How do I buy low?

how do I buy low?

MACD lines

Red candles.

That is all.

Buying low a meme user kek.
>mfw newfags think people actually buy low

+ low market cap + big potential market + good project.

what if there will be another red candle?
then another

Red candles. Getting shit on in the press or on forums like biz. Or just not hearing much about the project at all. Just verify it’s not a total scam or vapor ware.

Wish I knew. Been buying high and selling low since I got in

thats a pretty rare pepe op

It’s not perfect but buying in the red will work more often than buying in the green, if you’re patient. Patience is the greatest virtue in this market .. having enough but not too much.


turn upside down your screen and just buy nigga

Easy Answer: Buy under the bottom Bollinger Band.


buy high.

if you give me top tier advice i'll post one so rare you've probably never seen before
it seems like vaporware makes the biggest bullruns though
I've observed coins tanking for MONTHS (like 0x, KNC)
how tf am i supposed to know when the a coin has bottomed out?

You have to getin before everyone else knows about it. Thats the most comfy place to be in. I've been accumulating TIOTOUR on ED. Coins is aout to go from 0.2 to $2 when it gets to CMC. And the possibly $10 afterwards its got only 450k supply. Safe place to toss in $100bucks and give it 2 months. Ur welcome

You wait until I sell.


unironically the most genius post in weeks here