TFW I found the next ETH, and people don't even know about it, because it isn't a hyped up shitcoin

>TFW I found the next ETH, and people don't even know about it, because it isn't a hyped up shitcoin

do tell user

i know what it is too but don't post threads like this. it'll encourage people to look for it and some will find it

these types of threads should be an instant 30 day ban

Can you keep a secret, user?

OP don't tell, I'm still accumulating.

Lamden for sure

GNX ya idiots

Not that one

No, thats "ma dick" your thinking and thats typical of a nigger. And no, your dick cant run smart contracts.


I will. Soon.
Gotta get a headstart first


i already know its BIS lol..

Yeah chainlink and monero are about to pop off


Absolutely Fuel

xby or zen

who gives a fuck?



I'm convinced 100% that posts in the format of OP are just retards getting people to shill them under the radar coins with potential.

it's ella btw

Neo :)

it's tezos, isn't it

These threads are much more annoying than the beggar ones. Instant lifetime bans for OPs in threads like these.


i dont like pajeets but w/e. its hashgraph.



OP found ether cash

>it's another "I know le next 1000x coin" where OP teases desperate pajeets to bump his thread so he can chuckle at how pathetic they are

Has to be xby

Yes we all know about CMT at this point

r-right guys?

m8 i've been on Veeky Forums 4 days and i can spot the curry stained text when i see it. easily. serves these dumb cunts right

damn right

UBQ tbqh

NULS for sure

It's BitClave

Chainlink is about to pop off the first page of cmc


again the ELLAISM faggot go kill yourself dude with your shitcoin


QTUM for sure


Is this the nigger version of Willem Dafoe?

its SophiaTX

week like every other


We knew it too, OP

Etherum soft?
Yeah I already know about it

this. we already know

It's Tron isn't it OP? Tron da future

Yup. Was gonna post that image. Will post this instead

kek so hard