What would you do with $67,000 in unlawful gains?

What would you do with $67,000 in unlawful gains?

Donate it to the Northwest Front.

Would report the $10,000 to IRS.

>What would you do with $67,000 in unlawful gains?

it would never get to me.

someone would just steal it.

Thanks for all of the protection, guys.

I was hoping for a less cringeworthy response.

Pay your mom to give me 67,000 blow jobs...

Use it as your Petty Cash fund paying for anything under a few grand.

Claiming it or Laundering it would cost at least 25%-40%

>reporting anything to the IRS
Nigga what??

This. I'm worried about somebody stealing it

Gas and groceries for the rest of my life

67,000$ is 2 crumbs

I would spend free gas to the kikes

send it to the daily stormer

I have been doing this for years, but over time it just accumulates. I even have an under-the-table housing situation, paying my landlord in cash every week, but I still have a lot left over.

put a few hundred in my bank a week until its all in

I'd pay off all of my debt and then probably NEET it up with a pound of weed and see how I feel at the end of it.

Put it in your pooper

>mail $67,000 to kike controlled opposition
Congratulations, you're the most retarded person in the thread thus far


>Northwest Front.

Holy shit, I remember those memes from 2011.

Are they still around?

>wait 6 months for spike
>cash out.


Create a small power wash or paint, roof, restaurant company and build from there... Unless you are a drug dealer, fuck it. Go to panama and buy 6 or 8 kilos for $3,200 each and smuggle them in to sell for 43k in NY.

Putting $200 into a bank account per week wpuld take 6 years to deposit it all. Meanwhile the IRS is going to wonder where all that extra income is coming from.

>Gift $14,000 to various family and friends
>Deposit $10,000 every week

I would do this until the money runs out.

This kind of attitude is why a White Ethnostate can't happen. If the NWF had proper financing through donations it'd have a fully staffed HQ with competent leadership.

Typical American white trash.

>paying off debt with illegally obtained cash

how do you make the money?

Buy gold or platinum

donate to charity

Lol the Jew knows all about these things

Cant you setup some sort of donation/crowdfunding website and flood it with 100usd donations from random people?

Buy a bunch of Bitcoin in person (look on craigslist) and then sell the bitcoin on Coinbase. They won in court against the IRS and voluntarily decided to report gains only over $20k in a given year for PRIOR years. Some people thinks that means they'll continue reporting for future years but there are many exchanges that you can sell for slightly less without any reporting to the IRS.

teach us poorfags, cashanon

Keep it in the form of cash, buying gold and silver, maybe crypto if you are smart in that sector.

Anything $10,000 or more in less than a 1 week period will be on the radar of the IRS because of the Patriot Act.

Go to Vegas and wash it through a casino. would end up with 65-66k unless you gamble like a retard

Localbitcoins. Launder it that way.

Can I buy BTC with just cash without depositing it into a bank? (Also without getting robbed)

Yes, still around. The problem is lack of quality white people willing to work towards a goal. Everybody has the attention span of a cat and is too busy sucking Jewish cock to liberate themselves from the degeneracy.

Probably not. Banks won't report deposits under $10k to the IRS. Now if the IRS happens to audit you or for whatever reason, is monitoring your bank account, you'd get caught and have to pay the taxes but banks will not even fill out the form for less than $10k

Purchase valuables with high resale and hold onto them till cash needed

Purchase gaming consoles at various retail outlets (spread out) in cash and then sell said consoles on eBay.


Retire and become a bum.


Unlawful gains are easy to conceal in small amounts. Use a credit card to pay for gas 1/3 times so you have a record of paying for gas. Do the same for groceries, clothes, whatever.

Pay the other 2/3 times with cash. Have a legitimate job (even if p/t) to show legal income. Make some cash withdrawals of decent amounts (300-500) so you can show reason to have cash on hand. If you have casinos nearby, sign up for their rewards club card and gamble a little bit from time to time. Small "wins" (I'm assuming you would lose overall) would also help establish a reason for the amount of cash you have.

$67k is more than you need, and you aren't able to invest in stock without entering that money into the system.

buy RLC tokens

The Casino will make you fill out a form and report it to the IRS if you play with over $10k. Same with if you make more than $10k playing.

not post it on an FBI honeypot

>dude just buy more drugs
That's what I have been doing, faggot. I'm looking for OTHER ways to discretely spend this shit other than petty cash

keep the cash, use it for cash purchases and keep my paycheck

Craigslist. That's all I'm going to say

>deposit 10k every week
Have fun getting audited



Live a nice, quiet six years while scamming bennies, did that for three years with half that sum from 2011-2013. Can't do much else with money the state isn't allowed to know you have it. You could always try to launder it in a casino but its gotten way harder to get away with it, shit sucks.

