When will nocoiners learn?

Let's talk about something different, let's talk about nocoiners. What's their issue? Why aren't they investing? I can't imagine the mental hoops they have to jump through.

I am trying to get my friends into crypto, I even gave one guy a bunch of Ark and some Eth but he immediately cashed it all out (it's tripled in value since then). Just found out he just dropped another grand on a new rig.
Why are nocoiners like this? How long will we go before they all finally give in and board the rocket?

Because not all people waste 5-6 hours of their on the computer, check different price charts every 5 minutes, and spend hours of their time to learn stuff about the crypto market.
Many actually go out, make friends, and party almost everyday and don't plan for their future others think the crypto market is too risky and try to make money in different ways.
Once Cryptocurrencies become mainstream with instagramm videos titled such as "5 EASY tips to get into Bitcoin" and etc. with the standard "good-feel" music, easy animations and such (i.e. YT Vox editiing style) many will go into crypto.
Also, we call them "normies"

>Implying you can't just take 30 minutes a week to buy and hold & make great gains

Lol just LOL

Because at this time nobody is “investing”. We’re all trading, speculating, and gambling.

You're retarded, it's quite difficult to do shit in crypto when you're actually busy in real life. Got destroyed during the BTC pump because I was too busy with my university exams and didn't see my alts crashing. Barely recovered since last weekend.

Of course when you're a worthless subhuman neet/wagecuck then you've got all the time in the world for crypto but otherwise not everybody can make the time to do some research and buy worthwhile coins.

Forget the moon. Once the normans join in we will have overtaken Voyager 1.
Because that's how they function.

because you can't relate to normies doesn't mean he doesn't have a point

It's not about nocoiners, it's about people not appreciating.

>Oh no I'm retarded and lost money in crypto, better call him a loser B)

Nocoiners don't exist anymore user, everyone's a coiner now.

Even the most staunch nocoiners have caved.

Normies I talk to read their normie news app and all think bitcoin is me bubble. They don’t even understand bitcoin, let alone other altcoins. I have nothing but respect for them but if you browse Veeky Forums regularly, you are a different breed of person. Anyway the only nocoiners I don’t understand are biz lurkers that have no coins. I just feel bad for those dudes.
Also this isn’t true, buy and hold good shit for the most part, I don’t do more than 3 or 4 trades a week and I don’t waste hours researching. I’ve also made over 20x my initial investment and I don’t think I’m better than most people on this board. If you spend 4 hours a night researching, doing ta, staring at graphs, and reading white papers you’re doing too much.

i dunno maybe they don't want to put money into volatile cryptos when the market is in the middle of a crash and every media outlet is publicizing how crypto bubble is going to be pop soon? maybe they make enough to enjoy their lives without crypto? maybe they don't want to have to worry about how their investments are doing every week? maybe they don't want to be burdened with taxes? maybe they just don't care about the technology behind blockchains or think it's very overvalued at this point?

idk man lots of reasons maybe your few brain cells together and see what you can come up with.

>not investing in the money printing industry


Some female at my workplace was talking about her brother getting a 16x from being in LINK today. At least half my coworkers were interested in her discussion, but somehow 0 of them had any ideas where to start with crypto.

It's not going to be long before they're all in it. The public adoption bubble is quickly approaching and the general public are the people we'll be shitting on when we cash out. And they won't be happy about it.

That brings a good point, when general public phase really hits, most of us will be cashing out. Veeky Forums is always 6months to a year(or more, depending on the board) ahead of the curve. Starting to feel comfy.

Because they are NPC's

see pic for basic gestalt

Reading my gaming forums today, twas a thread and a poll on interest of crypto. They are all mostly clueless about the tech and skeptical of it being some kind of scam.

Because CNN and boomers told
Them not to. If we stay on an upward trend (which my fucking fingers are crossed just got in and really want to be a part of moon missions), and a few people actually start cashing a bit of money out and flashing it around for normies to see they will come flocking. Most people are computer retarded so it will take awhile for people to make more gains, flash money, and then normies see social media posts about it and try to get in it and takes them a month to figure out how to register for coinbase. I heard an old guy in my gyms locker room talking about how his nephew turned 1.5k into 8k, so their interest is peaked. It will just take a few more news stories and faceburg posts followed by a month or two for them to learn how to get into the market. Or they won’t and I just wasted money I can afford to lose.

op, i hear my 56 y/o colleague talk about bitcoin EVERY. FUCKING. MINUTE. he won't shut up about it. I think he's a cunt for only talking about btc and i fucking trade! If i want to have a cunt go on continously as how people go on about tron, i'll ask which footballteam is better and i'll get the same kind of response.

I agree that people don't think, but this here could be alex jones or a tumblr snowflake writing this up for all i know. saying that, everybody who doesn't do x is a normie (REEEE) might be that the writer's just a cunt.

Fiat lets you buy things
Stocks pay dividends
Bonds give interest

What the fuck does crypto do?

even reddit despite being full of anti-trump people brainwashed by propaganda is shifting towards pro-trump due to the groupthink spreading from The_Donald's "trust trump" idealism

>Why aren't they investing
because 99% of the shit in this space is scams and looking for the diamonds in the vast mountain of shit that is crypto is a part time job in itself

few have the technical and professional expertise to even discern a quality product from some third world marketer in russia

this right here tells you the true problem with nocoiners: mediocrity
intellectual mediocrity, emotional medocrity... the life of a nocoiner is a life of failure made tolerable by seeing others fail around you. when someone experiences success through their own momentum, nocoiners must rationalize it as a stroke of luck and therefore unfair, as to preserve their fragile ego
you can't cure nocoiners, you can only hope to improve the next generation by having kids and encouraging nocoiners to be childless:
- go to college so you waste your prime years
- get a job in san fran so you spend all your income and become too psychologically attached to six figures to accept making marginally less in an area where living costs are 4x lower
- get in relationships with women your own age, so they're less fertile
- get dogs and cats as kid replacements
- play video games to give your brain the reward adrenaline it craves
- get the snip so you can enjoy that wonderful childless life together forever

literally all 3 of those things

1000% gains my friends

I'm mostly a /tv/ guy but I came here because my grandma gave me $500 for Christmas and told me to invest in a coin. I would've normally just spent it on whatever but since I fear her more than God and Hell I need help getting into this.

>put in 1k early june
>14900% gains

this shit is addicting

take note boys. This is a normie who is getting swamped down in life and is unable to even leave a few hours a WEEK to greatly improve his future life.

Everyone will try to shill their own coins here.
Do your own research.

because crypto is super nerd level knowledge. smart contracts, dapps? ledgers? blockchain? fiat(not the car), prrof of stake... its not easy.

People are generally not computer savy. let alone capable of this. Those that could grasp it easily are too skeptic because "bubble".

all its gonna take is a few people to start cashing out soon, and for word to get around. im not talking 10k cash outs, but the 100,000 cash outs and retirement level income. by then it will be too late for them anyway and the people cashing out will be doin t thanks to the gigantic wave of people starting to cash in.