt all unsold tokens, CMC has not been updated, so currently the valuation for App Coins is $283MM not c. $950MM which is what everyone believes. Undervalued by x 4, apples for apples token price should be $2.89 * (450/98) = $13.21 as of 11th Jan 7.58pm. At the moment market cap is only $283MM so just about a top 100. Not shilling or anything but they actually have 200MM users already. They should be alot higher.

Figures using: 98M as per Appcoins Tweet

Twitter: APPC The unsold tokens were burnt today. AppCoins market cap and supply: Circulating supply= 98 M APPC Total supply= 246 M APPC Market cap= Token Price X Circulating Supply For further clarification join us on Telegram @AppCoinsOfficial

On worldindex it shows at rank 30, which is was prior to the burn. Check the marketcap.

What the fuck are you talking about "switch coins?"

Aptoide and Appcoins are the SAME TEAM. You're fucking clueless.

You're an idiot. This is a real fucking company unlike the CONCEPTS you are buying in every other coin now. Not to diss on them, but this is actually an existing market of 200 million people. Go fuck yourself nigger.

scummy discord says it's a scam. Sounds totally legitimate sir

If you aren't in on this in some capacity you are a moron.

Why are we not mooning guys? I went all in at 31700 sats please help

Yes dude, it's such as scam that you can actually use it in your android right now, and could have for several years. Aptoide is one of the biggest app markets on the planet. Let me know how your whitepaper-only coins are doing.

News takes time to spread, don't worry.

moon mission

these faggots will fomo in at 30k

I've been waiting for that moment. Just bought the dip which touches the support line. I'm all in !

Really not sure why you're directing that at me, I was one of the first onboard this rocketship.

i need this moon mission, i literally lost half of my portfolio today from a giant fuckup, I NEED THIS, IF Veeky Forums IS RIGHT ABOUT THIS COIN I WILL SUCK EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU OFF INDIVIDUALLY

TA fag here. Fundamentals don't matter in crypto as much as I like this coin. Wait for it to drop to 17-18 and it's gonna be moon mission from then on.

On the other hand ARN is about to break out so you can hop on this rocket. Not a fucking drill

I see this dropping to 15k sats, the "news" that they burned the coins and the CMC was wrong was released 3 days ago and already pumped from that.

Why would it pump again for no reason?

The burn happened and was mentioned on their twitter, man. CMC news just broke now, because CMC just updated now.

Why do you think it'll dump to 15k?

I was sitting comfy in BnB yesterday then you fucking pajeets shilled me this coin, you fuckwits have been screaming moon since godamn yesterday
i hope this shit drops below 1c
I will drown with you but fuck it watching you scammers drown too will be worth it

fuck i went all in yesterday ;( 3.8 btc sunk. lmao jk fags we're fine.

Bc he's cleverly trying to shill you ARN right now.

>20 shillpoints have been added to your account

CMC update did just happen couple of hours ago and the token burn did not boost the coin anywhere.

Why are you lying faggot?

yeah because a coin with a real world application and real company isn't worth investing in, better to go all in on FUN and join a pump group right faggot?

Different guy. 17-18k is a reasonable assumption for it dump down to, but there's nothing to suggest it'll drop to 15k at all.

Because they fucking lied
I got told the same thing yesterday
Turned out it already happen 3 days ago
Absolute fucking pajeets

this is how these idiots think. Clearly they are not smart enough to distinct shilled coins from an obv PnD and an actual investment opportunity.

this shit never mooned you idiot ahhhhhhhh cmon
its just that we thought it might moon yesterday, the day before yesterday and so on but it didnt happen. Eventually it will moon fucking hard as fuck, it seems like it just takes time.