Pay off debt.
Buy PMs.
Remodel home.
Buy a home and rent it out.
Literally anything to benefit your future, bro.

Nothing. Sit on it for a couple years.

You don't do it all at one Casino, or in one day

Get into Crypto.

Buy Ethereum, LINK, REQ and QSP on Binance.

Report the smaller amount as gains for selling something, pay taxes on it.
IRS will dismiss claims you are spending recklessly "well, he did get $10,000, and reported it".

Also, don't deposit more than you reported. after taxes.

Start making slow payments towards my student loans. Small enough not to be noticed by the IRS, but large enough to make a dent into the principal with every payment.

This is basically how the feds made Stephen Paddock's income look legit. They claimed he was a professional gambler and laundered money through casinos to corroborate that story.

> a pound of weed
I do almost 2 pounds a year

Go eat some good, or claim it came from selling bitcoins.

literally just pay for everything in cash?

>user just donate all of your hard earned cash to 4 bearded hippies with an impossible dream
67k isn't going to do shit. To form an ethnostate you would need to be able to rebel against the federal government successfully.

You could also just save all of your reported income and ONLY spend cash for bills and expenses. In the end, you'd save the $60k from your income and have effectively used only cash to pay your bills. It's a pain in the ass but it can easily be done.

>don't deposit more than you reported
Giving large sums of your money to jews to hold on for you.

drive around and give 5 dollar to every homeless people in the whole town. you might feel a relief, not a big one since its drug cash... also you could intoxicate the homeless people with your dirty money, but who knows.

Buy Dash coin now faggot, the government can't track it and it is superior to bit coin in terms of security. It also goes up as bitcoin goes up, It will eventually replace bitcoin as the dominant dark coin because it is less watched by the government making it more lucrative for international organized crime.

I started selling drugs in high school. Weed and adderall, mostly. Now I buy kilos of cocaine and have a couple script monkeys I buy oxy from. Selling coke to frat boys is easy and safe.

someone post the original

How can I buy precious metals with cash without looking suspicious as fuck?

Monero is the same way. Most crime figures use Monero for their shady shit.

I would spend all day ironing each bill so they're all nice and smooth

Buy 1oz gold bars with 95% of it. Keep the rest as cash.

This might be the only real answer

get litty

>the nose in the picture

buy a good safe and then use the cash for daily purchases. You could deposit small amounts into a bank account over time as well though that could be considered a risk.

well this, even its pretty gay tho. He will lose the money if its drug cash, karma always wins baby.

Don't dress like a loser first of all. If you really are worried just buy the gold from a few different places.

The minimum required threshold for a CTR is $10k, but banks can file an SAR if you appear to be smurfing (structuring or making repeated transactions just under the 10k limit), if they suspect your gains are illicit, or if they just don’t like you. Whether FinCEN ever reads SARs is another question.

Go to a series of casinos and convert less than 10k into chips. gamble for a bit then cash it all (less than 10k) out as legit money.

Dash was made to scale up during the exponential growth curve making it better for longterm investment.

Go live in a country where cash isn't 100% taboo yet for a while.

I hope you get busted

Donate it to Trump in 2020

Pay off my debts and spend what's left over on cryptos and painting my car

you peanut butter with that jelly?

Bills and a Boob Job to go with my Numale beard.

Just spend it, duh.

Is it illegal to buy apartments from private individuals for cash in Jewmerica?

Just say it's your mom's money and she's been saving her whole life if somebody get suspicious.

You glow in the dark.

Build a secret bunker and fill with illegal guns for the coming race war.
This is the only answer user and you know it.

Classic way is art/small business. Ever see a small business and wonder how in the world they stay in business without selling anything?

Open up a shitty smoke shop. You already don't care about the health of your patrons, so it should not be a huge leap. Also, mostly cash operation.

Start a Cash business
Hotdog cart
Powerwashing decks
Detailing cars
Dog walking
deposit the money along side legitimate income
make weekly deposits and insert 500-1000 of the illegal cash into legitimate account along with checks

1 Buy cars/other high value goods in cash
2 Sell goods for land.


Pay taxes and enjoy a bigmac on the remainder

2nd this idea. Silver is a good way too. Just need to find a guy that can make it happen. They do exist.

Good idea.

If you're sitting on illegal funds that you don't really need, it would be nice to give some of it to homeless people.

Handing out $20 bills to an entire group of homeless people would be something they would kind of remember for a long time